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28 thoughts on “Tavis Smiley Puts Bill O’Reilly In Check After His Egregious Comments About The Impact Of The Drug War On Black Families 

  1. bill o'reilly is such an asshole!

  2. bill o'reilly is such an asshole!

  3. Why do you keep wasting time with this RACIST CRACKER….

  4. I,m surprised to see Tavis Smiley take offense, with someone else beside President Barack H.Obama!

  5. Walter Price says:

    I agree I will never understand why black people continue to go on shows like that. Let them put on black face if they want a "black opinion" like they did in the old days and forget the fools.

  6. All you have to do is put the "so-called" great Bill O'Reilly in one of the neighborhoods where he insists cops are doing a great job for a month. With none of his creature comforts. His punk ass would be crying louder than he talks on TV. That would be reality…

  7. Sam Houston says:

    Mr O'Reilly is A Person Born and Raised when Segregation Was the Normal in USA…. in his old feeble mind USA needs to return to the 1950s and 1960s b4 Civilian. Rights movement…..when White Oppression didn't have to be swept umder a rug by media….. he strongly believes that War on Drugs Is Fairly USA among whites and minorities….. regardless of the Facts that whites use drugs more than minorities….. we minorities are simply 5 times as likely to be stopped by police as a White. Person….. 5 times…. So Saying we aren't a target is plain Bigotry

  8. Sam Houston says:

    Goto any major urban area USA… Dress In Suit And Drive thru both high incom and lower income area's in midsized luxury car for 8hrs then do the same dressed like college student…bet money police will stop ya and ask derogatory questions both times

  9. Sam Houston says:

    Goto any major urban area USA… Dress In Suit And Drive thru both high incom and lower income area's in midsized luxury car for 8hrs then do the same dressed like college student…bet money police will stop ya and ask derogatory questions both times

  10. Alex Primo says:

    Tavis just doesn't have the heart of a LION. He might("might") mean well, but he doesn't have the strength of character or the backbone to break down morons like O'Reilly. It takes a real brother with some knowledge and no fear to dismantle the weak arguments of a chronically wrong spin doctor like Bill. A brother who knows that drugs only get into a community with "permission" from those who control the infrastructure of a given land. A brother who knows that police(white) brutality has targeted Blacks since we became captives in this land. A brother who knows that you cannot humor people like O'Reilly, but rather hit him with facts and proof to utterly confuse his small mind and limited scope. So I say NO, Tavis did not shut him down. He didn't even shut him up. #Facts

  11. Why do Black People….or anyone who isn't a Right-Wing Conservative Retard continue to go on this show or Fox News in general? You are not….let me repeat…YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE MINDS OF THE DEMOGRAPHIC WHO WATCH THIS SHOW AND SUPPORT FOX NEWS…PERIOD. Stop wasting time trying to convince these racist, bigoted, propaganda spreading, spineless cowards that there is a SYSTEMATIC RACE Agenda in this country. They are not going to see things in a logical manner. You know why? Because they benefit and even profit from racism. You all have to understand something….racism just isn't immoral or unethical…..its a BUSINESS. Just by ADMITTING that the problem in America is racism, is a LIABILITY to white America. Black people are at their most valuable when they are dehumanized to cowards like Billy Fuck Boy. In the eyes of white supremacist, Kings and Queens are the most depreciated in value. So to constantly try to convince pieces of shit like Billy here that race is a problem for the stability of a group of people due to marginalization is backwards and counterproductive….WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE.

  12. Toni Mabry says:

    He' only saying what he suppose to knowing damn well its a crock of bs he' a puppet for the masses can you say white slave been one long time with his arrognant azz never trust a man with no soul duh

  13. Very uneducated on the topic of discussion. Tavis Smiley should have researched, prior to attending this type of press. We can clearly see, that Bill used leading and misrepresented statements. Not factual Bill………

  14. Jimmy Lange says:

    That guy knows what he is doing, he is feeding an audience like minded. Killing black with food is the new war and it is far more effective than cop'a killing.

  15. David Dotson says:

    I wish someone would blow Billo' the clown's head off, live on TV!

  16. Andre Evans says:

    People are free to eat whatever they want.


  18. Rodney Moore says:

    Bill O'Reilly a racist.

  19. I love how Stephanie Samuels says "why do you keep wasting time with this RACIST CRACKER." You can't fight racism with racism. That said…I would love for someone to put Bill OReilly in the grave.

  20. Dee Miller says:

    Fuck Bill and the police

  21. Tavis Smiley let Bill O'Reilly run over him like some lap dog. He didn't challenge any the the BS beliefs that O'Reilly, has about black people, and police.

  22. Eve Castello says:

    Gtfoh….he stumped him on the isolated incidents

  23. Reena Walker says:

    Or a real sistah. See my post above.

  24. Correct, Tavis should have never gone on his (O'Reilly's) show to begin with, and NO credible Black Person should ever opt to involve themselves in this crap called the "no spin zone"! When are we going to realize that "changing" someone's mind/view about something as asinine as the White Supremacy Movement/Modality that's built into every "System" which includes the judicial system is Impossible! All of us are Victims of this "sick" world view, and we should never become involved in "correcting" their Leaders, or the one's who may sit down in your church like Roof did, before killing (9) of those who "welcomed" him in the first place.

  25. What was" all that I agree shit…tavis must be out of touch

  26. Don't be fooled by Bill O Reilly's ACT!!! He is paid to say the shit he says! HE DOES NOT BELIEVE THE SHIT HE SAYS! WALE IP!

  27. How many White families are destoryed by Heroin and Crystal Meth usgae in America. We see that the POTUS and Congress are changing and creating laws specifically designed to help those families and the hard drug usage by White Americans. It's sad that Tavis didn't ask O'Reilly if White communities experienced an increase in crime and arresting of residents because of the heavy drug usage in those communities.

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