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76 thoughts on “16-year-old ‘Hunger Games’ Actress Gives One Of The Realest Explanations On Cultural Appropriation In This Phenomenal Video

  1. Neo Modise says:

    If only every white person in the country saw this video.

  2. Stacey Mason says:

    Cornrows have also been worn and depicted in Europe, particularly in Greek and Roman art, and may have had a similar presence in Celtic culture.

  3. Neo Modise says:

    Greek and Romans came to Egypt and took a lot of their lessons and teachings from Africa. So I can see where they got it from.

  4. Stacey Mason says:

    Neo Modise You ready to give up your car? White culture provided that, and probably a whole lot of other things. A better idea is to stop this nonsense of claiming things and simply learn to live with each other.

  5. Stacey Mason Africans invented the wheel honey so if it weren't for us you wouldn't even have the idea of a car.

  6. Neo Modise says:

    Stacey Mason If I'm giving up my car then you might as well give up dental bridges, pain killers, antibiotics, universal education, Street lights, Hospitals, Public Baths, advanced agriculture, and paper. I'll take all of that before I take a car.

  7. Neo Modise says:

    Stacey Mason I have no problem living with others in the world, but people need to know real history and origins of things we have available today than what is taught in history books in schools. Because what is taught in school is only 10% of what really happeend.

  8. Stacey Mason says:

    Chelsey A. Faulk Actually you cannot make that claim, because it is a point of history that remains unresolved.

  9. If other people loved Black people the same way they love Black/African culture as well as history since they love to distort and claim it as their own, particularly White/European people, then racism wouldn't be a problem in this world. Folks love to be Black in the sense that they love the style and the influence and the history behind Blackness but hate to be Black socially and economically because there is a world wide stigma against it that White/European society has put against Black/African people. You want to claim a hairstyle and fashion and history or more so STEAL whilst downing those people and making them feel less than human to the point where it's done so long that they voluntarily do it to themselves and their offspring. Honestly most whites and even other non-blacks will not care to understand or give a damn because it isn't THEIR bubble that's constantly being burst. Hell do we even have a bubble in the first place? Reality is a harsh one for us. We all grow up realizing that whilst others pretend like everything is fine and dandy because they wont have to deal with it throughout their life. Personally I don't care to get others to understand because they don't care to. My focus is to get Black folks to understand how great they are because they come from greatness and on the wings of our ancestors that greatness and be taken beyond the past and into the future.

  10. The wheel has been present throughout Africa starting with ancient Egyptian culture inscribed hieroglyphics on ancient walls. Last time I checked, Egypt was in AFRICA which is where BLACK PEOPLE come from, but I know how yall just LOVE to make an exception for Egypt when it comes to being a Black country because of the things Egypt did for setting the precedent for science and culture, particularly European culture.

  11. Chelsey A. Faulk If you want to go back that far, Chelsey, then we are all Africans. See why this kind of crap is idiotic? We aren't all Africans – not even you. You're an individual person with your own personal life experiences. Quit pigeon-holing yourself (and others) into this self-segregated "culture".

  12. Then what? I disagree with the premise that she's making. No part of "black culture" is anymore yours than it is mine. If you're basing your "ownership" of something based on the color of your skin, then you're just racist and that kind of garbage just reinforces your ideology as justified. Doesn't matter – it's still racist, just as the racist slave owners thought they were "justified" in seeing their self as different than the slaves they owned. It's the same kind of toxic belief system. Now, get alllll kinds of pissed off at me for comparing your racism to that of slave owners……..

  13. 3,000 yrs ago we aren't all Africans genius. Especially not you. And yes I am an African, a stolen one to be more precise. And we didn't create segregation because we never had a problem with YOU. Our culture and want for separation is because the hate you have shown not only towards Africans, but all indigenous people of this earth. It's YOU who have the problem.

  14. Look here, lady, you don't know the first thing about me. You assume that I have no African roots because my skin isn't dark enough for you?

    You are what is wrong with society.

  15. Philip cut the bullshit. You aren't Black and no you aren't an African whatsoever. What you are is an enabler, an igniter, a typical white person who rather blame everyone else but not the legacy of torment and foulness that their ancestors left behind, but like I said, it doesn't effect you because through breaking down Africans, they have placed the power in their hands and YOU as well as all other whites have YET to do anything to right those wrongs instead of telling US to FORGET and GET OVER. So yes, you are just as bad as those so called "forefathers" that died so long ago. They all had children who had children and they have carried on that legacy of complete and utter bullshit. I'm what's wrong with society? LMMFAOOOOOO Well guess what? I learned from the best. THANK YOU WHITE PEOPLE.

