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Family and Friends Remember the Death of Prominent Attorney Dana Seetahal in Trinidad and Tobago

Dana-SeetahalToday marks exactly one year since prominent Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal was executed in a deadly shooting which shook the nation to its core.

Even more heart wrenching is that Seetahal’s family, colleagues and friends have yet to get closure on the tragedy, which police believe was a well-orchestrated hit.

Nevertheless, family members have kept her memory alive, and only yesterday hosted a sombre memorial service at the Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Cochrane Street, Tunapuna, where Seetahal had attended and served as youth leader for several years.

Seetahal’s killers remain at large.

Senior Counsel Israel Khan yesterday expressed outrage that no one had been brought to justice for the gruesome killing.

“It sends a message to the society that no one is safe and that criminal elements, if they so desire, could murder citizens with impunity,” said Khan, a longtime friend and colleague of Seetahal. “There is a writing on the wall close to where she was assassinated which reads, ‘Gone but not forgotten.”

Today, Khan said he will spend the day reflecting on Seetahal’s life and contribution.

“I will go through all the albums when she was at my law firm for eight years. She was the life of the party during our Eid-Ul-Fitr and Divali, all our celebrations,” he recalled.

Khan said he also plans to compile an album with photos of Seetahal over the 40 years he had known her, dating back to her days as a student at the Cave Hill, Barbados, Campus of the University of the West Indies.

“I am hoping one day to have that published in her memory,” he said.


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