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26 thoughts on “For Years They Said King Hannibal Wasn’t Black, but This Video May End All Speculation

  1. Lala Smith says:


  2. Bob James says:

    Hannibal was not a king, he was a general. We know this from the confluence of historical records from across the ancient world. His civilization, the Carthaginians, was founded in modern-day Tunisia by the Phoenician queen Dido in the 10th Century BCE. , We know a great deal about the Phoenicians, an olive-skinned, Semitic people who traveled widely in the ancient world, known for their distinctive architecture and shipbuilding, whose descendants are still alive throughout the middle east and central Asia. Although Carthage itself was burned to the ground by the Romans so we have little art and no architecture to examine, I invite you to google "Carthaginian coins" to see the images of [actual] Carthaginian kings etched on the durble metal, and see what race they appear to be [] I am not motivated by any prejudice but everyone should get their due; the Romans for Rome, the North Africans for Carthage and the Moors, and Subsaharan Africa for the impressive Ghana, Songhai and Mandinka empires, as well as individually impressive cities like Eredo. While I understand the spirit of wanting to reclaim the African history that was all but eradicated under slavery, making unproven, specious claims that co-opt civlizational achievements of North Africa (or China, or South America) really does more to undermine the cause in the public eye, by indicating a bias and lack of seriousness in the search to reclaim this history.

  3. Arthur Chall says:

    Not very educated lol this guy know nothing about the romans.

  4. Arthur Chall says:

    carthaginians come from the middle east.

  5. Young Moe says:

    so why is carthage is in africa the so called mid east is really northeast africa its only so long these fake ass white historians can pretend so stop it just like white folks keep trying to say egyptians were "white folks with a tan" or arabs but if you do your research on the word arab youll see that was a blanket term use to decribe all negroid looking people like 'moor' or 'black' or 'ethiopian'.

  6. Arthur Chall says:

    Young Moe they were Phoenicians that colonized north africa and founded Carthage. the moors were not black they were berbers.

  7. Ayana Green says:

    Arthur Chall The Golden Age of the Moors ed. by Ivan Van Sertima explores the black lineage of both Berbers and Moors.

  8. Mike Askme says:

    Arthur Chall the Moores indeed were black, that is how we get blackamoor and that is why, during slavery they advertised like this sometimes" We have two Moore specimums on sale today" they were not talking about berbers, nor were they talking about Arabs. Talking about people not being very educated, son you should look in the mirror. But hey here is a hint google Moors and see what comes up. "The Lion Hunt will always be told by the hunter, until the lion gets a historian.

  9. Shawn Mc says:

    Mike Askme 2 more and 2 moor. lol, may I ask where did you learn this from?

  10. More uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric idiocy from the nation of Islam nuts. Hannibal was a carthagians the carthagians were Phoenician the Phoenician were Caucasian Semitic peoples not black sub Saharan African

  11. The moors were Caucasian Semitic peoples not black sub Saharan African. Blacks were the castrated slaves of the Arabs

  12. Arthur Chall says:

    Mike Askme the moore were not black the north africans are not black. They are caucasians. not light skin whites but caucasians the entire middle east is caucasian.

  13. The learned man knows more than you will ever know.

  14. Arthur Chall please stop and leave this discussion for those of us who actually know African history.

  15. Mark Hayes says:

    Wesley Snipes narrating.

  16. Richard Daniel This 'learned man' has no clue about Roman history. He sees history only through his racial (anti White) inferior complex and with his heavely biased believes – twists every know historic facts – to fit into his miopic prejudicial hang-ups. He should rather focus on what the Black have achieved – instead of blaming the Romans or the Whites for every evil under the sun. Gee, what a sad, sad man!

  17. Mike Askme Well, unlike Arthur Chall, you too know nothing about history. Obviously some of those despicable slave seller advertised Black's as Moores, because the too were not very educated and probably knew nothing about histoy.

  18. Shaun Harris says:

    How do I find the whole video?

  19. Kellee Jones says:

    Bluetooth, the Viking King that the technology was named after, was an African as well. Lol.

  20. Kellee Jones says:

    He brought the fall of the Romans. And history repeats itself.

  21. Arthur Chall says:

    Kellee Jones no hannibal did not bring the fall of the romans

  22. Arthur Chall says:

    hannibals people came from the middle east and they had gotten there after coming down the europe. They did have nubian cavalry but hannibal himself was very much a caucasian

  23. John Paul says:

    Hartmut Jager The roman empire is built on a black civilization

  24. John Paul says:

    Young Moe why do people keep trying to isolate black people to africa only so they can still our history we were all over the planet you have to see that before you can see blacks at the foundation of all other civilizations around the world

  25. John Paul says:

    Arthur Chall you are crazy the first thing you have to understand about the middle east today those people are mix breeds between whites and blacks we know whites didn't originate from that part of the world so then you got to ask your self who was there black people race mixing destroyed the black population africa will follow if they are not careful

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