  16. Holy shit. Chelsey A. Faulk, you, ma'am are a god damned racist piece of shit. "A typical white person"? Wow. I have done nothing wrong "as a white person", though, you are definitely doing wrong with your toxic, racist attitude. Quit blaming white people for your problems. If your life is shitty, it is because of YOU. You nasty, vile, racist cunt…

  17. LMMFAOOOOOO Now I'm a racist LOL. YOU don't even know the meaning of that word. If I'm such a racist then what white person can I deny health insurance? What white person can I deny entry into a learning institution? What white person can I raise the taxes on their house so they can be foreclosed on? UM NONE as well as any other Black person because racism is an INSTITUTION OF POWER which we do not have. But YOU do, and you exercise it quite well. Now PREJUDICE is a more appropriate word because anyone can discriminate. But not a single Black person can use that discrimination to rightfully effect the livelihood of a white person.

  18. Now what pissed YOU off Philip is the fact that I can see right through you folks like many of us can and you just HATE to be called on your bullshit. You become defensive like shit and try to bring up another distorted part of history because you just love editing shit to fit your own agenda. That isn't my problem. People like me are a problem for people like YOU because we can smell that bullshit a mile away and aren't gullible nor ignorant to the atrocities you have presented throughout history, which is why there's such a fight to get it covered up and even erased out of the history books. But best believe an awakening is happening. And less and less Black people are becoming as patient as we have been in tolerating the bullshit you people do and/or the lack of you speaking up on the bullshit or covering it up.

  19. but isn't it funny as hell though that white folks come on a website targeted to a Black audience just to talk shit and go against everything said? LMMFAOOO. Like why do they even come? Oh I know, just to be nosey as always, smh. As they say, we can never have shit to ourselves without someone trying to cash in on it and steal it.

  20. Neo Modise says:

    Philip McCorkle The point the video is making is that there are a lot of things that have originated from African Culture (Before you say I'm not african, I was born in South Africa and that's where my father is from. Look up my name, I'm from the Sotho-Tswana Pedi people) that are only becoming, "cool", "hip", "trendy" amongst those who are classified as white. There are people who have been braiding their hair for years, tweking (not called twerking in various african cultures but similar dance moves) for many years. But as soon as a person of european descent does it, then it becomes the new best thing and almost as if white people who were orginated. That is how it is protrayed in the media for the most part. Almost as if they are trying to discredit the originators, much like the Europeans that saw the great kingdoms in Africa, they couldn't belive that they could have done this type of work themselves. Or how in every american made movie about egypt, all white characters are casted to be the kings, queens, and pharoahs. Now I'm not owning this myself as an orignator, but being a person of color, seeing how many things are discredited from being origniting from africa, and seeing how people are taking these things and making money off of it as if they created it is infuritating. by no means am I saying I or any other person of color deserves it, but know where it came from.

  21. Neo Modise says:

    Philip McCorkle Ok this all escalated quickly lol. I honestly think you've done nothing wrong and I sort of see your point of view. I agree with you that people should take responsibility for their own life. Everyone has something to overcome, some more than others, but everyone has certian obstacles.

    If we go back far enough, we are all African. I think namibia is where everyone came from. But you may be an exception Phil, not many white people will claim african heritage whatsoever (except for those who were born in Africa, hence afrikaaners in south africa.) There are many people in North Africa who will say they aren't white, they are middle eastern. There are a lot of white pepole that will say I am French, spainish, irish, portuguese mutt but have never stepped foot in any of those countries or know of any of the customs except for major holidays. So if they are able to segment themselves and have pride in where they're "from" then why can't black people? I agree everyone should be unified but there have been systems in place that can't. I have a friend that moved from Egypt to the states and he tried to list himself as black/african descent. they said no, you are middle eastern, the governemtn keeps us segmented and have other policies that allow for instutional racism.

  22. North Africans aren't being listed as middle eastern, they are being called white. A Black man who was egpytian went through the same thing over 20 yrs ago and they wanted to label him white because he is from Egypt; since then he has been an advocate to try to get that removed from calling north African ppl, atleast the indigenous ones (because a lot of them are not), from being called white and instead African or Black.

