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38 thoughts on “Paul Mooney Makes A Really Interesting Argument On Why White America Only Likes Black People To Be A Certain Way

  1. TOTALLY AGREE!!……. If white america doesn't want us to play the "race card" then it should STOP giving us valid reasons to do so. White america seems to be under the illusion that they get to decide what is racist, and what is not, and that African Americans need to first obtain their permission before discussing race. NIETHER IS TRUE!!!!!!

  2. On point as always. They ain't ready for Paul Mooney.

  3. Suave Marve says:

    "They don't wanna play anymore" Lmao

  4. Poxy Walker says:

    If you don't like hearing the raw truth….don't listen to Mr. Mooney. Those who truly don't like him only has a problem with the truth so living Lies comforts them. This goes anyone who live a life full of lies.

  5. Tonya Rolf says:

    Love, Love, Love, This Man <3.

  6. It's been this way for a long time and yet we're still here.

  7. Roy Roberts says:

    Excuse me! What the HELL are you talking bout? Come back to planet Earth please…

  8. Jaywon Baker says:

    By playing the white card, a lot of money have been made. So if playing the white card gets me keys to that Bugatti, then lets make money

  9. Moira Faulds says:

    Saying "white America" is like saying "black America" it's a wild generalization and racist to boot. It doesn't matter who is the racist…racism is racism.

  10. Kwesi Saku says:

    majority of america is white…and only whites can be racist.

  11. Heru Salmon says:

    Kwesi Saku Great Post.

  12. Heru Salmon says:

    He is on point.

  13. They have a White privledge Card, Why can't we have a Race Card?

  14. Lenn Liggins says:

    Hollywood might be racist and Democrat, however, blacks vote totally for people who run Hollywood and the Democrat party. So why complain.

  15. Seth Barnett says:

    Only whites can be racist? Oh lol smh ignorance

  16. Roy Roberts says:

    Julio Ramos What you mean what? Sounds plain and simple to me!

  17. Roy Roberts says:

    Absolutely! I'm going to have to keep that argument in my ammo pouch!

  18. Chloe Nessl says:

    Seth Barnett White people have set up and are in control of racist systems (financial, educational, judicial, housing, religious, economical, mass media, etc.) that were established to put themselves in a superior position over black people and other people of color and to maintain this position of superiority in order to keep black, brown people in an inferior position. Is this not the definition of racism? Are you mistaking simple bigotry or prejudice for racism?

  19. saying white america or black america isn't racist, it's the context that matters. In this context it isn't racist, it's an acknowledgment of the fact that what is considered white in america is the standard by which all other people are judged. For example, we all know what speaking "black" means but the inverse is speaking "properly", having long straight hair for a black woman is considered the norm but going "natural" can interfere with job placement. What he's saying isn't racist it's just real.

  20. GOOD IDEA! Next time someone use that defense I'll simply say: Okay, let's play ALL the cards.

  21. @Moira Faulds: A) You seem Canadian, so why do you care about generalizations in a country you may not even be in. And B) YES it does matter who is the racist. According to your erroneous definition, me calling you a derogatory name carries the same weight as if you did it to me. History does NOT uphold that. If I call you a name, you can take my job, my residence, and mess with my family or freedom, in not that extreme of a case, whereas you calling me a name invites speculation as to what I did to deserve it and few REAL consequences, (the wrath of twitter notwithstanding,) would come to you. Here's an oldie but a goodie, if you remain unconvinced:

  22. Kwesi Saku says:

    Tell me how white people are oppressed racially

  23. Seth Barnett did blacks make law no whites made the law and laws to oppress them if checked up on history you know this becareful not dig to deep you just might find jesus is black and that real jews are black

  24. Lets not dilute the message with your "racism is racism" point. You just added another card to the deck: the Lets-try-to-detract-from-the-uncomfortable-point card. Deal with the discomfort its the start of a conversation that needs to be had.

  25. Joe Bailey says:

    Feel free to trade in your soul!!!!!

  26. Seth Barnett As a middle aged white guy…yes only whites can be Racist. Racism comes from privilege and power. Everyone can be prejudiced, there is a difference.

  27. Julio Ramos says:

    @ Roy Roberts – what I meant was that I agree there are 52 decks but the cards don't have to be all bad. There is also "you don't know me card " and a "you don't owe me anything because I worked hard for what I have card", I think that the problems that we as minorities are dealing with often is because we are often in the wrong place for the wrong reasons not to say that bad things don't happen but we have to start giving others and ourselves reasons not to discriminate or to be discriminated upon.

  28. Moira Faulds, black people can't be racist. Black do not have the means to keep anything from white people that would be of benefit to white people. On the other hand white people do have that means as a group, while black people do not. White people are the inventors of racism, because they are the ultimate RACIST.

  29. Lenn Liggins, you're one of those black people Paul Mooney was speaking about. I can spot your kind around the corner. Smdh.


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