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4 thoughts on “This Black Student Got Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools, But the Reason He’s Turning Them Down Is Amazing

  1. Joey CoCo says:

    Too bad he isn't a little more masculine – could be a good role model for young black boys.

  2. Doris Seay says:

    Joey what are you, you people can always fined something negative to say this is a smart young man and he is not masculine enough the hell with you ass hole.

  3. Lee Xioshin says:

    The sad part about this is how many other students applied to Ivies and got wait-listed, because of people like this. Why did he apply, when he knew he wasn't going to go to one of the Ivies? Yes, it's wonderful, he's got to be smart; but the madness has to stop. These Ivies need to get together and stop sending multiple acceptance letters to the same person. Give other smart and gifted students a chance.

  4. Leslie Rolfe says:

    the concept of masculine and feminine is interesting, is mentioned in the iching and the kybalion hermetic text.
    it is expressed as the four powers (earth, wind, fire and water)
    on some level he may seem "gentle" but remember George Washington Carver was soft spoken.
    The Creator uses the "physical" as a means of gaining entrance to the heart.
    as for declaring your comments "good or bad" remember it is all relative. Or as we would say, "It's all good"
    Maybe we will learn what true masculinity is all about.

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