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10 thoughts on “Fox News Contributor Compares First Lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to Primates

  1. So the racism in America is the fault of Barack and Michelle?

  2. Benny Bryant says:

    How is it that when Fox Network cronies react to Realistic Black people's perspective and experiences based in facts it is conveniently misconstrued and attacked. Also there is not many things worse than Black Folks aligning and embracing themselves with good ol' boys who don't like them.

  3. Jereme Smith says:

    I wonder where they got these kiss asses from. Some black people are so ignorant and dumb.Sexamples.Smh One thing I can honestly say, when Willie Lynch wrote that letter and gave his speech in 1712 he was pure genius, the brain wash method and fear still continues

  4. Mark Francis says:

    How much they are paying these people ….for the boffonery

  5. At this point does anyone expect anything different when it come to Fox? They went out and found 3 of the most foolish black people in the history of black people! So sad..Nothing new here folks, years after they are out the white house they will still be talking about them. That's how you know they did an excellent job!

  6. Mark E. Gunn says:

    Coonery is alive and well in America.

  7. FOX must have a fool machine in back that manufactures these commentators.

  8. Ade Daini says:

    There're just some who're so used to being "Slaves" that they'll do anything to keep the status-quo the way it's always been even though the odds are against them and their people, it always beats me how all of these work together to the advantage and for good of the oppressor so much so that the victim starts looking like the culprit and vise-versa !

  9. Ade Daini says:

    "Coonery", or "Buffooner" or probably both?

  10. Simone Ann says:

    Wow wow wow, I am so disappointed in these people comments, maybe they are being payed to say those negative comments.

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