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9 Devastating Actions White Slave Masters Took to Convert Black People to Christianity

37435The Promise of Heaven

The most important aspect of Christianity for the enslaved was the promise of heaven — a promise made by plantation owners. This idea preached the notion that for all the suffering that is done in the physical world, your soul will be preserved and you will experience a hardship-free spiritual life, according to Slave Resistance, A Caribbean Study. What this did for enslaved Black people was give them hope for the future. Converted enslaved people’s belief in heaven allowed some to passively resist their plantation owners and focus on the afterlife. With that belief, all of the beatings and lashings meant nothing because in heaven the enslaved person would be rewarded and the master would be punished.

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136 thoughts on “9 Devastating Actions White Slave Masters Took to Convert Black People to Christianity

  1. Tony Masando says:

    Not true about some African Countries like those in the South. The white Missionaries were not slave traders but convinced the locals to get land. Once settled they opened schools and thus talked about Christianity. There are no known ancestors from Southern Africa who were enslaved.

  2. That's why I'm atheist.

  3. Tony Masando says:

    The atheist Joseph Stalin sent millions of peasants to slave labor camps.[1.

  4. Tony Masando The King Leopold murdered over 10,000,000 in The Congo!

  5. Oh, don't forget about the christian Adolf Hitler too!

  6. Tony Masando And how many people did "Christians " enslave and murder.

  7. People act like if there wasn't a christ that white people wouldn't have come up with a way to capture blacks, it was the guns! but everybody want to blame Jesus smh.

  8. Corey Hardin says:

    No one is blaming Jesus. The most sensible blacks just wonder why so many of our people love the white man's religion more than the white man himself.

  9. Corey Hardin says:

    The first African slaves were brought to the US on the Good Ship Jesus. Isn't that a historical bit of irony.

  10. Corey Hardin says:

    Tony Masando, Stalin didn't kill in the name of atheism, nor to spread atheism. Stalin killed to solidify his power and to wipe out hold overs from the old regime.

  11. Corey Hardin I wonder why Blacks who know Jesus wasn't white help the white man by telling this lie! I understand Christianity has been white washed but "conscious" brothers would rather spread the lie then to tell that truth. Christianity came from Africa so it was in Africa before the whites but guns weren't.

  12. Keema McCoy says:

    Marcus N Nadine Marshall Actually Adolf Hitler wasn't a Christian, they despised Christians and sent them to the concentration camps like the Jews and Communist. Adolf Hitler and many of his inner circle practice Occultism and were members of a secret society called the Vril!

  13. That part maybe true about the Occultism, but if you read his book, "Mein Kompf", that will clear that up. Also, on the Nazi's belt buckel was inscribed, "Gott Mit Uns", which translates God with us! Some christians actually did stand up aganist him but he was christian!

  14. Tony Masando says:

    I heard about this 1880 War of Congo. That was not God's intention:

    Exodus 20:2-3 (NRSV).

    I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me.

  15. The concept of christianity might have come from Africa, yes! But THAT christianity is white as snow!

  16. Marcus N Nadine Marshall "THAT" Christianity isn't "WESTERN" Christianity is. I understand why the Muslims didn't allow pictures of Muhammad to be painted because people's self pride/ lack of self pride/thirst for self pride makes then relate to the image and not the message.

  17. What does the book of Exodus 20:2-3 have to do with The Congo? God seems to missing in a lot of things through out history! I guess his intentions is get his rocks off watching his children suffer! Fuck'em

  18. Mysta TeeWhy Langston Then become Eastern Orthodox or Ethiopian Orthodox. Any other form of Christianity is not of Africa.

  19. (Or even Rasta.) But Baptist, Methodist, Protestantism in general. Why?

  20. That has nothing to do with that sick ass Christian king!

  21. Howard Chan says:

    Sorry, Keema McCoy, but what you posted sounds like a rehashed variation of a tired ass, right wing xian lie in one of the most laughably bad attempts at trying to make their religion look better than it can ever be. It's astounding how dishonest and/or willfully ignorant right wing xians are with facts such as Hitler never renouncing his Catholicism and the Catholic Chruch never excommunicating him and think they can sell the contradictory claim of Hitler not being a xian!

