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11 thoughts on “Dayvon Love Gives Superb Explanation of the Sophistication of Systematic Oppression That Leaves Melissa Harris-Perry Speechless

  1. yeah it's called a "black overseer" (an extension of the house negro). this person is put in a position of power over other black people as a means of pacification, control, and a way to neutralize complaints about a one sided system from both blacks and non-blacks (every time institutionalized racism is mentioned there will always be that person who will bring up so and so in some position or of some notoriety/fame as an example of the opposite).

    this "black overseer" works for the white supremacist in one of two ways: directly (they actively harder on black people, and constantly seek to undermined them when ever they can either because they feel privileged to have the position and will do anything to keep it or they have the same perspective of black people that the white supremacist have and harbor the same hate the white supremacist do) or indirectly (they generally do want to help, but are undercut in some way at certain turns and/or are forced/cornered into positions that benefit the white supremacist and harm us).

    Now, given what I just wrote, how does Obama not fit into the second category ("black overseer" indirectly)?

  2. Dan Oglesby says:

    Good points, but blacks can only blame themselves when you "Enable" Institutional Racism by having a town 60% black and 40% white, but due to lack of voting, you have a 90% white police force, county board, school board etc.

  3. I cant see any article or video.

  4. Akila Smith says:

    Video not working.

  5. Jamesl Miles says:

    Isn't it beautiful when brothers understand and are not fooled by the appearance of progress when it is the same old thing coming at you from a different angle. I noticed that he used the word white supremacy. Black faces in the mix but white people having the last word about everything and we still are awaiting the last word in Baltimore.

  6. Yeah that pretty much explains it all!

  7. Rollo Tomasi says:

    Wow. Mic Drop INDEED.

  8. Rollo Tomasi says:

    White people love to say, "But, the mayor/city council is black, so therefore no racism." Ok. He just explained why that is not so. Damn. This sound bite should be played on every station for the next 100 years…

  9. Scott Evans says:

    Sandra J. Tovar lady, this isn't the forum for that bull shit…….keep it moving!

  10. Ray Lesene says:

    This brother just pull the covers bsck on institutionalize systematic racism in this country. It go deeper than political lines. Blacks as well as poor whites are puppets in this game of the power structure.

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