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7 thoughts on “Good Cops? Secret Video Reveals Cops Laughing and Celebrating After Beating This Black Man

  1. Mark Calland says:

    Don't see you racist big it's on this

  2. What's going on with those cops, don't they have nothing better to do in their Job, is this the way to do the Job? they are just poor in every way in their lives.

  3. Can't expect anything better from a race of savages!

  4. I'm elder and I remember when it was safe to dial 911. Help, not mayhem, arrived. This is the fault of the International Association of Police Commissioners, who set the hiring, training and retention standards for police worldwide. We have a global problem. Please read, sign and share my petition. We have GOT to stop screening out intelligence and compassion in favor of thugs and bullies.

  5. lowlife piece of garbage, this is what nefarious really looks like in the police department across the country.its obvious these police officer's don't have an ounce of pathos or commiseration in their DNA.undervalue, underestimated, and marginalized of a black man, who is a living breathing human being.they just don't care about other people.

  6. Claude Reed says:


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