  22. It's sad that black and brown folks keep defeanding this sick ass religion! And the people that created it! My oh my what short memories y'all have!

  23. Tony Masando says:

    Marcus, I am from Africa. Our ancestors knew about a higher spirit they called "Mwari" or "Wedenga" meaning the one above. They asked for more rain, winning wars, blessings, etc. That was before the white man stepped into our land. We worshiped Him as a spirit that brought good life and good health. When the white man came, we called him "the man with no knees" coz he wore pants. FYI

  24. Most of those enslaved Africans were Muslims. Christians taken Jesus as God. How God can become a man, just like me and you? The other crazy thing is that he don't only become God as Christians said but, he died. 3 different Gods but at the same time 1 God? Can someone explain this for me please?

  25. Ok, your from Africa! Great and? I know our ancestors knew a higher power. But obviously that higher power wasn't doing SHIT when they came and enslaved our black asses! So where is your god now? I'll tell you, he's incognegro (incognito)! FYI

  26. Mysta TeeWhy Langston, Christianity aka European Christianity is white! Stop being a slave and act like you want to be free!

  27. Conrad Nolan says:

    Jesus is way before the enslavement of Africans. Jesus wasn't talking about our earthly Kingdoms, colonies and government. I'm not Religious and neither was Jesus.

  28. Vaughn Bang says:

    Black Christians and Black Cops….wtf? I never got it.

  29. Corey Hardin funny the name was not even jesus.

  30. Wow I wonder if any of disbelievers was on a plane and it was about to crash who would they call on to save them OH GOD OH God save me

  31. Wrong! Who would you call?

  32. Lol not you that's for sure

  33. Well your entitled to your own opinion and I'm entitled to mine. You have your views and I have mine so to each its own

  34. Huh, where is this Christian god that allows such atrocities globally? And the answer to your question,"Where is that higher power?", is that It, is within us, the Black (Wo)Man and Greatest representation of God manifest. It has been driven to the deepest recesses of our souls, hidden because we refuse to acknowledge Its existence and continue to follow barbaric and foreign traditions that are not natural and/or part of us, designed only to maintain power and control. Nothing could be more psychologically damaging then giving slaves an image of themselves as the highest power in the universe. Interestingly, some of the stories the Greeks and Romans stole from Ancient Egpyt (which is Black), have a character similar to Jesus named Heru, but we never murdered him, the Greeks and Romans murdered him, representing us, the Black Man (Male and Female), hence, we died so that they may live, because only through our death, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, and physically, could they rise to power. It is no coincidence that people of African descent have historically and are currently being slaughtered wholesale, globally….So where is our Higher Power? Right there if we choose to look and heed it and leave this oppressive Christianity alone, hell, Jesus and no one in the bible was ever a Christian….

  35. Tony Masando Just one problem, when you quote the babble, and what the babble says is clearly false, you are kind of left standing with no point what so ever looking the right fool.

  36. Tony Masando says:

    Peace on earth. No hard feelings for what u beleive in. It's. Our world, lets make the best of it, life is too short.

  37. Vaughn Bang says:

    Tony Masando Like anything else in history in detail you find more perspective.
    Stalin was raised to be a priest, he also was the one to allow the church again during WW2. HE set up a priestgodd of himself, thanks to Christian training in cult of personality.

  38. Exactly it's amazing what knowledge does to a close minded person

  39. Lee Booth says:

    Vodun is a derivative of the world's oldest known religions which have been around in Africa since the beginning of human civilization.So it is not a fusion of African spirituality and Christianity….

  40. Abu Bamba says:

    Our ancester where muslim

  41. Him SenSai says:

    I just dont understand. Why does it have to be like this in the first place why all the confusion l

  42. Derivative. Modern vodun unfortunately is in fact a merge with Christianity, heavily influenced

  43. the Catholic church sanctioned the transatlantic slave trade entitling explorers to pieces of land in africa that didn't belong to them in the first place.

  44. tay jay looks like it didn't do any good for the believers either smh.

  45. colonialism at its finest. the dutch who settled in parts of south africa who robbed most of the land from africans and now you can find racist camps in africa that don't allow black people in their communities. The irony of racism in africa is too crazy for me.

