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10 Mind-Blowing Things to Know About Education in Africa Before the Arrival of Europeans

Photograph: Sebastien Cailleux/Corbis

Photograph: Sebastien Cailleux/Corbis

African knowledge was not only passed down orally.

The notion that ancient African education was oral and not written is only a myth. In his book, “Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora,” Dr. Michael Gomez, an author and professor of history and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at New York University, declares that, from 300 B.C. to A.D. 350, the Meroë civilization had developed a writing system of its own.

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46 thoughts on “10 Mind-Blowing Things to Know About Education in Africa Before the Arrival of Europeans

  1. Since black people come together in droves in the christianity church, how come the preacher or church members haven't tried to help bring about AfuraknaCentered church schools, and demand the school boards change the public schools curriculum, or open AfurakanCentered Schools, instead of charted schools. Schools boards have two choices, nothing will happen without a demand, blacks taxes goes for public schools, and why we do not have a say in the proper education of Afurakan children. We have the largest organization of black people in the church, meaning we carry power with these numbers, yet we allow this power to go unused. What are they doing in these churches, a group of usless people. We allow black children to be abused, and misused in the schools, their self esteem insulted every day as they sit in those class rooms, and never learn anything about their history, they only teach when blacks were held as slaves, and it is presented as if we like being in slavery. Black children are made to feel bad in these schools, that is a major reason so many black children read below their grade level. They hate these schools.

  2. 98% of content and narratives about Afuraka is written by our enemy the whites, most of the content is racist, bigot, and poorly written. Whites do not want blakcs to learn our history, because it will show what they have done to us, from the time they first stepped foot in Afuraka, and it will show who they are, and how they colonized the world, and commited genocide against most of the people of color on the planet. That is one of the main reasons they do not want us to learn our history, blacks has the most glorious history of all the people on the planet., and it goes back so long ago. Blacks allow their children to be misused in their schools, by not demanding a curriculum that includes black history.

  3. Omeka Kabari says:

    Black people suffer because we refuse to know and accept our history. (Locate free housing… )

  4. Royce Cheong says:

    you sir have hit it right where thing are at it is not just the children that sre uneducated it is the grown people also I for one did not learn to write every well but out of all the thing I have learn about us is that we don't know who we are because we act and think just like european american or pink or white people who are very greed people they think that they own everything land water and even people but that system come from controling the minds of uneducated people having them believing that God want to be their king and he will rule over them with rightousness and we learn this threw christianity which has kept us in the control for a many a year from the church see just like the story of Jesus coming to save his people from the evil government back then we are still looking for a savor today but being more educated today some of us can see threw the tricks that have been played on our mother and father and in this world today it really is not about white and black people because all of us are working class people today but what need to happen is for all poor working people need to stop do evil for all of those evil leader all over the world no more religious wars over who God is real are which people own what land becauseno one can own land we can live on it and grow thing on it but never really own it because one day we will die and some else will live on the same spot that we used to live on but all of those people who are tell us about god or to some jesus or islam or any other religion was not here when the egyptian came up with religion and none of them know the truth anyway because if they did then they would say that god is a parted of nature and the way animals live we are suppose to live like them not killing for pleasure not owning other people and that mean our wifes and husbands we don't own them but because of our white education we think like europeans well I am not going in to everything right now but that is for everybody if you are going to act like the devil than that who you are evil and that is one of the reason who there is so much evil in this world because we are following evil people who want to rule the world and we are doing all of the killing for them just think for your selve who are you going to service god or satan it is up to you.

  5. jah love king of king the lion of juda.

  6. Robert Neal says:

    It starts with individuals and religious organizations regularly attending council and school board meetings.

  7. Where are all the Afro-centric commenters? The Haters-Of-All-Things-Not-African. Based on this article, a great deal of Africa's greatest historical moments were based on Islamic culture, and society, as practiced by Black African Muslims, and not some tribal animism. Oh, no. How could that be? Because, as you Afro-centrists claim, Islam is an "Arab" religion that enslaved all Black Africans. LOL!

  8. Sorry, but Greece and Rome does not represent all of the Indo-European peoples.
    Who wrote the Vedas? Indo-Europeans.
    I love when afrocentrists bring up that there were civilizations prior to Greece and Rome, which is true absolutely, but they seem to use it to claim that ALL Europeans were somehow cave dwelling savages. Rubbish. European history is viewed in roman bias still, claiming all other people were barbarians.
    Yet when you study real history you'll see that the Germanic and Celtic people were highly civilized long before Rome or Athens. And then when you research Proto-Indo-European history, it shatters afrocentrist claims even more!
    The ancestors of the European race spread a highly civilized culture out of Eurasia, from Iceland to India.
    I've no doubt that Africa had high civilizations, but you make up bullshit lies about my ancestors in a attempt to be superior, you're no better than any other racist.