  23. I just hate that we're all still paying for stupid hateful peoples choices. They brought shame to white/European culture. Generations of peoples lives ruined because of greed. It really grieves me to see the damage done. Many white/European ancestors were poor and looking to get away from oppression. Many of them tricked into being indentured servants. Native Americans forced off their lands. Africans kidnapped and sold. Even today wealthy rats rich in power. Sitting back and getting fatter. All while we fight over each other over hair. I believe we should honor our ancestors. The ones who paid the price for us to be here. Many gave all they had for us. Many lives just stolen. I think us older people should pass down our wisdom and history. But, I think we need to watch the younger generation create a new one. In our schools now we have Latinos, Africans, Natives, Indians, Asian, European. They're becoming friends with each other. They're sharing each others styles and cultures. People do that when they like each other. They grow up. They get married. They have kids.

  24. As for Greeks wearing cornrows. Greeks stole that, the alphabet, and everything else including Math, haha they say Euclid invented pie but how is that possible when the Egyptians have used that to make pyramids long before Euclid was born and the Egyptians which were Brown and Black. Actually you say said give up your car, that's not true do you know all the inventions Black people made and that George Carver whom was Black helped with most of the inventions for Henry Ford. Why don't you look up ALL of Black inventions Stacey! And there was thousands of inventions Black people invented that they don't get credit for because white people took credit and were allowed to take credit for it.

  25. Chelsey, you can't let anger rule you. It will destroy you. Don't let yourself be a pawn in a rich mans game. I'm not speaking from my skin color. I'm speaking as a human who has had wrong done too. I have every reason to be mad and angry at my offender. You feel robbed. You and your ancestors had no choice. You were forced. You have been denied. You were raped from your homeland. You have your freedom now. But so much damage was done. So much was stolen. You're figuring yourself out in this world. I can't speak for other people who have white skin. I do feel the shame. Even though it wasn't something I did myself. I just think it was terrible. I wish ancestors from Africa could have all came here by choice. Then we would be talking a different tune. But, I have to put that blame square on the offenders. The offenders always get away with it. While everyone else suffers. Justice sucks when it comes to rape. What makes you think this one any different? I don't want our kids dying in our stupid hate wars. I don't want to see dead black bodies laying next to dead white bodies. People before us sacrificed so much. They lost so much. Humans are not born to hate. They are taught it. People are just being people. We are not all going to get along. We don't even get along with our own families. lol When we all look back on human history. It's people in power who are messing with everyone's lives. They still are. They don't give a shit about our color or what matters to us. It only matters during elections. The thing they fear most is when we wise up and unite. When are we going to wise up and turn on our masters?

  26. Philip McCorkle Only a people with no culture of their own say this. Only a people who feel entitled to everything that isn't theirs say this; this is classic White Supremacy. Black culture belongs to Black people, period. You will deal.

  27. Neo Modise Don't apologize. White people do this crap all the time. They steal what isn't theirs and claim it as their own and rewrite history to make it seem as if they created/invented it. This is their pattern. They do this because they have no ancient history of their own, so in order to maintain dominance they have to make it seem as if everything came from them, when in fact, very little has come from them.

  28. Honey cornrows are African, Greeks and Romans were mixed, mainly biracials and many full blooded African. Which is why you see cornrows still live on today in African cultures all around the globe, including America, South America, the Caribbean etc.

  29. Chelsey A. Faulk Go head sis, speak the truth! They will deal! They have such a distorted/warped sense of the truth, that when presented with the actual truth, it's hard for them to accept it. Best believe you will get the covert racists who sing kumbaya, beleedat!