  46. Tony Masando

    For your kind information, that Stalin you guys seem to love so so much, was a communist.Do you realize that communism in itself is a state religion, in which the supreme leader(and the polit bureau) becomes the defacto 'GOD' of the said nation who demands absolute and unquestioned obedience from the citizens.And those who do not comply, just disappear into thin air, off to either some gulag or a labour camp or in worse case, they are sent to the noose or in front of the firing squad.Sounds quite familiar with someone (or something) you worship, ain't it?
    The point is, he didn't kill anyone in the name of atheism, unlike your kind (or from any other religion for that matter), who killed and raped and pillaged en masse in the name of an imaginary thing.They killed, and still kills thousands upon thousands of men, without an iota of remorse, just because those men refuse to accept and embrace your imaginary friend…………..that petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully as their savior!

    And in any case, Stalin being an atheist is just a lie, spread by your kind.In fact, he was an Easter Orthodox, far from being an atheist.A two minute Google search would have saved you the embarrassment.

  47. Mysta TeeWhy Langston christianity is not an african religion!

  48. Explain please so that I can get an understanding of your comment Jeffery Bradley

  49. Kevin Bruce says:

    Tony Masando atheism is the view that god does not exist or more accurately the lack of belief in god/s. this does not leave and logical road to suggest atheism is the cause of stalins actions. the same can be said of theism. these are not world views they are views on just one point. christianity is a world view and many christains have found justifications for some very horrid things because how they read their book.

    same is true of many religions.

  50. Heyward Johnson so you're saying you're atheist because of what people did in the name of something? I hope everyone in this comments section realizes that people will find a way to do whatever they want in the name of whatever they please so long as it helps them get away with it.

    How many people were (and probably will be ) killed in the name of democracy (demon-cracy) and freedom (free doom)? or in the name of colonialism and the queen? all of these things had ulterior motives behind them, but if you're trying to maintain power then you need a way to control the hearts and minds of your subjects (after all, revolts can lead to civil wars) and make them go along with the program. the iraq/afghanistan wars are a great example of this, all they had to do was replace religion with patriotism/fear and BOOM! same effect.

    just like when people say love will find a way, well greed and lust will find a way. people used religion a lot because it was the most common denominator for the average person, but now a days there are so many choices (patriotism, racism, pseudo moral superiority, classism, etc…) that using religion is not even necessary to commit atrocities that were committed in the name of religion.

  51. I hear garbage that Christianity is the white man's religion, only because you believe what the "white man" told you. Christ never had blonde hair blue eyes!
    If Christ was white they would never have crucified him. Because Christ was the same colour of a slave another reason he had to die. The bible doesn't use the word black to describe man. Cush is the land where Black people came from Ethiopia (Africa) the garden of Eden. The bible is another historical catalogue of truths where the real truth within it are hidden.

  52. I am an atheist because I understand the brainwashing and bullchit forced upon Black slaves that allowed White folks to brainwash and abuse them. It still works today, I don't give a damn about an "afterlife"and being let in another White man kingdom this one has been plenty for me. If you chose to believe in the White man's God and endorse White Supremacy that's your choice, I chose differently.

  53. Our ancestors were from various countries and tribes within the Great Continent, we cannot say from certain where they came from in Africa what tribe they were from, what language they spoke or if they practiced any religion at all.Lets keep this real okay, the history books is very clear how the enslavement of Africans happened.

  54. @heyward since when did we start trusting history books?

  55. True Hunt says:

    Tony Masando You do realize atheism is not a monolith….

  56. True Hunt says:

    LOL… so if they're hidden, how do you know of them?

  57. True Hunt says:

    Muslims enslaved and converted Africans just the same as Christians… if not more.

  58. Marcus N Nadine Marshall Sure your history is not skewed. Marcus, by what yardstick was Adolph Hitler Christian? You're just plain wrong here. The Nazi regime was atheistic. Doesn't matter that Europe was a Christian land – Christ doesn't have "grandchildren," no, only children and a "Christian" IS as a Christian. But if that makes you feel of hate for Christianity more palatable and justified – sure go for it. But it is simply not true. Not up on Leopold but the same standard holds – you will know Christians by their love and absent that – you don't have Christians – maybe CINOs but not real Christians.

