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6 thoughts on “Baltimore Police Commissioner Makes Shocking Confession to CNN About His Department’s Transgressions  

  1. David Smith says:

    The State, s Attorney Played to the people and not to her Case's, She will never Win.The officer's want get their Job's back but Baltimore will pay for her mistate's.

  2. If that was a police officer murdered, there would be no innocent verdict period. David Smith, if you think for one minute those officers are not guilty, there's something mentally wrong with you. She did the right thing, and other prosecutors should follow. If those officers are not found guilty, that las riot is gonna be considered a party compared to what can happen.

  3. James Hake says:

    What a fool. Maybe HE'S part of the problem, but not the police in general.

  4. He was choef of police here in Oakland and he was horrible at his job which is why the mayor micro managed him thus eventually forcing him out.

  5. No, when police kill unarmed and even innocent people, which has been proven. And suffer no repercussions, they are definitely part of the problem.

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