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65 thoughts on “After This Eighth-Grader Was Called a N*gger by Two White Students, See Why He Can’t Go Back to School

  1. Rhonda Davis says:

    Whats a Black parent to do. Bullying children start at home, bullying will end when racist parents stop teaching it to their kids, Bullying comes from the same place racism/racist comes from. Evening Dinner a any ultra conservative home, the breakfast table of liberals who still belive in old ways of doing things.

  2. They just mad, because his IQ most likely higher than theirs. If these two white boys would have taken the time to study their history they would have found out that the little knowledge they have came from Black people. Language, mathematics, science, anthropology, art, astrology, biology, etc., came from us, but we still niggas right? Pride goeth, before a halty fall.

  3. James Thomas says:

    It seems that this young man Phoenix has a real bright future ahead of him. I like his stance on staying home and doing his school work from home. For the two young men who used the "N" word toward's the eighth grader they should be confronted with all three families and the school's principal and teachers to figure out a solution about this matter. Expulsion is good, but they will probably got to the next school and do the same thing. So a diversity program should be installed and monitor these students throughout their Jr. high and high school.

  4. EA Afolabi says:

    All you black folks who insists on using the n-word, I hope you are happy.

  5. This kid has no clue what he's talking about and no idea of the history of how far black people have come through the civil rights movement. He's a kid so i font expect him to understand, but expulsion is not the answer to teaching the ignorant kids who made the comments. We are going to all have to live together so suspended them is fine and then put them back in school. Hell have to move forward and get past it as so many young blacks have since the integration of schools, and so will the people who made the comments. They should be on expulsion warning, and have the choice of learning a better way to behave or continue their ignorant behavior and get put out. The offended need to live forgiveness to get past this and the offender needs the opportunity to learn how to behave in proper society once he's been taught. Obviously the chaperones and their parents didn't learn the lesson either

  6. Many African Americans use the "N " word to take away the power associated with that word as deragatory put down. Malicious people use the word as a racial slur to demean and insult. If you are not African American you may not understand this concept. Over use of the word takes away the sting of being called a " n word as an insult like what these no home trained children did to this child. There is a difference between street slang and racial slur. This is my opinion.

  7. Pamala Pamala for President…

  8. Tony Young says:

    This foolishness starts at home. Kids aren't born racist.

  9. "Nigga" has become iconic to our black lexicon.

  10. We are allowed to use the word. It's our word

  11. Dawn Snider says:

    This is the most. Common sense comment I've seen, read etc. It does neither party any good to force these misguided youth out of school. Their kids only repeating what was learned at home. At least at school they can be exposed to a different view on racism and educated on our nations racial history.

  12. EA Afolabi says:

    Go ahead claim that ugly world. Blacks folks still get upset when white people use it, so that claiming it has been a huge fail.

  13. I hope this is sarcasm? If not that is the most ignorant shit I've ever heard. As a latino that immigrated to this country and dealt with racism my entire life since I grew up around middle and upper class white folks. I have never called my latino friends spic. Why would I use a word that insults to people who I respect? I think its all about education, and telling whites hey this is our word just makes them want to use it. Anyway…

  14. IT IS NOT OUR WORD! Why on earth would you take a word that was used derogatorily by a group of people who have used it to degradate us.
    DEGRADATION 1 : the act or process of degrading 2 a : decline to a low, destitute, or demoralized state b : moral or intellectual decadence. So when we march and say Black Lives Matters and use this word on each other, we are now committed these degadating offenses on ourselves. In other words, the N word is a bullet too.

  15. I find it hilarious how many people are trying to justify calling black people nigger because blacks call each other it. When you dam well know its not meant in the same context. Whenever they refer to eachother their not using it out of hate towards one another or trying to belittle. It can be but not generally how its used. Now when someone of other race can comfortably use the word in such a manner you just have be comfortable with who your with if that's just generally how you talk I've seen lots of brown and white people who comfortably use nigga and it's not a big deal because you can tell if its natural to them msune cuz how they were raised or grew up at. But when you use it to insult racially its obviouse and comes from a place of hate. These kids most likely got it from their parents just like you dicks did.