  59. John Allen says:

    so I guess the white American establishment have NEVER been Christian by your logic…

  60. Christianity has been in Africa longer than most parts of Europe. Mainly East Africa, but Christianity wasn't that foreign to West Africans either, since many of them were Muslim. Many Ethiopians have been Christians for thousands of years. If you were Muslim in those days, you would have at least heard of Christianity. Also, Marcus Garvey, the father of Black nationalism, WAS A CHRISTIAN! However, his philosophy was different. The same can be said for members of the Nation of Islam. Their Muslims, but their philosophy is different from most Muslims worldwide as it caters more towards the Black American struggle. My point is that its not the religion that the problem, its the philosophy behind the religion that does the real damage. There's nothing wrong with the Bible or the Koran as a book. However, its the interpretation of these books that causes people to do bad things. However, you can interpret holy books in a way that would influence people to do good. It's almost like the airplane. You can use it to fly people from place to place or you can use it to drop a bomb on people. In other words, the power is in your hands and not the church.

  61. Oh. By the way. All cops aren't bad cops. The question you need to ask yourself is why we can't police our own communities? When Black cops can't effectively police their own neighborhoods, you know we got a serious problem.

  62. Most of the enslaved Africans weren't Muslim. Secondly, there were many Muslim Africans sold non-Muslim Africans more than the vise versa. This is not an attack on Islam, but the truth. Christians were involved in slavery, but so was the rest of the freaking world. Slavery back then was like the equivalent of our modern day prison system, debt system, cheap labor system, draft and social welfare system all rolled into one.

    Many criminals were sentenced to slavery as opposed to jail. Many people who defaulted on their loans were forced to work it off (slavery). There were no credit bureaus back then. Many people volunteered themselves into slavery because they couldn't find work and food (a la indentured servitude). Indentured servitude was the welfare of its time. Many people were forced to join their military and could be forcibly sent anywhere in the world to fight (modern day draft). This is how many POW's became slaves. There were no orphanages in those days. What do you think happen to abandoned children? They were more than likely placed into some form of slavery. Widow, battered women, runaways, women labelled whores all found themselves in one way or another into some form of slavery.

    My point is that, just like the world that we live in today, the world of antebellum slavery was more complicated than you can ever imagine.

  63. "If you chose to believe in the White man's God and endorse White Supremacy that's your choice, I chose differently" never said I was christian nor do I understand how anyone could reason that I support white supremacy from my comment. I know the vile history (and current practices) of christianity.

    my issue is with people over simplifying white supremacy. If people believe that the greatest problem to overcome with white supremacy is christianity then we have a bigger problem than we think.

  64. You are saying that Jesus was "the same color of a slave" as if all blacks were slaves back then. And the reason he died was because he was Black? Last time I checked Rome was an empire, like the US, who ruled over various people of different races, including Africans. I don't think they saw race the same way we see it today. Either you were Roman or you weren't. However, last time I read the Bible, Rome only crucified Jesus because his own people wanted him killed. I don't recall the Isrealites being White and their slaves being Black.

  65. Also, Ethiopia (Aksum?), Egypt (Kemet), Cush (Nubia?) and even Africa are all European constructs place on cultures who have already identified their own selves and their own lands. All of this nonsense of Cush, Africa and Ethiopia are all medieval labels, based off of a fictional book. Because Europeans were very unfamiliar with the continent, they used the Bible as a way to identify certain natives who had similar attributes and geography. Over time, as Europeans became more dominant in the region, these native began to take on these identities as a way to make themselves legit under the twisted European/White supremacy. Yet, you still want to believe that Cush actually existed?

  66. Jean Paul Saintil The dutch didn't rob the land of South Africa. They settle a lot of unclaimed territory and spend most of their time protecting it from local nations like the Zulu and Xhosa, who had very aggressive war campaigns. I'm not saying that the Dutch weren't aggressive and towards certain natives. However, they were powerless against the bigger and more established black populations like the Zulus. My point is that South Africa in those days were fair game and various groups, black and white were fighting each other. However, in the end, the Black nations as well as the Dutch all ended up losing to the British. Then decades later, the Afrikaner Dutch ended up fighting the British for control of the entire region. The Afrikaners won. Did the Afrikaners still South Africa from the British?

