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17 thoughts on “It Is Astonishing That This Many Ancient African Kingdoms Are Kept Out of Mainstream History Books

  1. Steve Adams says:


  2. Clive Grant says:

    This history definitely deserves more attention but it was hidden by design to keep the people lost and ignorant.

  3. Mosco Davis says:

    I'm just so happy to finally know all about the accomplishments of Black People!!! I would have loved learning this as a child!! It's so fascinating!!!!!

  4. Bruce Jordan says:

    In high school this was not what we learned, It seemed like it did not matter? and other things over ran thing such as this! WOW! only what they wanted us to know. control just was the case of information of what we learned!

  5. Ryan Dill says:

    Everyone knows there were cities built in Africa. Why would this be suppressed information? Maybe you guys just aren't paying attention.

  6. They want people to believe that everything was created by the white man. We as black people build most of this nation. Are you paying attention. In school they taught the black students they came from ape and that the white people came from (GOD). Now don't that sound odd to you. We are all (GODS) children. Do your own research of all history and it will lead you back to (AFRICA).

  7. Many of our people feel comfortable only talking about slave history. If they dig to deep they will have to give up all that they have learned over the years about out people.

  8. We were told we were nothing but uncivilised savages running around half naked and eating each other, until the white man 'saved' us. Unfortunately millions of black people in western countries believe this to be true.

  9. This is why you have to do your own research.

  10. Yes they did controlled what we learned in history but something didn't sit right with me so I did my own history searching. I found out that (THE GARDEN OF EDEN) is in (AFRICA) and that was the first creation (GOD) made. So take it from there why they tried to hide (BLACK HISTORY). Yes it do matter because they don't want the black people to know (JESUS) was born to a (BLACK) mother. Mary and Joseph was (BLACK).

  11. Oh yes it was because they know that (JESUS) was a (BLACK MAN).

  12. The white man didn't save us. They are the ones who created this situation. I really think this is why they didn't want the black people to read doing slavery days because they might find out the truth about their heritage.

  13. Andre Grier says:

    The rest of true black history is yet to be revealed. The neanderthals were still living in caves when Africans were living in a highly civilized society that was destroyed by the thiefs from Europe. The whole concept of war was alien to the early people of Africa. They were unfortunately easy prey.

  14. Kind sir, I plan on finding out as much as I Possibly can; untill my last dying breath.I feel so deprived of my knowledgde of my people and Myself…..#MyBlackAwakening.

  15. LOL, I grant I did not watch the whole thing — but right off the bat it's taking credit multiple times for the accomplishments of Islam, not blacks as blacks or as "Africans" independent of what they've developed as a direct result of influences of other cultures. That's sufficient disingenuousness that I'm not bothering to watch any further.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I truly agree with you, starting reading and searching for books on my on. Even reading the bible if you follow the children of Ham you will see the old testament is a lot about the Isrealites and the surrounding people who were the decendants of Ham who whites says is the father of the Black race.

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