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7 Incredible Works of Art That Gave Bold, Direct Responses to Police Brutality



Trayvon Martin Inspired Painting by Michael D’Antuono 

The death of Trayvon Martin started to unveil the true ugliness of the hypocrisy that plagues America, especially when it comes to constant attacks on Black lives. Martin’s killer George Zimmerman sold a painting on eBay for more than $100,000, but the site removed a painting by Michael D’Antuono that honored Martin and denounced police brutality. The painting portrayed an officer hiding behind a KKK hood while aiming his gun in the face of a young Black child. In the child’s hand is a depiction of a bag of Skittles, the candy Martin was said to have gotten from the convenience store the day he was fatally shot.

Blue Wall of Violence 1999

‘The Blue Wall of Violence’

“The Blue Wall of Violence” by Dread Scott was a controversial installation from 1999 that pointed out just how quickly police fire away at Black suspects even when they pose no threat to them. The installation features silhouettes that officers use for target practice with a molded arm extending from the faceless figures. In each of the figure’s hands is a household item that police “mistook” for a gun when the suspect was shot by police. Along with each figure is a date that corresponds with dates that actual Black citizens were shot when police shot them for reaching for items like wallets, car keys or even a squeegee.

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