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17 thoughts on “Minister Farrakhan Pours His Heart Out Explaining Why Black People Need To Come Together Instead Of Filling Funeral Parlors and Prisons

  1. We love Minister Louis Farrakhan. Minister pleads with Black People to Unite. I was in the Front Lines in Baltimore and they don't care about us. We need to UNITE!

  2. Please Stop Killing Your Own Brothers and Sisters That Goes For Polices Too

  3. We Love You minister Farrakhan, thank you For Your Coming Out to do this Video That our God Put on Your Heart, I will Do My Part on the Streets of i Washington d.c. On the Buses I do these thing To Get the word out There

  4. God is Tired Of This Foolishness Down Here on this Earth , Sin is The Cause Of it All, Only What We Do For God Will L.A.S.T.He Command US TO LOVE One Another.Have a Wonderful Day Tell Somebody You Love Them Today Help Somebody Else Today

  5. I love this man! He is without a doubt the greatest gift God has sent the Black man and woman in all of time. It is too bad that there are still so many of our people not heeding his word. Solidarity is the only we will survive this continued attack by the enemy.

  6. This message has been put out for.years.,.rappers.,.ex gang members , ministers , parents ,.civil right.activist have all .echoed this same message to deaf ears. Why is this different ? If a crying mother or a pleading dad words on their children's response ,.what will. I do agree,.because it's bad out there for us. When I was growing up my parents taught black.pride and.respect, what happened ?
    Love the.Minister , no.,.I.respect him one of many proud that truely love their people and.come with possible solutions to what is ailing our communities.

  7. I love minister louis farrakhan cares about wanting our black people
    Come together reunited altogether as an being equal but it won't even
    Happen look at some our own older&young brothers&sisters stubborn.
    Our entire of hole black race are in trouble real hard headed too listen
    I'm finish trying to feel sorry for my own damn black people of my kind.
    An brother knew all this was eventually gonna take place amongst our
    Own race are such an waste of time,i'm turning back on help them out.
    Good bye i hope you have an life continue doing life repeat over&over
    Expect the older brothers keep putting themselves kindness on the line.
    We brought shit on our own fucking selves too let the white supermacy
    Make an thousands of dollars locking up our black people in state jails.
    You already know exactly how it is out here for being the color our skin
    So i don't wanna hear my own black race point fingers on the white man.
    He's not the one too accuse lets start looking at the problems in our race
    First of all the blacks can't get along with one another too stick together.
    Why i say that everytime read the daily newspaper always hear black folks
    Constantly killing each other in the hood nothing but black innoncent bodies.
    Found shot up laying in an pool of blood from gunshot wound leave them dead.

  8. Kelli Mcghee says:

    Well said brother minister

  9. John Blaze says:

    Truth is truth and that is all Minister Louis Farrakhan has in him

  10. This is from a man who took part in brother Malcoms x death.

  11. Germar Watts says:

    We with you brother minister

  12. He may be right on this point but this man is the leader of the largest hate group in the country. He is no leader to Black people he is a disgrace, screaming about racism while he creates it.

  13. Sick, racist man isn't in a position to demand anything from Black people, he is a disgrace.

  14. Just curious, what act of hate has Brother Farrakhan contributed to or is responsible for?
    And one of the meanings of disgrace is loss of respect or reputation. From reading these comments and others, it doesn't sound like he has LOST ANY respect or reputation.

    The Nation of Islam IS NOT the #1 "hate" group in this country according to Southern Poverty Law Center. From the research I've done there is no "#1 hate group" listed. So please provide some proof to back up your assertions.

  15. The SPLC DOES in fact list the nation of Islam as a hate group. Whether it acknowledges it as "the largest" is irrelevant – that part is already obvious. And if you don't know why they are a hate cult you are just part of the problem of ideological hate.

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