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10 Pieces of Evidence that Prove Black People Were First in China


Asian DNA Shows Similar Mutations as Africans

A group of researchers set out to prove that Chinese people evolved from homo erectus independently from all other humans, but their DNA testing also found that early Chinese civilizations were composed of Africans. Back in 2005, Chinese DNA specialist Jin Li collected and analyzed more than 12,000 DNA samples from 165 different ethnic groups and found stunning similarities in people of Southeast Asia with Africans. “We did not see even one single individual that could be considered as a descendent of the homo erectus in China, rather, everybody was a descendent of our ancestors from Africa,” the DNA specialist stated.

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36 thoughts on “10 Pieces of Evidence that Prove Black People Were First in China

  1. we had a history like hidden colors shows us. that's why I love reading about our real history more.

  2. Black people were here, there, everywhere and almost all those places are flourishing and the people here, there and everywhere are living relatively happier, freer and progressive lives. But what is happening to black people and their current locations??? Time to wake up and act!

  3. What's happening to Black people in their current locations is continuing to live in the fantasy world that individual tribe, religion, nationality, culture, and class is more important than the entire Black race as a whole. Instead of Uniting to fight and protect ourselves against our common enemy, we choose remain splintered and stratified into divisions that keep us all too weak to not also be dependent on the very enemies that seek to destroy the Black race. African would have never been "colonized" in the first place if the Black race had been United as One Race First, over and above all these irrelevant divisions that only serve to keep the Black race weak, disconnected, ignorant, and dependent on its own enemies.

  4. Makes sense since Africa is the craddle of civilization, of humanity.

  5. Yes i heard about a Ming Dynasty and some talk of warriors but info suppressed

  6. Tony Rayner says:

    Those warriors are from Khemet (Egypt) not China!

  7. DNA already proved the origins of the Chinese…Africa…if you look at all the peoples in this planet I bet you can find a tribe in Africa where they originated…I see Bushmen and the people of Mandela as the origin of the Chinese people. Africans have the most genetic diversity of all peoples. It's logical because this is where we all come from. Even African Americans have a great deal of genetic diversity…more than all Americans.

  8. Haha hahaha more afrocentric idiocy from the nation of Islam nuts physical anthropology and genetics proves otherwise. The African genome project found multiple unknown hominid DNA in sub Saharan African blacks not found in either Caucasian or Asian population.

  9. The African genome project proves otherwise

  10. Nope try again. Cromagnon was the first modern humans and cromagnon wasn't African but migrated into Africa breeding with the various preexisting species of hominid

  11. Since the FIRST people on the planet were in Africa, it would make sense that those people migrated all over the world.

  12. Put no faith in this article or any article printed by this Atlanta black star , their stories have no research nor sources to back anything they print , they ran one saying a black man was lynched in Waco , TX when he actual stood trial found guilty by a jury of his peers and was order to hang by the neck until dead by the judge , that was the way justice was handle for all at that time .

  13. This article is thorough, cause I've read about this in other places.

  14. Ron Walton says:

    Read The
    Journey of Man.

  15. Myron Wright says:

    DNA don't lie @ mark culbertson…

  16. The since of DNA gives results as they are applied which means it's science given one way get different from other and the way the Michalka is applied determines the end result , as any since it can be misconstrued results ,please save the bs unless you are a scintest ,

  17. Of humanity, not civitilaztion, the caddle os civilization was in Near Asia.

  18. Artorius Evo says:

    DNA has already traced the journey of man from Africa to the rest of the world. However, would like to see the sources of where these other claims (like the emperor being black). Need proof, not claims to spread and change history

  19. This article seems so true. you don't have to be a scientist to deduct strong resemblences as I was chatting with an African girl and thinking to myself wow how striking it was that she looks exactly like an asian girl even in her body, other thatn for her hair and skin colour.

  20. Linda Fahr says:

    Emperor Li of China, was Negroid and had dreadlock hair as we can see his sculputre at the Chinese Museum in Yinchuam.

  21. shocking, jehova ngicela ube nathi

  22. Experts and goverments from around the globe agree that first man came out of the land now named Africa. The first county identified by name in the Old Testament is in Africa. The land now named Israel is in Africa. The major religions of the world all worship Black Dieties. The bibiciial Israeli people were African. Abram of Judism was African. Nimrod the founder of Babyalon was African. The Pharos of Egypt were African. Six American Presidents were African. Every land touches the ocean the first known people at those locations are African…

  23. Nadir Ali says:

    you people got an inferority complex

  24. I heard blue eye and white skin is the absence of the production of what colours it. This means white people are naturally black, i guess. If everything if the colour thingy in their skin and eyes is on and peoducing a lot.

  25. Truth is out.Cannot cage it no more…lolllll!

  26. Ed Tonsing says:

    The introduction of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA into the African Homo-Sapiens added genetic changes that resluted in other races…There are at least 2 other source DNA's that have yet to be confirmed by fossil records…

  27. Ed Tonsing says:

    Neanderthals and Denisovans are different than Homo Sapiens…Africa is not the sole source of the human species…

  28. Ed Tonsing Well are not the oldest remains of humans found in Africa?

  29. Ed Tonsing definitely true, simply because a wide nose does not become a sharp nose due to specialisation…however many oriental people are definitely a mix of african and turkic peoples

  30. "many sources believe" should have a couple sources listed.

  31. this is something everyone has known for years. we all came from "africa" wich is a pretty huge place.

  32. Michael Ntho says:

    Indeed! Science has proved this over and over again.

  33. Mike Gregory says:

    DNA cannot prove WHERE someone came from.

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