    The moral of this story is that if you really want land and resources, you either purchase it, trade for it or fight for it. No one's going to give your anything. This why people declare war. There's no such thing as stealing when you are in war. In war you are either taking something and/or protecting something. If Blacks want Africa back, they will have to take it back. It as simple as that.

  67. A heaven to high, a hell to low, a devil that's to spooky, lets wake up black people these are the games the enemy has played on us for 400 years and will continue to play if we do not unite. None of these games are reality, heaven and hell are states of being. Cold as hell, hot as hell. Black woman heaven, white woman hell. When I say black woman heaven brothers I mean give her and yourself a chance to love one another because an enemy has come between us and made us enemies of one another, it's called warfare. That's way they will never teach us the science of war.

  68. Patrick Croatia you sure your history isn't skewed? One your not making any type of logical come back! So get your facts straight! Second, those christian devils professed the christian faith which makes them christian. Now weather they believed in it only they know! Oh, please stop saying Hitler weasand the Nazi where atheist! Gott Mit Uns was on their belts (God With Us)!

  69. Patrick Croatia you sure your history isn't skewed? One your not making any type of logical come back! So get your facts straight! Second, those christian devils professed the christian faith which makes them christian. Now weather they believed in it only they know! Oh, please stop saying Hitler and the Nazi where atheist! Gott Mit Uns was on their belts (God With Us)!

  70. True Hunt says:

    William DafamilyMan Brown you have obviously never read the Bible nor the Quran from cover-to-cover… that's #1. Marcus Garvey knew that Christianity was formed at the Council of Nicea by bishops that voted on which pagan influences should and should not be included… that's #2. The Christianity in Ethopia and other parts of Northern Africa predates the Bible. So whatever form that Christianity was, it had nothing to do with the Christianity that we have today. Those were Gnostic Christians. And lastly, if man can use the bible as a weapon for good or bad, then the maker of the book didn't do a good job and most certainly was not omniscient.

  71. Christianity is a mockup religion.. perverted and errant.. it's not the same as the religious practices of our forefathers.. stop telling that lie and do some real research. The word "Jew" in Hebrew is "Yehudi" of which is malapropism for Djheuti.. the last of the Neteru. There is no record of an Ancient Israel.

  72. True Hunt #1 I have read the bible cover to cover. Not the Quran though. #2 Whether Garvey knew about the Council of Nicea or not, he was still a stanch Christian. #3 You just proved my point regarding changing the philosophy of religion. Ethiopia (or Aksum) had Christianity first and their own version of the Bible (Greek Vulgate). Then the Romans, under Constantine change the philosophy and rearranged the books. Then the Catholic Church change the philosophy and created their own version of the Bible (Latin Vulgate). Then Martin Luther created his own version translated in German (the Luther Bible). Then British created the King James version that's the most widely used Bible today. Then the Jehovah witness created the New World Translation. The Mormons have the Book of Mormon. So on and so forth. History is littered with individuals and/or organizations who manipulated the holy books of the world for their own purpose.

    All I am saying is that Blacks need to start interpreting these holy books for themselves like Messenger did with the Quran. However, since the majority of us are Christian, then maybe we need to focus on changing our philosophy of Christianity instead. Some people call it Black liberation theology. I call it re-appropriation. The Romans did it. The Roman Catholic Church did it. The Germans did it. The English did. The Mormons did it. Why can't we do it? We've already done it with the Quran and it has produced a number of positive things for our community. Its about time we take the next step and determine our own destiny by taking ownership of our spirituality. Instead of waiting on their Jesus, lets start interpreting Jesus for ourselves.

  73. True Hunt says:

    William DafamilyMan Brown Why on EARTH would you sit down… and try to create your own philosophy around a book that's been piecemealed together? What makes you such a slave to this piece of literature? If man has been able to manipulate it to such a degree that there are no original manuscripts left to it… what is the purpose? It is clearly not the word of God, since he couldn't even control a simple book. I could go to Barnes and Noble and pick out better literature!

    You are a slave to the slavemaster's religion… unless you are a Gnostic Christian. And if you are a Gnostic Christian, then you don't need the bible because they didn't have it either.

