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One thought on “These Men and Women Describe the Deep Emotional Distress and Pain They Felt the First Time They Were Called the N-Word

  1. Dredd Scott says:

    Listen AmericA, KNOW YOUR HISTORY and never lose your will…

    "Aristotle", so-called 'greek' philosopher, called the slave the “instrument” of the owner, “a living tool.”…The slave reached when the owner said “reach,”..all without thinking or reflecting.

    In important ways Aristotle’s story has always been a lie. Through centuries of slave revolts and endless days of resistance, slaves insisted that they had their own wills. Those wills, in the shape of enslaved Africans, were so strange to Europeans in the first couple of centuries of New World slavery that they did not use the idea of a hand to describe the people whom they held captive. That does not mean they did not try to create as reality the relationships of absolute…power that “hand” implied. But they also developed an ideology claiming that Africans were radically different from Europeans in order to explain away the gap between seemingly unbridgeable cultural difference and resistance, on the one hand, and the dream of the slave as a pure tool, on the other…Hand was the ideal form of the commodity “slave,” just as white crystals are the ideal commodity form of “sugarcane.”.

    from "The Half has Never been Told" Chapter 6, “Right Hand” Edward E. Baptist, 2014

    “hand” was the enslaver’s – the white men of property and privilege, who were the only ones recognized by the constitution as enfranchised citizens – legal agro-economic definition of enslaved people.

    “nigger” – for the disenfranchised poor whites seeking the “privileges” of white supremacist thinking – was its socio-political and cultural equivalency.
    This was and remains their only comfort. Their only “privilege” is that they – the bikers and the cops – are not black. No group is monolithic, no group is spared. But we all share and breathe – and are poisoned by – the legacy of human enslavement and genocide on 2 continents.

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