  30. Even when explained very clearly, some still try to argue, point fingers, and don't want to listen or be empathetic to another's situation. It's frankly annoying and sad. Shouldn't have to explain ourselves this much. Think of it like this, without colo, without culture, and just think of it as if someone is just talking to you personally and said, "you are ugly. I hate you. You're beneath me. I want nothing to do with you." But then tries to dress like you, wear their hair like you, change themselves to emulate you and suddenly the things that made you who you are beautiful. Can you at least say being treated like you are scum could or would be hurtful? If the answer is "yes" then that's what this video is trying to say. There's no need to get angry at those that feel hurt. Why not try to put yourself in their shoes and understand them

  31. Even when explained very clearly, some still try to argue, point fingers, and don't want to listen or be empathetic to another's situation. It's frankly annoying and sad. Shouldn't have to explain ourselves this much. Think of it like this, without colo, without culture, and just think of it as if someone is just talking to you personally and said, "you are ugly. I hate you. You're beneath me. I want nothing to do with you." But then tries to dress like you, wear their hair like you, change themselves to emulate you and suddenly the things that made you who you are beautiful. Can you at least say being treated like you are scum could or would be hurtful? If the answer is "yes" then that's what this video is trying to say. There's no need to get angry at those that feel hurt. Why not try to put yourself in their shoes and understand them

  32. Columbusing taking what belongs to someone else and claiming it as ur own. White people have been doing it for centuries.

  33. Columbusing taking what belongs to someone else and claiming it as ur own. White people have been doing it for centuries.

  34. Amber Outten says:

    I have to agree with you Neo Modise. The video is about culture awareness and racism in the media. Knowing the origination of something is profound. African culture has been suppressed and integrated into todays society by those who plan to make profit off of it. Everyone should be able to know their culture and to be proud of it. African culture, European culture, Indian culture, Russian culture, etc.

  35. I enjoyed this video, a very knowledgeable young lady.

  36. Neo Modise says:

    James Perez Ha! well think about it, the nation was built for white people, NOT africans, latinos, asians. So it would only make sense for education to favor whites.

  37. You guys are ridiculous. Just because someone that shares an approximate level of pigment in your skin came up with something, that doesn't mean YOU have more right to it than anyone else SIMPLY because you share a common ancestor 600 years or more, ago. Why do YOU, Chelsey A. Faulk, have more right to twerking than some "white" girl? You didn't come up with it. You haven't had any kind of tie to it, other than your racist "my group vs. your group" kind of thinking. I don't think you all realize how disgusting your line of thinking is. You want your own culture that no one else can touch? Okay. You want your own drinking fountains that only YOU and your "people" can use? Okay. You want your own part of the bus that no one of other ethnic backgrounds can sit in? Okay……

    Oh, wait, that was what the whole civil rights thing was about back in the day. I forgot that racial ownership and racial segregation are wrong and are the very things Dr. MLK and others fought against……. They would be spinning in their god damned graves if they saw what you, and so many others that they fought for, are doing. SMMFH……………………………

  38. Chelsea Lee says:

    Stop conflating actual racism with that "reverse racism" white nonsense garbage. Just stop.

  39. Are you fugging kidding me? What, "racism by blacks" is okay? Why is that? Because there are more white people than black people in this country? Is that SERIOUSLY your logic? During slavery times, white people also used some really stupid, weak, and idiotic rational to justify their horrible actions. You guys are doing the same god damned thing and you don't even realize it. How about you stop with the racially biased garbage and we all treat each other as fellow humans, rather than "black vs. white"? Geezus…

  40. Chelsea Lee says:

    No, that isn't my logic. And the fact that you're comparing the egregious crimes committed by white folk against black folk, with some black folk on the internet politely asking you not to appropriate (i.e. devalue) our culture is pretty astounding.

  41. Chris Conley says:

    I find it disturbing that all of you automatically got straight for the "RACE CARD" on this shit. OMG. Get off your fucking horse! Every culture in the WORLD and every RACE has in some way taken from one another. Why is this such a topic of conversation? What are you looking for? You was recognition for TWERKING and Corn Rows? Yeah..okay.. NO. This video is informative and I respect her point of view. But all this really crys for is attention. Sorry but you are not entitled because Miley Cyrus Twerk'd in a video and made millions for it. Not my fault or any white persons fault that the American Media and tabloids made her famous. Not Iggy's fault that she likes Corn Rows and raps. She likes that culture. She has every right to dress, walk, talk, and act like that said culture. And so do all of you. Not saying it looks good. But there's nothing wrong with it. History is in the past for a reason. We will never progress as a "Diverse Culture" if we keep pulling crap like this.