    What is the value of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy…………………………

  74. Marcus, they did not. "Some Nazis, such as Hans Kerrl, who served as Hitler's Minister for Church Affairs, believed Christianity could be Nazified into "Positive Christianity", by renouncing its Jewish origins, the Old Testament and Apostle's Creed, and holding Hitler as a new "Messiah". Hitler himself believed that in the long run, National Socialism and religion would not be able to co-exist, but was prepared temporarily to restrain some of his more radical instincts out of political considerations. " To lazy to go beyond wiki citation today but there is a ton of stuff that comports to the same. Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand. Hitler as Messiah. is NOT Christianity sorry. Unless words don't have meanings, then yes, in your bizzarro world of words are whatever you say they mean. I can call myself "muslim" but if I don't observ the faiith, if I despise praying towards Mecca and keep none of the tenants of the faith am I then a 'muslim,' simply by proclamation. Sorry, Christ did not die to have HIS name associated with the likes of Hitler, you blaspheme if that is your suggestion, no Christians that I know would claim Hitler as a brother in faith, just as no Muslim would claim me, despite my plea for acceptance without consonant actions. It just doesn't work that way. Why do you hate the Lord Jesus that much to make such an outlandish accusation.

  75. I did say he claimed! Weather he actually was only his heart knows! But he acted like other "christians" before him, like a xenophobe vicious monsters bent on world domination! If your Jesus was real, no he wouldn't have approved of Hitlers actions! But one Jesus rightfully know Yeshua ben Yosef and Miriam was not a christian. Nor did he start the religion! If you can find in the gospel where he did, please let me know. Secondly, you christ only died for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Third, fuck Israel! Jesus didn't come to save the world!

  76. What else is there except folklore?

  77. The Greatest (Love) Story Ever Told: He died as per God's desire to reconcile the world and mankind back unto Himself, because of the sin of Adam (the first man,) as we can see that Christ is the fulfillment the OT prophesies as sin demanded propitiation, e.g., Isiah 53 and others

  78. Corey Hardin The victory of Christianity in Europe, over the Goths, Vandals, Genghis Kahn, Greek systems of philosophy, and Rome itself, Ottoman's, and it's the domination of it's scientific, (Church spawns the first Universities) cultural and economic systems, is perhaps why you, Corey, are referring to Christiantiy as "white man's religion." That is the true power of Christianity metaphysically and also an accident of history more than being the product of the mind and the genius of the quite possibly often hapless white man. Semitic peoples of the Holy land, are they 'white?" Only by the definition of some. Was Peter a "white man," Paul? But the Ethiopian and Alexandrian Churches are just as old, and the Apostle Thomas goes to India at the same time to establish the worldwide "catholic" Apostolic (traced directly to an Apostle) Churches, St. Augustine and many of the Fathers and ancient saints of the Church, even Popes, are African. IOW, if Christianity can infuse the "so called" white race with such a power as to dominate the world in so many arenas as much as blacks dominate football, entertainment and basketball, just think what it can do if truly embraced by the dark skinned races. I don't think it has, historically, hurt the Ethiopians, to have been, from the time of Jesus, mostly Christian, do you? They, nor the Copts in Egypt, are not the product of European missionaries bent on domination. Accept Jesus as King of King, Lord of Lords, (he is that or the greatest charlatan the world has ever known) and let Him save you AND empower your life or wallow in your (deserved and understandable) hatred toward those who have done misdeeds in His name.

  79. Patrick Croatia, I saw that you wrote something but I don't see it. Do you mind posting it again.

  80. Beautifully written, I'll admit but wrong! The christian religion is a disease that needs to be eradicated! It has caused way more harm than good! Look at all the non European countries that has christian/catholic (same damn thing) as it's national religion! They 3rd world countries! It wasn't meant for them! So now in 2015 EUROPE is kicking christianity to the curb! I know I live there (Germany). England is doing the same too! Scandinavia, being religious is almost funny! Jesus isn't coming back ok. So let's hang up that old bronze age type of thinking and usher in the age of logic and reason!

  81. Mysta TeeWhy Langston christianity itself was established on a lie and stolen from ancient africa. All ancient african beliefs and artifacts and culture out date christianity by thousands of years. Since its birth religion has kept people separated, ignorant, and controlled.