  9. Also most of the history you are presenting does not even reach as far back as Rome.
    Really pathetic. Most of this stuff is dated to the middle-ages and late Roman-era and a lot is from Arab colonization of Africa.

  10. What Celtic and Germanic civilisation were there before Rome?

  11. There were a lot, Andrea. For example the La Tene civilization and Hallstatt.
    Look at the art they created which predates Rome, and it's even more sophisticated than Roman art. In fact Rome and Greece lived in constant fear of Celtic armies that would often attack and crush them, Rome was sieged and defeated by Celtic and German tribes several times, and the Romans never even conquered Germania, they were too powerful for them.

  12. Pi Bnnu says:

    Perhaps if your Ancestors didn't have a record of conquering other Ancient Cultures and then subverting or co-opting their accomplishments as their own, your Ancestors were known for defaming other more Ancient Civilizations, destroying their writings, pillaging their lands, physically destroying and stealing ancient cultural artifacts, enslaving and depriving the Original peoples of this world of their basic Human Rights, and feeding them with genetically hybridized foods after taking their lands and farms for producing their own foods, I don't even want too start with the religious treachery of your Ancestors, burning churches etc etc, need I really go on, for there is so much more that I can elaborate about in intricate details., Slavery and Colonialism had twin effects don't you know, your Ancestors have their own recorded history indeed, but let us not proceed about how they achieved much of their ill-gotten gains.

  13. And what about your ancestors? Think they're free of evil? Absolutely not! The Moors enslaved thousands and raped and pillaged hundreds of cities in Europe.
    Also you are not even on the same timeline as I am, I'm speaking of times before Europe was even christian. You have no clue what you are speaking of and I put a curse of shame on your name for attempting to disgrace my noble ancestors.
    There is actually no evidence that the indo-Europeans committed horrible acts to the people they "conquered" in fact they would often integrate and combine the cultures and society of the people who's land the settled in.
    Hence why European pagan religions and Hinduism are a mix of Indo-European religion and the people living there prior.
    Whenever I bring up this topic you people bring up history which is hundreds, if not thousands of years after that which I speak of.

  14. Also, Europeans were the first people to receive cultural genocide as well as slaughter of their people by the Christian religion.
    And you think Rome was any bit tolerant and kind to the tribes in Europe? You need to read history from an unbiased source, not pseudo-history from Marxist and Jewish professors who admit they despise the white race.

  15. this is the worst advertising of any website I have ever seen … it is impossible to enjoy or take in the information! Thumbs down

  16. Right on Sigmundr. These people are so caught up trying to impower themselves that they completely forget about the rest of the world in the process. The Egyptian Jewel that was so coveted by the world during Roman Expansions was made possible because of Greek Rulers after the Conquest of Alexander the Great. Before that, Egypt was a fortunate bread basket which couldn't hold off the Truley Great African Axumite Civilization. Egyptians had numbers and it only took a Persian with superior numbers to steam roll them– and a Greek with Superior Logistics and Military Tactics to steamroll the persians. Monuments mean nothing if your culture can't survive the sword.

  17. Sergio Davis says:

    Ancient African civilization goes back further than 3150 b.c. So in all actuality and from the studies I've done this article is pretty accurate.

  18. Dam white people are dumb

  19. These comments show how ignorant whites are and how brainwashed blacks are. Since you see color. I would say gods but that would further ingratiate the propulsion of ignorance displayed.

  20. yeh islam brought slavery and genocide to black people, didn't your mama tell u ? if u go and live in the captured lands where arabs rule u will see what racism is.. reckon u probably lived in USA all your life and only speak English the language of slavery..u have a very limited view of the world and history.. just shut up and get out of your limited and parochial view of the world..huhhh …

  21. Eric Screven says:

    Ignorance is abundant in America. Whites and Blacks… both dangerous but worse because whites have the power that they wield for evil purposes… their ignorance keeps them doing it, it seems . They'll never see truth… and when Americans they censor our destroy it. Some feel should stop trying to teach them. Lol at what happened when taught them civilization. The whole world has been turned upside down.

  22. Is it not true that before the first European ever owned an African slave that millions of Africans died as slaves in North Africa to Arabic people? I'm actually disapointed that so much of this article is limited to the last 10-15 centuries when we know that most of Africa had already been invaded and influenced by other cultures by then.

  23. Yes they did enslave and sold folks esp the Black Isrealites mainly. And the Eygptians had culture before 600AD, when Islam came into exsistence, and if you do your research you will find out the origin of Islam which extends to the Catholic church.