  42. The point is when white people do these culturally "black" things and make a lot of money from it while the people who actually started the trends were looked down on for the very same things. There is something wrong with it. If we pretend that it's all history and not still rampant in this country it won't get better. Wake up

  43. Chris Conley says:

    Connie DeWitt You are correct. I agree. But its the Media's fault for portraying it like that. Not a race of people or persons. So many other cultures have taken from the African American/ black culture. They dont give any sort of recognition for it. Its only a bigger deal because its white and black. And that is wrong. You should not blame someone for taking something and making it popular. Its not that persons fault. Its what the Media and Society put out. I say the finger is being pointed in the wrong direction.

  44. We as individuals need to accept our roles in perpetuating such a society. We

  45. Philip McCorkle, in America, the term "black" is used to refer to both race and culture– both combined and individually and this is why it is a very difficult topic. In this case it's about culture, not race.

    Racially, you don't have to be "Afro-American" to be black. You can be Afro-Cuban, Afro-Panimanian, Afro-British (Idris Elba for example), etc. Being of the African diaspora or sharing "an approximate level of pigment in your skin" as you put it (though this is based on a common history/origin) is what makes all of these groups black, racially.

    However, CULTURALLY, they are all very different, the same way a Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican are different culturally. Yes, there are similarities, but there are also a variety of differences though they are all under the Latin and even Caribbean umbrella.

    Based on history, common experiences, general location, etc. Black American culture, the topic at hand, is very much appropriated for profit. While there is no direct ownership, per se, there is a sense of such and pride because of the creation of certain things and their development overtime. Example, "stepping" is a part of black culture that has roots in slavery (I know this is an unpopular topic but, facts are what they are an slavery happened in the Americas– USA included, everybody deal with it). The same way that capoeira, which is of Afro-Brazilian culture, began/has its roots in the same way– enslavement of African people. The "ownership" is not based on race as far as sharing the same general complexion/pigmentation, but based on sharing a similar history that, factually and honestly and somewhat ironically, is based on race. How? Because, Africans were enslaved in the Americas.

  46. Chris Conley But the media and society are run by what group? White males. And that's being honest. Minorities of all races, even women are marginalized in America. And there's the thing about money, as Connie stated. Because, in the end, in capitalistic America, that's what matters. And, yes, "History is in the past for a reason" and that reason is to be a lesson, but no lessons can be learned if people refuse to acknowledge or have a discussion. I'm not about dwelling, but the first step is admittance and, in general, people haven't admitted which is why society really hasn't gotten that far.

  47. Chelsey A. Faulk Just remember Sis, that a parasite NEEDS a host. Not just pop culture–but ALL that they claim as civilization & culture can be traced back to Black people–look at the layout of DC..the washington monument is nothing but a Kemetic tekken, look at the symbolism on the dollar..the US flag symbols–all taken from ancient Kemet…their religion..christianity & all other organized religions–taken from black people..there is really NOTHING that didn't originate at some point with US. That is why they are so scared of having to compete with us on a level playing field–because they know if black people are left to our own devices without hindrance..they not only COULD NOT compete with us, they wouldn't even make it into the stadium. Look at what former slaves did during reconstruction–JUST OUT OF SLAVERY & black wall this is why they never leave us alone and follow us everywhere we go like some stray dog. And why they must keep us in a perpetual state of psychological terror and distracted. It's all really simple when you understand who/what we really are as a people.

  48. Some people have a difficult time understanding a situation until you put it in terms that they may be able to relate to. So let's say for instance: you work at a company and you have a meeting about how to grow the business and reach out so that more people will enjoy your product. You make a suggestion/idea and everyone in the meeting laughs at you and tells you how stupid your idea is and they continue to tease you about it for the remainder of the week. Then you find out that the manager in that meeting takes your idea to the CEOs and upper management and they love the idea, they give the manager a bonus, a promotion, and an article in Forbes for taking the company to Fortune 500 status and this type of incident has happened repeatedly in the past and you have never been given credit for any of it and are tired of it.
    All black people are saying is don't ridicule us for doing something because it doesn't immediately appeal to you, then turn around and praise it because someone white is doing the same thing that we've been doing for years. When black people wear braids, they're "ghetto" and "thugs". When white people wear braids, its "urban fashion" and "a great new look". When Blacks rap, you can't understand what they're saying and wonder why anyone would want to listen to that type of music. When whites rap, its OMG the song is so catchy and it shoots to the top of the Billboard charts when I can pretty much guarantee that a black person produced it and has probably written the lyrics the white person is rapping. It seems like anything down by a white person is so much better now that the white person is doing it. But white people have been Columbusing (I got that from a comment I read above lol) for years and I don't expect it to change anytime soon

  49. It's pretty hypocritical that a 'black' woman like Amandla Stenberg makes a video trashing white people for adopting 'black culture' while she's wearing her own hair like Bettie Page! Not to mention Azealia's bone-straight purple hair. It's obvious that she herself stole that look from some 'white devil'. As for Amandla's closing remarks about 'loving black people', maybe she would do well to tell that to the black community, who murders each other by the thousands for things like cell phones and the hippest sneakers everyday in America. But what do I know. I'm obviously a 'racist white devil', myself.

