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40 thoughts on “A Caucasian Man Makes A Terrifying Charge At Police Officer; What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

  1. Allin Fasho says:


  2. Wow this should make every major news network…cop said i will shoot you white boy reply no you won't shit crazy they know it's some racist slavery shit going on

  3. Fucking hate cops.

  4. Ja'von Brown says:

    Now how many people who condemned Micheal Brown, Eric Garner and similarly hued people think this guy should've been shot? Didn't he charge the police like Micheal Brown was accused of? Didn't he approach the cop in a threatening manner? Well?

  5. Ja'von Brown says:

    The here comes the backup talking about "put your hands or you're going to get shot!" Puh lease! They wasn't going to shoot a dam thing and anyone with a brain can figure out why.

  6. Hmmmm….hmmmm……hmmmm…..and the other cop GENTLY cuffed him….what is wrong with that other picture we see so often these days in comparison with this one.

  7. where's the knee to the head, or the foot on the neck.

  8. I believe this video was created an wad not an actual incident…ijs. This guy literal was charging head on in the direction towards the cops hands hidden which is dangerous. Then recently we see a man shot toning the opposite direction hands up in the air showing no signs of fame an be is shot in the back. I'm not one to support any one whether my race or not but this truly was degradingif you think about the recent shooting that took place from behind. Like what laws are in place for when a suspect with hands on clear sight an is shot from behind….Idk what else to say on this….

  9. Where are all the racist trolls & coons at to justify this bullshyt? ? If this were a black man he'd be dead! Fukkin dead but this piece of pale garbage gets to live to see his loved ones. Where y'all yet pale ass krackkkas?? Justify this shyt!

  10. Dave Mills says:

    White privilege at it's very best.

  11. Sean Gilmer says:

    Holy shit, can none of you guys take this at face value? It's a good cop, he did his job well. Instead you are saying he is a racist for NOT shooting some one

  12. Sean Gilmer says:

    Oh and one more thing, you are all racists who think that all cops have some hidden agenda to fuck with black people, nah, cops fuck with everyone. And before y'all go calling me some sort of bigot, or racist Im married to a Mexican, and bled next to many different races in afghanistan

  13. He wasn't armed with any sort of weapon, he was just running towards them thats why the cop didnt shoot him! Not because he is not black!

  14. White privilege a racist term used by a elite group of black Americans to justify their or another wrong doings .

  15. Did Michael Brown have anything in his hands which was in plain view of the murderer?

  16. hmmm. what this encounter undoubtedly demonstrates is that not all cops react the same to threats, and, also, that all threats are not the same. In this regard, I'd have to wager that the threat to officer Darren Wilson posed by Michael Brown last summer was not the same as the threat this officer was facing, and yet he actually refused to fire his weapon at the person who was endangering his life and who actually had a firearm (if I recall correctly, Mr. Brown did not have a firearm), pointed at the officer.

    While a police officer's personality can certainly make some difference in how such a tense and dangerous situation comes to an end, I believe the one aspect that most influences the outcome of such situations is the skin color of the person posing the threat. You're simply kidding yourself if you believe that any other factor has a significant influence on how these situations turn out.

  17. Now that's hilarious….ridiculous but hilarious!


  19. Sara Devine says:

    Why do you put so much effort into NOT seeing the truth? "Just running towards", you say…but just running away is enough to get someone else who doesn't look like you killed.

  20. Sara Devine says:

    Why do you put so much effort into NOT seeing the truth? He may not have been a racist, but some people are and you don't know that he wasn't. If you were honest, you should find this at least a little strange.

  21. White privilege is what it is. They choose to use excessive force on someone running away or already on the ground bleeding out but no force at all on a white boy charging at them. But it's not supposed to be a race thing? Please

  22. Paul Price says:

    You have to realize that term was first coined by a caucasian showing how he was better than segregated Negros back in the sixties

  23. I would like to hear what Bill O'rally says about this one. #BlackManYoureOnYourOwn – Steve Biko.

  24. I was thinking the same thing… its an odd video to say the least.

  25. i guess #white lives matter

  26. kill yourself casey coon williams. your stupid fucking idiot of a shit stain.

  27. He wasn't shot because he wasn't Black, bottom line.

  28. You have to fight fire with fire.

  29. Good cop my ass, if this guy had been Black he would have emptied his gun.

  30. It always has been a race thing and always will be.

  31. There have been plenty unarmed Black men who were shot and killed by these dirty cops. Just like the Black man who was shot on the back.

  32. In other words yes.

  33. Paul Price says:

    this also may have been a staged event because normally someone running at an officer with their hands concealed will probably be tased at the very least it don't matter the color of their skin so that's one thing that lets me know this is either stay or that Office one of the few pansies on the forest bed instead of worrying about his own life so that he doesn't accidentally kill somebody or something like it

  34. Paul Price says:

    well Sean if someone came at you with their hands in their pockets like they're reaching for something running towards you as if they are going to kill you would you do the same thing that that officer did

  35. I know it just irks me when they say it's not or that we play the race card. Y'all play the race card too

  36. A black man would be dead, I have to wonder though if that camera that looks like its on his chest, kept him from shooting. Sad world we have.

  37. Ja'von Brown says:

    So by definition the cops who shot Amadou Diallo, Micheal Brown, Tamir Rice and so many others ARE bad cops then huh? You can't have it both ways. holy shit, can YOU not take things at face value?!

  38. Sean Gilmer says:

    Actually I'm saying that all those cops that did shoot for no reason ARE bad cops. All I'm saying is that this one is a good one who didn't shoot a PERSON I could give a shit less if he was white or black he did his job as a good cop and didn't shoot and should be praised not belittled.

  39. Benny Bryant says:

    Sara Devine thank you and exactly! Amazing how Caucasians will passionately justify the actions of there own at any cost! Strange indeed! We all know what it is…if it looks looks like a duck well dammit it's a duck!

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