  24. Sha Charles says:

    you would think so

  25. Lisa Roma says:

    Hey! What about the Vikings?

  26. Whites do not have the power. Our original ancient monarchies were all destroyed by WW1, our native religions have been repressed by Abrahamic religions for over 2000 years, our native land is being overrun by immigrants and we were never asked.
    Why? Ask yourself who the one people on earth you cannot criticize is.. They have the power over governments, media, entertainment, education, etc.
    It is not your people nor mine. It is the Jewish Zionists. 98% of the global 1% is Jewish.
    There are even prominent Zionists having quotes stating they'll create racial tensions between whites and blacks to divide us and then take control over us.

  27. One more thing, dear fool.
    Semitic languages are neither western, European or white.
    Again, the Indo-European languages make up most of the European languages.

  28. Ptah Tatenen says:

    Your rants mean absouletly nothing here. I'm still wondering why Europeans feel the need to "invade" this site with negativity. I guess that's what you're best at, invading places that you don't belong. Diseased Neanderthal half breeds should never speak about African History; Positive or Negative.

  29. I'm speaking here because I see false information dishonouring and lying about my ancestors, and fools like you claiming we're some inferior caveman species.
    The proof is in the pudding, your people fear us and the things we've achieved. You make little myths like this to feel better.
    Negroid half-apes should never speak about Aryan history. Sound nice? About the same rubbish you just said.

  30. First, the Greeks reported that the Ethiopians were the most just. They considered their Gods to be from Ethiopia. ThenYou talk about Indo influence, but you have to know that Africans reached China 60,00 years ago. The Chinese culture was far more exceptional.

  31. Paul James says:

    Sigmundr Úlfheðinn Sit down sub-human. Fact: your genome still has traces of your neanderthal roots. True and pure homo sapiens are african first and foremost.

  32. Ptah Tatenen says:

    Paul James Everything you just said up there^…I didn't even read. I don't care what you say and the other African Americans or Afrcans here don't either. Get lost James.

  33. Ptah Tatenen says:

    Sigmundr Úlfheðinn all humans are considered Apes you dumb fuck and Aryans are not even based out of Europe. Theres nothing pure about your mutated bloodline, you inbred idiot. Go somewhere and avoid skin cancer from the Sun. Your acenstors are mutated Africans from the Grimaldi Man and you would not exist without us. Never disrespect your parents. In FACT studies show that Africans are the only pure breed of homo sapien sapiens.

  34. Sigmundr Úlfheðinn . Well, the system of castes in India is thought to have been imposed by those "noble" indo-Europeans. Not that ANY other conquering people had been angels, but please….

  35. Sigmundr Úlfheðinn So the judges, prosecutors, and juries who allow race soldiers to get off unscathed after murdering Melanoid people are Zionists?

  36. We have a lot of suspected white supremacists in the comment. Don't get emotional, family, shut them down with logic.

  37. Be on the lookout, family. A lot of suspected white supremacists will come into this comments thread and try to deflect from the material in the article. However, this stuff is not really up for debate. It either happened or it didn't happen. And to any suspected white supremacists claiming that it isn't true, prove it.

  38. Deborah Collins I lived in Saudi Arabia and I was told the same. Black Hebrews were gathered up and enslaved by Arabs and Aficans and they shipped out to slavery to west.

  39. Sickmund Understudied, Science considers all human beings Apes. I think you were trying to imply that Africans are half monkeys? That would also be irrelevant, because Europeans are more phenotypically similar to monkeys than Africans are. Europeans are not Aryans, just like you claim to be real Jews, searching for an identity. Aryans go back to Iran and they also came out of Africa. Find somebody else’s history to steal Denisovian Neanderthal mutant.

  40. Sha Charles And sadly, she has Africans all over her page. That's hilarious.

  41. None of you would exist without Africans. You mutants should stay far way from sites like this. The truth will hurt you, like having to live in ice for 20,000 years with no solid diet. It does something to the brain.

  42. Let me tackle this : there are recorded writings on the origin of the caucasoid but they still believe the snap-your-fingers and poof god theory.even scientists say you are Nubian genetic offspring.that would mean you are linked to anything you achieved had to have a Nubian origin.I don't care about religion or gods,just ppl wanting to find out their origins and the circumstances surrounding it

  43. Afrocentricity puts Africa at the center of all things. It is not the hatred of all things not African. Africa had great moments for thousands for of years before there was anybody other than an African to take credit for them. Look into the life of Ahmed Baba and the story will reveal an Islamic scholar who visited Sankore and realized he was unqualified to teach there. How could an Islamic scholar be unqualified to teach at a university based on Islamic culture and society?

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