  50. It's pretty hypocritical that a 'black' woman like Amandla Stenberg makes a video trashing white people for adopting 'black culture' while she's wearing her own hair like Bettie Page! Not to mention Azealia's bone-straight purple hair. It's obvious that she herself stole that look from some 'white devil'. As for Amandla's closing remarks about 'loving black people', maybe she would do well to tell that to the black community, who murders each other by the thousands for things like cell phones and the hippest sneakers everyday in America. But what do I know. I'm obviously a 'racist white devil', myself.

  51. You kind of miss the point…. she may have culturally appropriated a trend in your eyes but that the group it may be traditional to is not looked down upon for doing it. What she is saying is in the media when a person of colour does something linked to their culture they are perceived negatively for it in a lot of instances for doing something traditional to them but when a person of another race does it they are usually glorified and benefit monetarily at times for the exact thing the other was called down for doing even though it is withing their own tradition. You can look to red carpet and fashion commentaries for proof of that. It is somewhat saying I love what you can do but not necessarily you or doing it. What is the difference between that and the inventions of an engineer being patented to his demise by another who receives the fame and royalities in his place? And really I am not American but from having to take a human rights class for my LLB I learnt that white on white homicide has only a 9% difference to black on black; I guess people conveniently forget the facts around them aye? -_-

  52. Shani Daniel-Hazel The main reason Whites adopt Black culture today is because we are encouraged to do so, and we are strongly DIScouraged from celebrating our own. When we try, we're called 'racists' and 'intollerant'. I don't believe Blacks are having the same trouble. Quite the opposite, actually. You're encouraged to celebrate yours and my theory is backed up by the vast numbers of Black Culture courses in every college in America. How many are there for White people? Zero. Whites can't even have something as simple as a student union. As for your crime stats, Here are some for you. Given your education, I'm sure you're familiar with them:

    *According to the CDC, The #1 cause of death for Black males between the ages of 15-34 is homicide by Black males.

    *Blacks commit more violent crime against Whites than against other Blacks. 45% of the victims of violent crime by blacks are whites, 43 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic.

    * Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, eight times more likely to commit robbery and three times more likely to use a gun in a crime.

    * “Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

  53. Michael Myke D Deaton The problem isn't celebrating cultural devices among races though. It is about the response that one is given to it as I spoke of in my intitial comment. And I don't think it is fair to say you are discouraged when parents of the minority still feel the need to lobby for representation in the toy industry so much that people hv started producing them on a personal level. It's sad that they still feel the need to do the same for tv shows (although I must admit it is alot better than when I was a kid which was not that long ago) so that there children can grow up in a different environment where things seem more level. This shouldn't even have to be an issue to talk about much less lobby.
    Those affrocentric courses stemmed from the fact the even in history classes the major thing pertaining to blacks offered in general world history was slavery. I guess in in an attempt to address something that was pretty much non-existent by creating syllabi pertaining to it, what already was heavily in place wasn't developed alongside it which in reality is a bit of a shame. My grandmother and even my parents were not exposed to many positive attributes concerning African / the African Diaspora's contributions to world history much less on a local scale; even my family members in the USA and EU share that experience in common. These courses arose because of a deficiency not out of thin air; things are usually in place because of something that happened before.
    I don't quite understand why you are spitting these statistics at me because yes as you stated I am actually quite familiar with them and never purported that they do not exist. For me the problem I had regarding your initial statement regarding criminal activity was the comparison you made, which was a seemingly deliberate attempt at making it seem as though that same issue isn't just as hefty and issue for any other group.
    Coming from a creole background where I hear differing arguments and a slightly different society there is much to be desired in my opinion in multiple aspects because I simply do not believe that either side is completely correct in how these matters are addressed. But satisfaction along those lines will be hard to come by because of all the different ideologies and personalities within races. I may never truly understand what either side experiences because I do not live there nor was I raised there but I travel a lot and the things that I have experienced, seen and am bombarded with by mass media and social media is just filled with too much negativity coming from spectra.