  16. The word "nigger" has a meaning just like the word "cookie" has a meaning you can never take that away by calling it the "n" word its still the same word used to insult us for not being white. The fact that they used the word against blacks so much that blacks began to call themselves by a derogatory name and embrace it does not make it ok. YOU CAN NOT REMOVE ITS DEFINITION!

  17. Joan Early says:

    It's unfortunate that ignorant harassment of blacks still exist but black parents must keep their children strong enough to face the inevitable. If you allow bullies to chase you from school, they're still learning and you're not. America had never had an even playing field for anyone who doesn't fit the "normal profile" set by those intent on keeping their supreme stronghold. If this is awful, think of slavery and the continuing aftermath of racism we've had to face. I never ran away and neither should you. If someone doesn't like we because of my race, I've never made it my problem. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but I love me too much to allow ANYONE to drive me from the home my ancestors fought and died to build and maintain.

  18. Joan Early says:

    It's unfortunate that ignorant harassment of blacks still exist but black parents must keep their children strong enough to face the inevitable. If you allow bullies to chase you from school, they're still learning and you're not. America had never had an even playing field for anyone who doesn't fit the "normal profile" set by those intent on keeping their supreme stronghold. If this is awful, think of slavery and the continuing aftermath of racism we've had to face. I never ran away and neither should you. If someone doesn't like we because of my race, I've never made it my problem. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but I love me too much to allow ANYONE to drive me from the home my ancestors fought and died to build and maintain.

  19. Ingrid Black says:

    the boys that call Phoenix a n**** you all are going to high school you going to say it to the wrong black person and they going to break the breaks off yet I'll let s

  20. Ingrid Black says:

    the boys that call Phoenix a n**** you all are going to high school you going to say it to the wrong black person and they going to break the breaks off yet I'll let s

  21. There are all ignorant
    He probably learn it from the black kids after all they call each other with the N word all the time so if they can call each other that why not the white kid?
    Tell the black kids to use first before you blame everyone else

  22. Ware Stef says:

    Tomika that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard, claim a word that white people used towards us right before they would hang us from a tree. You can own it but I read and know my history. I am not a N….ger, sorry you think you are.

  23. It saddens me every time something like this happens to one of our children. Prayer is truly needed, but home training could be a good tool as well. Children live what they learn. This type of mindset or behavior doesn't just appear. There is a time frame of seeing, doing, imitating, and being programmed to think a certain way that has to happen. For children to be at that age with that type of mindset with the understanding of how to use the word to make another person feel bad shows that this was taught to them by someone or more than one person. The sad part is it could be used as a teachable moment for all of the children involved, but the parents would have to lead by example. At least one set of parents did have the decency to apologize. As for the other set, one can only speculate. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more. The one thing we can do other than pray is teach our children that the person who chooses to inflict pain are most of the time people who are also in pain. HURT PPL HURT PPL. With that in mind, take the high road, because who they are is who they are. BUT DON'T LET ANYONE CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!

  24. Don't reply to me reply to the post!

  25. I believe that schools should be required to implement a mandatory sensitivity/diversity training session for all students, parents and guardians and have each one sign that they understand the subject matter and accept the consequences of suspension or expulsion. All students and parents should receive a copy of the signed document and the original should be filed in the student's official school records. We have to start some where.

  26. I'm baffled that the one family would not even speak to the family or offer an apology but instead have their lawyer talk to them. This is a matter where the parent of each child should have apologized to this student directly and his family. And as the young man stated…some diversity training. These same children will some day be citizens of society, doctors, lawyers, police officers, or maybe even teachers themselves. Action needs to take place and that would be if it were the other way around too, if a black child insulted a white.

  27. I truly apologize for your ignorance but unfortunately, not "all" black people use the n-word. That's a very vague statement on just one race. If you feel this way, it's best you pick up a book and enlighten yourself on the black community, culture, and the history of the n-word. You should never stereotype one race and/or culture based on what you have exposed yourself to of that race. Maybe you're brainwashed by television media outlets, magazines, and music. If you think black people or its culture is this, you've just exposed your ignorance. Maybe for future reference, learn about black culture before you open your mouth with such ignorance.

