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8 thoughts on “This Video Breaks Down the School-to-Prison Pipeline in the Most Comprehensive Way

  1. Dredd Scott says:

    from womb to tomb….

  2. Vide OSpuger says:

    Don't just blame the educational system, blame all participants guilty of maintaining that pipeline. That's prejudice and racist parents, kids, teachers etc etc. Learn to fear less first, and to understand differences in people. Then how to deal with these differences in a humane way, so not everybody grows up to be aggressive against everything that's foreign in their eyes.

  3. It's a good thing more black parents are home schooling. More black parents are starting to realize this school to prison pipeline is no accident and won't change.

  4. Kyle Morse says:

    We are getting the exact bullshit from the state that we wanted and paid for. All of that Regan "Tough on Crime" stuff and economic policy has lead to a sprawling of the private prison industry. They need people in those cells to get checks from the state. The police need to arrest people so that the data and statistics will back up the "validity" of their federal grant requests.

  5. Clara DeLay says:

    I'm very glad to see that black parents are realizing that their kids are being doe civically targeted for funneling through the pipeline and doing everything they can to avoid having their kids sucked into the system.

    Now if we can just get the other parents, the teachers, principals, and administrators, AND the resource officers to stop participating, perhaps colkectively, we may be able to reform the way "discipline" is unequally meted out!

    I remember when "zero tolerance" policies were first proposed and my fellow, do called " middle class blacks" were short-sighted enough to be all for it because they wrongly thought it was put in place for the "bad" kids. Too late, they have finally realized it was always for the "BLACK" kids, because they are PRESUMED to be "bad" by virtue of skin color.

    And I am PERSONALLY involved and aware, so please miss me with the distractions of distorted narratives based on false premises and faulty statistics…

  6. Clara DeLay says:

    I hate spell check! "SPECIFICALLY" targeted…"collectively," fellow "so" called…

  7. This is why we need our own Schools! And if Black folKS wasn't so Damn stuck on STUPID and listen to and donate to Dr Umar Johnson For the School that he is trying to get. We would not be having these problems. PLEASE DONATE TO DR.UMAR. MUCH LOVE!!!!

  8. Go Support Dr Umar Johnson in his effort to open a school for our Black Children.

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