    Anywhoooo back to my prep for finals.

  54. Very interesting. I don't actually follow pop culture so I didn't know about Katy Perry and whoever the guys were–appropriating black culture.

    I guess I thought it was just a fad. I remember Katy Perry getting some flack about her video–but I never went and checked it out.

    I do know all about the police brutality problems. I've been following that for a long time. That mattered more to me than some idiot's music video.

    I would really just like to see…I dunno–rather than everyone tearing each other apart….if we could all just work together. Someone's actions for me–are about their personality. Not their race. And I love jazz and blues—but they have a very different association than hip hop. But it's about the personality of the person using it, I guess. I mean, my white cousin's black boyfriend ran out as soon as she ended up pregnant. He's an asshole—but black men are not.

    I suppose its like gender equality. Some men are macho arrogant dicks. But not all men are. Just the jerkoffs.

    Kids who are white, black, brown, whatever—they all deal with poverty, abuse and hate. Though racism is very toxic and its a different category, definitely.

    I think though–that with each new generation, we are making strides. I was in the military, I served alongside folks from every blend of ethnicities. I never once had an issue. I'm still friends with some of those people.

    Society has come a long way in a 150 years. Considering what the thousands of years previous were like. This stuff isn't undone overnight. It will be slow—but progress will be made.

  55. Everyone in every part of the world of every color and creed has been doing that for years.

  56. Anna Victorious Let's not forget the horrible shit done IN EVERY OTHER PART OF THE WORLD. It's not "white/Europeans" that are the problem. It's human nature that is the problem. Quit trying to stir up racial tensions and recognize that the very things that you are condemning others of, you are guilty of, too.

  57. Yeah, Jay…………. The whole of modern civilization is all because of "black" people. You are so god damned right.

    Fugging derp^2

  58. Kyumani Luna says:

    I'm upset that everyone misses the point this girl is trying to make to support their own tired and naive views. She is not saying non blacks shouldn't have the right to indulge in our culture. We would just like for them to not use it as an accessory that is only beautiful or appropriate when they wear it. We want those who pretend to represent a "hood" or "hip" style to stand by us when we march for the right to not be discriminated against or killed by bigots. Its not that we can't hold our own but any small support helps. How will they know what they're doing is unacceptable in the public eye if our big stars won't acknowledge it? The topic of hair being discriminated against hits close to home when you're in a military organization that attacked black women wearing fros and braids that abided by regulations; meanwhile a white woman can rock the puffiest unkempt curly hair they want, braids(That ARE out of regulations), and not be questioned whenever they have a new hairstyle. Culture appropriation is disgusting. Its sad that a child has to school adults on the definition of this word and why it isn't okay.

  59. LMAO. Once again, he (and others like him) have COMPLETELY missed the point. Perhaps if you listen to Connie, you'll get it…perhaps. *side eye and sigh*.

  60. Michael Myke D Deaton AND What school did you actually go to and WHAT country are you living in? Every DAY is about White History. We know everyone's DNA trace s back to Africa AND YET at my school the history books we used always started off with America and its European forefathers. We barely even covered ANY African, Asian, or Hispanic culture that spanned more than 2 paragraphs at any given time. I went to private Catholic school my whole life having to stare at a Jesus that looks like Matthew McConaughey…as IF that's ethnically correct. Aside from the fact that everything in America is geared towards White culture, the MAIN issue people have with "White pride" is that it mostly comes with the sentiment of (for example) "I'm White AND BETTER THAN YOU." If you all could do something like "I'm German and proud" AND leave it at that…fine, but NO. Most "white pride" sentiment almost always has to slam other races…THAT IS THE PROBLEM…well, one of MANY.

  61. Michael Myke D Deaton As for the "stats" you mentioned above, you can't take one little slice without looking at the ENTIRE history…you're looking at violence today without asking "WHAT/WHY is this occurring in present day?" Let me break it down in a history that you'll respect since it's white on white *smirk* What if I said "Northern Irish men were 20 times likely to murder British men?" At a glance that would sound terrible…BUT what if we were to look at the historical context of how the British treated the Irish for 800 yrs? Suddenly, that stat has relevant context. I'm NOT excusing violence by any means, I'm just saying you can't take a little slice as "proof" without looking at the whole pie…human behavior has a motivator and if we want to change negative behavior to good, we MUST look at the cause from start to finish, not just in media res.

