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10 thoughts on “This Video Uncovers the Vicious Treatment of an Ethiopian Soldier by Israeli Police

  1. Cee Fer says:

    Police brutality….people are getting fed up.

  2. Pigs..Israel has shown it's true colors.

  3. guess he forgot he was black? when will our people learn: it doesn't mater if you wear their uniforms, speak their languages, or even hold their values (as pathetic and revolting as their values are) and assimilate, they will never accept you.

    their idea of peace is when they dominate and can force their way upon us.

  4. Rob Benjie says:

    No Justice No Peace…. its as simple as that….

  5. Al Dickson says:

    This is not the first time, the whites there have been beating on the blacks for years…just the first report of this……..most didnt even know there were blacks in isreal….the media hides this

  6. Jews my ass those races kazar bastards

  7. Why is anyone surprised. These X European Jews are as white as you can get, and racist to the core as well. They have done far worse things to the Palestinian Muslims and the Palestinian Christians whose land they stole in the former Palestine and renamed it Israel. And not only did they steal most of the Palestinian lands, but they still trying to evict and steal more from what little land is left for the Palestinians in "Gaza" and "The West Bank".

    You'd think after the Jewish holocaust and all the stuff they say they suffered under Hitler that they would not do that unto others.
    The Jewish Israeli's have put an apartheid wall across the Palestinian lands cutting them off from their families and the continuously shoot and kill innocent Palestinians, so am I surprised at this? NO!

    Also you might want to google this, the Jews of Israel injected sterile shots into Ethiopian women without their permission, so they wouldn't over populate. Also there were thousands of Ethiopian Jews in Israel who donated blood, only for the Hospital to throw all their Blood away and pretend they actually used it!

    Shame on the Ethiopian Jews for abandoning their lands in Ethiopia for the fake dreams of the Jewish homeland. What they were not informed was that it's "A white Jewish" homeland!

  8. They should distinguish these European converts from real Jews. Until the real Jews stand up these European converts will perpetuate the notion that Jews are what Hitler thought they were.

  9. Cal Davis says:

    Maybe the Black man knows he is the rightful heir, through the blood line of the Black Hebrew, like his fathers, Abraham, Isaac and jacob. But, then again, maybe he doesn't know, Black Hebrews in America, dont realize who they are, yet. But their God is calling them to repentance, to be a Holy people unto himself, the only people the living God ever placed his name upon, of all the families in the Earth. Wake up, Black Hebrews.

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