  28. That's not my word if you're referring to "our" as in black people.

  29. Saquia maybe you should look around the black community where the N word is thrown around like is a Connor word comedians can go 3 sentence without using it argument are always full of the N word
    Teenagers talking to each other are always using it
    So get off your high horse and

  30. Shan Rich says:

    First off not all of us black people use that word…..secondly, if your white friends or relatives were having a casual or even joking conversation with you and one of them called you a white racist word, you would probably laugh it off because you know no harm was meant. But if 2 black people were threatening you with harm and bullying you and calling you a cracker or whatever….those words would take on a WHOLE different context and you know it.

  31. Shan I was respectful to use N you instead had to say cracker right ?
    And then you all blame us?

  32. Ms. Pamala… HOW OLD ARE YOU?
    I ask that because just like Ms. Stef said, "THAT IS THE DUMBEST CRAP I HAVE EVER HEARD." I agree with her 1000% because people like you have no idea of the struggles and concepts associated racism. Yes I grew up in deep rural South and know how it feels to be called a nigger to my face. Regardless of your generation's intentions with so-called changing the meaning? That's just plain and simple minded thinking! I grew up hearing blacks call each other nigger, nigga, niggar and still it meant the same thing and won't ever be changed so please do some historical digging, ask a MATURE ADULT about it… If you still come up with the same results then I have to guess it's because of your environment/surroundings…

  33. I think you just proved her point.

  34. Ware Stef Actually, Black people who get mad at its reclamation have forgotten the history of that word. That word actually comes from Ancient Kemet from NGR and is seen in other places in Africa as meaning 'god', 'king', etc.

    The European man perverted it into a slur and used it against us (like with everything else that has been stolen from Africans).

    To recap: "The root word NGR existed in ancient Egyptian Sacred writings and hieroglyphs…and has divine origin and meaning." – Ernie A. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics and Doctor of Internal Medicine.

    N-ger-s refers to…The Goddess Neggur (Hathor) who is one of the oldest female deities of ancient Kemit (Egypt) who was worshipped thousands of years before Genesis and the Bible existed. – Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, (1857-1934), Egyptologist.

    Read more

    "Negus: (Nee-goos) Ethiopian term for Emperor."
    "Negus Negast: An Ethiopian word which, means Serpent King of Kings.

    Niger : is a masculine derivative of the ancient Kamite word.

    Ngu, which means Serpent King. It is a title of the Kamite King, Pharaoh or Priest.

    Niger-ia is a feminine derivative of the ancient Kamite word Nga, (Naga) which means "Serpent Queen." It is a title of the Egyptian Queen; this title was given to those who have mastered the Uraeus power. When you see an Egyptian headdress which has a snake on the top of it, you are looking a Uraeus crown. Seen in most hieroglyphs as an upright form of an spitting cobra, used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority in ancient Kemit. Uraeus is obvious reference to the Kundalini energy."

    Read more

  35. Well spoken but wrong. Sometimes you need a big punishment to learn the lesson. If two kids say something offensive and get suspension (which no kid really hates) then they really don't get a punishment. And the kid is now stuck going back to school with two kids who will cause him trouble. No kid wants to stand up and then have to go back in front of the bullies. Not to mention he didn't get an apology so if I were a parent I wouldn't have comfort sending my child somewhere where he will be called out of his name, or worse.

  36. Definitely not on high horse but do I think highly of myself? Of course as everyone should. I grew up on one of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit so yes, I do know exactly what you're referring to. Unfortunately, that doesn't further prove your point to stereotype "every" black person because not every black person grows up in an all black neighborhood using the word. You just furthered your ignorance by trying to explain a vague statement that is untrue.

  37. Monica Jones says:

    He's very brave. It's really to bad we are still being cha

  38. Saquia look at the # % of crime by population then talk
    I respect the fact that you are educated as of percentage you are 1 out 10

  39. Andre Grady says:

    First off the original way to say the n word is not what most people assume it is. Kendrick Lamar actually broke it down and corrected us ignorant to the fact that the real original term used before America flip flopped it to be a meaning of ignorance was actually meant to be an African term for royalty and great power. So before you say black people shouldn't use the word either realize it was white people who made it what it's not and black people are simply reclaiming it.

