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13 thoughts on “High School Students Take A College Tour And Get This Unexpected Real-World Lesson On Racism

  1. Boycott Florida!

  2. May justice come. Disgraceful and sad. It's 2015.

  3. Lala Smith says:

    sue them to the MAXIMUM statutes of the law…the only repercussion OVERstood internationally.

  4. Now, that's the kind of white supremacy I like, out in the open and making it clear who our enemies are.

  5. To collin Johnson FUCK U!!

  6. SamIam Davis says:

    Why is this ok to you. Why would anyone be ok with this I'm going to pray for you my brother in Christ. One love One blood

  7. We need to attend HBCU's, segregation was the worst thing to ever happen to the black community!

  8. They didn't seem to have a problem taking money for 90-some black people staying in the rooms, though.

  9. Samlam I agree with Colin….. cos this type of behaviour allows our children to see clearly that given the opportunity there are people out there who would love to "teach us a lesson", simply for the colour of our skins…. God bless America???

  10. It wont make a difference if it's 2015 or 2055 racism will never die, and this field trip was indeed a lesson…a life lesson.

  11. Lavelle Darkone Davis Say it ain't so.

  12. SamIam Davis , she didn't say it was ok with her. She said those are the kind she likes. I feel the same way. Don't pretend with me.

  13. What does the year have to do with it?

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