  62. Last time I checked, this is 2015, and we (at least I) live in America. To even hint at an excuse saying blacks murder whites at an all-time high today because there was once slavery 250 yrs ago, is appauling and a cop-out. But for the sake of arguement, lets say okay. BUT, why are blacks ALSO murdering other blacks at an all-time high, as well? Can slavery be used as an excuse for this, too? I don't think so. Until people start getting real about the REAL reasons we have so much black violence today, and stop with all this nonsense and psychobabble, the problem WILL only get worse. No one is "out to get" the black man/woman today. Actually, blacks have more opportunity today than at any other time in the world's history! Another interesting stat is that blacks are also the #1 cause of violent crime against gays. Did gays also own slaves, or are they just really easy targets for black predators today? And you bring up the media. Actually, the media has a policy to leave race out of 99% of ALL reports where blacks are the perpetrators. Ever notice key words like, "A group of teens" or "Witnesses say that up to 100 PEOPLE were attacking OTHER PEOPLE"? But when a NON-black person is the perpetrator, they are called out in a BIG way! For example, George Zimmerman isn't even white, but every news report and headline read, 'White man kills black teen'. Yeah, the media is DEFINITELY biased. But not in the way you want to believe. In fact, the popular belief is that whites are running around murdering blacks because that's all people see on the news. When blacks commit crimes like 'polar bear hunting' or 'the knockout game', it's ignored. Why? Because it's considered "racism" to tell the truth today, and this pathetic fact needs to be dealth with.

  63. Kyumani, what in the hell are you talking about? What "discrimination" is she addressing? The only discrimination I'm hearing about —IS THE CRAP PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARE SAYING THAT WHITE PEOPLE AREN'T ALLOWED TO DO, BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE—. White people wearing cornrows isn't "discrimination". Saying that white people can't wear them 'cause they're white, IS DISCRIMINATION.

  64. Connie DeWitt – Madam, if you think a hairstyle "belongs" to any group of people that share a common skin tone, then you are, in fact, a racist. Derp.

  65. They disagree. Plain and simple. Why is that sad that someone has a different opinion than your own? Are you really that arrogant that you think your opinion is the only true, correct opinion and cannot possibly be wrong?

    As for feeling hurt… Why would YOU feel hurt that some white girl is wearing dreads or cornrows? What the hell is wrong with you?

  66. Kyumani Luna says:

    Lmao. If that is all you grasped from the video there is no point in me breaking it down to you again. I'm not a caring enough person to cater to someone who is brain dead. My apologies.

  67. Kyumani Luna says:

    If you feel up to it. You could always read my post up there at the top. A little reading comprehension test for you. ☺

  68. Once again you are missing the mark and again there's no point in trying to explain something to someone who does not care. When in my statement did I ever say I'm upset about a difference of opinion or I'm always right or being hurt because a white girl is wearing locs? Maybe you should learn how to read

  69. As I see it, you're the one who is salty about my opinion so maybe you should ask yourself why YOU are so butthurt

  70. @Philip McCorkle you seem hurt by what I say lol, too bad I'm not torn up to give a shit. Like I said, I'm not in the business of educating anything to you because your privilege forever blinds you. I am in the business of making my people fully aware of our situation and this young sistah has done just that in this video so eloquently. 🙂

  71. Teddy Ward says:

    Nice business analogy. Slow people will remain because they can't see past the words. Kudos again. The example was funny as hell because I am a business person but it got the point across to some people.

  72. Lisa Cox says:

    Interesting how quickly you got off topic from the discussion of the video? What was your point, again?

  73. Lisa, if you got lost, read the entire conversation.

  74. Kam Henry says:

    Philip McCorkle your a total ignorant twat.

  75. Kam Henry says:

    your soo ignorant you make my blood boil and how dare you say we black people you slavery as an excuse! you are one of many ignorant denial racist white people that seem to think that if black people speak up about issues such as racism and people using our culture and exploiting it and police brutality we are seen as a problem or were just playing the race card when have you ever stopped for a moment in your narrow mind maybe there is real issues.

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