  40. Dude watch your mouth. Most of the ruthless top criminals live in the suburban metro Detroit area. Need I remind you of the leader of hells angels lived in Sterling Heights.

  41. We shouldn't use this word period.

  42. I have been African-American for 44 years now and that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. So you're saying that when Caucasians use the N-word The sting is taken out of it because you have trained yourself to by using the word on yourself. That is the equivalent of saying I May get shot so I am going to shoot myself so when I do it numbs the pain.

  43. to learn forgiveness and move past it is basically overlooking the issue and excusing the behavior… it's 8th grade, you're not completely incompetent in the 8th grade, you know right from wrong and how to treat others in the 8th grade. That type of behavior is taught and quite frankly expulsion will teach the whole family something… the kids that their behavior is inappropriate and the parents that what their kid is picking up whether through them or someone they have their child around is affecting their education. They can think about all that as they find a new district or accepting private school. But that's just my opinion.

  44. Denise Myers says:

    its sad what this world is coming to pray

  45. Denise Myers says:

    When we black folks use it uts not derogatory its an endearment saying hi to a friend or family I don't use it but other ppl do and your saying this why?i was raised not to use it in my house everybody doesnt raise their kids the same.

  46. I have a 7 year old girl, she transferred to a new school last year. There were two Mexican children, who told her they couldn't play with her, because she was "Black"??? The principal said kids r gonna b kids??? We live in Chicago, Illinois. My daughter and 1 kid were the same complexion & the other kid was darker than both, I will Never understand, how parents can teach this. Mexican?????

  47. Well suspension may not mean the same thing to each and every kid, but to me it meant alot. It meant being away from my friends, seeing what happened at school, being out of sports and the inevitable butt wiping that came with embarrassing my parents. Expulsion should be the last resort in almost every situation when you look at the long term effects. A kid not graduating on time, having to repeat another year, and the diminished future success that comes with having a black mark on your record for "words". I see kids getting expelled for fighting that would have only got me a day of detention, which is crazy. I look at the example money davis demonstrated when she was the victim of an adults sick and stupid comments on the internet. She didn't want vengence. She was able to move past it and even wanted him back on his baseball team. She shamed him just like the civil rights non violence movement shamed America into getting it's act right.
    The kids should be suspended, ordered to do counseling to learn better behavior than their parents were taught and put on expulsion notice. Be creative. Take away eighth grade graduation, but be serious, this isn't the worst thing on earth. The young man needs to learn to move past this and continue on his good academic career. If him not getting his desire causes him to fall off than I'm sadder for the kid than a little bit and upset with his parents. Life is going to throw you some darts. Even ones you shouldn't have to go through, but it's the going through the fires that make us that much stronger in the end.
    Say word

  48. Dragonetta says:

    So the innocent child misses out on his education, but the guilty children are already back in school? And the school won't even say how the two boys are being punished? This incident needs to be investigated. Sounds like something is going on at that school that isn't right. :/

  49. What tell that your Ancesters, your statement is so far from being true and I am sorry we as people of color think this way or thinks is ok for a black person to call another black person the N-word but we are ready to fight when someone white call them that. Stand up and fight to end using the N-word period..You don't hear the whites using racial slurs towards eachother, Chinese, or Hispanics think about do you? So why should we.. because we eared it? Really…

  50. Maybe I'm old fashioned but the best way to deal with white kids when they call you the N word is summed up in two words. Ass Whooping.

  51. My first question is where is the father? What kind of weak-kneed action is this? Scared of some white boys? Where are the Black men in his life? Uncles, Cousins? A male that can go to the school, authorities and parents of those kids that threatened him to inform them that if the matter isn’t dealt with it will be dealt with in other ways. If I had to make personal threats / promises believe it would be done. There’s no way in hell my child would ever fear going to school, especially because some white boy(s) called him the “N-word”. Please. Some of you negro’s kill me. I’m not responding so don’t bother. I just wanted to say what I had to – this is some weak-kneed negro sh*t.

