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61 thoughts on “When A White Man Tries To Break Into A Car Nothing Happens, But Watch When A Black Man Tries The Same Thing

  1. I wouldn't mess around like that. He could have easily been shot.

  2. Did not even ask if it was his car? Nor did he (the officer) ask for ID and car registration; the officer just automatically arrested the young man while treating him as a criminal, telling him to shut up. I would say based upon the video the responding officer should have been suspended without pay for a period of time. I remember as a child, when my dad locked himself out of his car and had to use a hanger to get the door open. It can happen to anyone. I realize it was staged but it is too stark a difference in treatment based upon color. As for the onlookers, they are clearly racist and were obviously the ones who called the police on the actor.

  3. Only in AmeriKKKa…smmfh.

  4. Paul James says:

    This is the thing, Cops draws guns and WILL KILL if you're 12 years old, or 40. They'll draw the gun on a grandmother, a nurse, a lawyer, even another cop (if he's out of uniform.) Not because they fear for their lives but because the "law" is on their side. So, maybe they need to get fired on, maybe people need to start protecting themselves from an entity that is proven time and again to be dangerous to black lives. It seems like the only logical thing in amerikkka.

  5. Terry Moore says:

    It's not just wrong, but the disrespect! This man should not be a cop!

  6. Genica Allen says:

    Check out the videos "What would you do, racism''. there lots of experiments like this.

  7. Liz Burrows says:

    I was thinking the same thing…

  8. Leon Myers says:

    Because he is a black person he could had been shot.




  12. No phucking questions ask. Guns already drawn, back up on the scene. Yup that's just how it goes.

  13. KJ Gutierrez says:

    Ah Yes, the best way to difuse a situation is to come out using profanity! Hahahaha. White People are Hilarious!!!

  14. KJ Gutierrez says:

    Ah Yes, the best way to difuse a situation is to come out using profanity! Hahahaha. White People are Hilarious!!!

  15. KJ Gutierrez says:

    Ah Yes, the best way to difuse a situation is to come out using profanity! Hahahaha. White People are Hilarious!!!

  16. Leon Myers says:

    What would had happened if he got shoot?

  17. Seeing the reveal would have been priceless.

  18. Daniel Benge says:

    The police acted properly yes he cursed. But you know someone called so they came.

  19. Only in fucking America. More Racist than South Africs

  20. Notice he IMMEDIATELY took his gun out! Notice that. Ready to kill.

  21. Tracey Smith says:

    Yep…especially the one about the bike in the park – a white male, a black male and a white female attempt to "steal" a bike. The responses…wow. The white female was offered assistance with stealing the bike. Lol…only in America.

  22. He had the taser out ready to fry him without first even asking for ID

  23. These police are already told to shoot to kill black men on site and until we understand that we will never understand the racist paradigm that still keeps us oppressed today. Without question the officer walked over to the black guy with his gun drawn. He was already in kill mode! I bet they wake up with killing on their mind. Black people we need to have a mass exodus to leave this country of our bondage the same way we did when God used Moses to lead us out of the bondage of Egypt. Wake Up black man and black woman! Wake up!

  24. If you lock yourself out of your car, call your insurance for roadside assistance and they will come and open your car for you. As for race, I watched two thugs try to break into my car and several officers had passed by and did nothing, they obviously thought it was their car, so what is your point?

  25. Not everyone has roadside assistance. It costs extra and some may not want to pay for it. Also, you have to sit and wait for roadside to arrive. If you know your keys are in the car it is usually quicker to try and get the car door open yourself.

  26. Peter Nyambo says:


  27. Peter Nyambo says:


  28. Sékou Sabra says:

    Pussy. Ain't nothing worse than a scary fuckin' dude.

  29. Sékou Sabra says:

    Stop sucking dick. White people are complete garbage.

  30. Every African American male has experienced this kind of racism one time or another. This is a fact

  31. Alfreda Calbert The point is….every officer should not assume it is that persons car and should question anyone breaking into a car, not pick and chose who they assume is breaking into any car. Also, why the hell are the cops just going straight to…its not his car. Was it too hard to listen to the man?, the black guy was not aggressive and said it was his car, why did the cop esculate the situation? So many cops who are aggressive and asshats…just because they are wearing their superman uniform.