  52. I'm from ecuador and blacks are discriminated there as well, racism is everywhere. My grandmother was very racist I dealt with it in my own family since my father is mulatto.

  53. No matter how you want to spell it, N****r or N***a, or N****z, this word carries a history that is drenched in the blood of black people for hundreds of years. As a 50 year old male, I can tell you that everybody I know from my generation absolutely despises this vile word. This was most likely the very last word heard by many a black man before they ended up swinging from the trees in Mississippi and Alabama. This is the very same word that accompanied every lash from the overseer’s whip and was laced in every spoken sentence while the master of the house raped another n****r slave girl or boy. Growing up in London, this word was often used towards us by skinheads from The National Front party and often whispered behind our backs by “civilised” English people. One thing that I am absolutely positive about is that these people were not trying to endear to us. I am deeply saddened that the generations that followed did not pay homage to the struggle we went through by recognising the hurt and pain associated with this word and doing what needed to be done which was to continue to “fight down” any mention from any quarter. Instead, you hear these yutes today trying to justify why they should be able to make full use of this word themselves. They say that by taking “ownership” of this word, they have turned the negative into a positive. They say that this word is now used amongst black people as a “term of endearment” and as long as no white people say it to them, they are quite comfortable. A little while back, I seem to remember the actor Damon Wayans trying to trademark the word “N***a” with the intention of setting up a whole clothing range with the N***a logo emblazoned loud and proud. I wonder if he had succeeded, would he then have been offended if white people started wearing his clothes or was he going to stipulate to all the stores that only black people are allowed to buy and wear his merchandise. I am pretty sure Mr Wayans would have been extremely happy because he would no doubt have made “nuff corn” real quick. Let me give Mr Wayans and everybody else who supports his stance another word that aptly describes these actions, “SELLOUT” and people especially youngsters using this word to me is a complete disrespect to their elders.

  54. Damon Parker says:

    Your logic is off! So if black people say it that means we shouldn't be mad if some other race calls us that? Its like when people say if you guys stop killing each other then the cops will. So its ok for other races to kill us because we kill ourselves! Ridiculous!

  55. Ali Pinkston says:

    Where is his dad?

  56. I am sick and tired of people explaining away the Racist, words and attitudes, We All know very well where these attitudes are started and grown, it a matter of white and other racist religions to get away with murder, we must take this as serious a a murder because it all related and murder is the end results on any level it is offered, damn talk to children deal with the racist parents. but please stop stating it starts at home like it O K, wake up people. Next steps.

  57. Black community need to speak out against rappers using the n-word, this is causing all of this racial stuff. Whites feel like if I can call Kanye and Jay Z N-words, why can't they say it to other blacks. Get it.

  58. The word "Nigga" comes from the Ethiopian word "Negus" which is a term given to people of high status like a king. Don't be offended by their ignorance

  59. Remy Sonido says:

    Denise Myers shouldn't use it though but the term is rooted in negativity and to be real that's a negative we got tricked into thinking it was positive, I slip and use it sometimes to but I do my best not to call my friends that.

  60. Merkury Rayn says:

    I understand what you are saying for example women out here saying I'm the baddest bitch… Or imma a Boss bitch but when a dude call her a bitch she get offended… It's called double standards.. Me personally I don't get offended by the word Nigah at all but when you go to saying Nigger yes I will feel some type of way because your using it as a negative, to be harmful… So its all about how u take it… Now these kids were being negative..everybody talking bout know your history well do you know yours… Go watch Hidden Colors 1,2&3… Shit just like we call the crackas now you see them rocking it all on there trucks N shit.. Ibget whatbur saying I guess the others are just lost

  61. Merkury Rayn says:

    Remember its not about what you say its how you say it

  62. They should be put out of school the rest of the year

  63. He doesn't need t go to a white school to be educated anyway

  64. Victor Eaves says:

    I'm behind these actions 1000%. This is EXACTLY what you do when you're met with racism. You handle it with EXTREME penatly as to show that this is no slap-on-the-wrist, typical priviledged boy manner! So proud they aren't the typical "turn-the-other-cheek," "we shall overcome" black people! :)))

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