  32. No one called when the white guy was doing it.

  33. FYI it was his taser not his gun. However I agree with all the comments that could have went wrong in a matter of seconds. The cops coming complete overreacted to the situation. Damn shame! And people say racism is over! Lol

  34. It's fine that he came. The problem is the WAY he came.

    Somebody should have called the cops both times, and the cop should not have behaved in such an aggressive manner.

  35. Way more than one time or another.. I'm from Canada and have no police record but have been stopped many times because I drove a nice car and "fit the description".

  36. Wyatt George says:

    Video is worth a million words but when events like this happen you see why there is no justice and no respect for the law. How can you enforce law when your system base is racism how can there be equal and absolute balance where there is none?

  37. Wyatt George says:

    Now you know this video classify as a valid social experiment and America you failed miserably.

  38. Alfreda Calbert The point is there are two Americas…one for black for white people….white people will ignore a white criminal but will call the police in a heartbeat if they see a black person allegedly committing a crime….

  39. It wasn't a gun…it was a taser

  40. Reggie Larry says:

    Jayson Faries BS that was a gun…

  41. Assumptions: white man left his keys in the car, trying to get back in ~ vs ~ black man, racism kicks in, attempting to steal the car. Assumptions like this lead to predictable results and are quite telling about the state of our society.

  42. Alex Jenkins says:

    Alfreda Calbert You clearly being blind to the fact of the experiment. Instead of seeing it for it really was Racist bias towards blacks. That's the point.

  43. Alex Jenkins says:

    Jayson Faries That's a gun.

  44. Alex Jenkins says:

    The system was never built for blacks to have equal justice. Period!

  45. Devin Hunter says:

    they dress the white guy all nice and clean. shouldve put a black guy who actually looked GOOD in the video. NOT BUYING THIS AT ALL. put someone like DON LEMON in there and see what happens.

  46. Devin Hunter says:

    definitely a taser.

  47. Alfreda Calbert the point is shut the FK up.

  48. Daniel Benge, if the police may have acted properly it happened in your mind only, but the cop who road by when the white boy was doing it I'd bet that was also proper in your mind. You're right about one thing, someone called the cops (the privileged class bigoted by standers/on lookers) and the cops came. Apparently those privileged class bigoted by standers/on lookers called the cops within ten seconds after he started because the cops arrived within two minutes of him starting. The white boy on the other hand was jimmying the car door lock for 1/2 hour until he finally gave up being confronted by any of those privileged class bigots or the police. But there is always at least ten thousand creeps who will insist that something that is clearly racist is not racist.

  49. Mstr Rick says:

    Blacks are dangerous and commit most of the crimes in America. Of course others suspect somethin's up when the Black guy is foolin with the car. Duh!

  50. There have been many studies just like this one, but no one who has been in America for five minutes have to see any of them to know that America is the most racist nation on the planet earth especially for so called "Black" people. all the privileged class bigots proves that fact when in the face of many, many instances such as this take place they insist that its not racist and we live in a post racial society. As ridiculous as that sounds to anyone who isn't being willfully ignorant there are many, many privileged class people who desperately cling to that racist world view.

  51. Officers move in to control the situation first. Simply asking for vehicle information gives offenders the time to run or attack. Cuffs come off as easily as they go on there for you control the situation and then start asking questions. As you heard after the officers had both men cuffed "Is this your car?"

  52. It was a pistol with an under barrel flashlight. He drew it but didn't point it nobody was hurt what's the big deal. If you don't want to be treated like a criminal don't act like a criminal (i.e. break into cars). At the end of the day nobody was arrested.

  53. Uche Nnolim says:

    That was a gun and not a taser

  54. Uche Nnolim says:

    Mstr Rick…. That's a racist statement right there.

  55. this is a phucking shame. two standards of justiice in racist america.

  56. Jayson Faries ready to do that Black man harm.

  57. This is ONLY news to those who don't want to know… because those of us who do know, have known this for a LONG time.

  58. Thomas Moore says:

    Sékou Sabra and without them you'd still be in a shit hole in India dumbass. If you don't like living a majority white country, why don't you go live in a majority black one in Africa? Or a majority brown one like India? Yeah, that's what I thought….

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