  82. Exactly…nuff said… sometimes I wonder if those that try to deny the Christian faith even realize what they are saying…Evil lies in all men…and any man that enslaves people is NOT a Christian..just because he says he is doesn't mean you suppose to be dumb enough to believe…

  83. First of all, I'm not Christian or Muslim. I'm not even religious. Secondly, Christianity is not even the slave master's religion. Christianity, like you said, has been around longer than slavemaster and Europeans. Thirdly, Gnostic Christians do read the bible and they have their own version and interpretation of the Bible, its called the Gnostic Text. Gnostics have texts that are not even in most Bibles. They are actually a good example of what the hell I'm talking about.

    Lastly, you are not making a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…You are interpreting the damn book for yourself as it relates to your own cultural needs. It's not submission, it call re-appropriation. Look the word up. All religions fundamentally preach the same shit anyway, there just a difference in philosophy. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all the same religions, come from the same region, who worship the same God, who follow the same Prophets, excepted for Jesus and Muhammad and practically have the same books or stories. The only difference between these religions are ideological differences. As much as I dislike religion, I've come to realize that you can't convince most people to stop practicing their religion. Its too much apart of who they are. Therefore, if I can't change who people worship, then lets focus on what's wrong with their philosophy.

    Its called strategy. Black people need to stop thinking emotionally and stop thinking more strategically. That's what all the great leaders of the past did. If you can't stop a freight train from coming, then do the next best thing and become its conductor. In other words, if you can't beat it, CONTROL IT. That's what real leaders do.

  84. So you're an "atheist" because of what some White enslavers did to their victims, despite the fact that your ancestors who were not slaves were most likely NOT "atheists"? Hmmnn interesting.

  85. Marcus N Nadine Marshall common religion the above men practiced- The religion of Racism/White Supremacy. Forget the religions they PROFESSED.. look at what they PRACTICED.

  86. William DafamilyMan Brown Christianity was forced on the JEWS of Ethiopia when one of their kings abandoned Torah and took up christianity and made it the national religion. He converted based on his interactions with a European if I recall correctly. The Ethiopians had the Torah/Tanakh and original teachings of the Israelites for centuries before christianity was invented and therefore didn't even NEED this new religion that had been crafted by Constantine and the Roman empire by mixing pagan teachings and theologies etc. with those of the Hebrew people.

  87. I have seen NO evidence at ALL that "Most slaves were Muslims" do you have any Abdikane Duale? And another question… WHO WERE THEY BEFORE ISLAM SWEPT INTO WEST AFRICA? They were not Muslims then.. what were they?

  88. The Christian New Testament was never a part of the bible that any Jew used or found authorative until "the white man" THE ROMANS made it so. Everything that was in it was approved and chosen by THEM. It doesn't matter what color you paint the mythical demi-god of Paul in the NT. The crafting of the religion and it's doctrines come from the Romans /Constantine's authority.. they were not an African people. This is not an African theology/religion.

  89. William DafamilyMan Brown The Jewish court did NOT go to the pagan, idolatrous Roman oppressors to make decisions for their court. They would have NEVER gone to the Romans to decide or execute judgement on religious matters. The Romans were beneath them spiritually. The NT claim is bogus. And the populous of the subjected Jews would not be appealing to the Romans to handle their religious matter. When you understand Jewish culture, societal structures and law, the assertion of the NT is laughable.

  90. William DafamilyMan Brown "All of this nonsense of Cush, Africa and Ethiopia are all medieval labels, based off of a fictional book" WRONG! Cush, Africa, Ethiopia existed and were written about OUTSIDE of the Torah/Tanakh THOUSANDS OF YEARS before any European classified any ages or any period of time as "mideival"…LOL How about the descendants of Cush KNEW they were themselves and never needed any White people to tell them who they are! lol.

  91. True Hunt says:

    "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God's truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before in the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice…. And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people…. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom to-day this poor people is plundered and exploited."

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech in Munich on 12 April 1922.

    Hitler remained a Catholic all his life, and the Catholic Church never excommunicated him.

  92. Mysta TeeWhy Langston The "Christianity" that people practice today and have been practicing since the 4th century, ABSOLUTELY DID NOT COME FROM AFRICA.. it came from ROME.

  93. Absolutely NOT ALL OF THEM were Muslims.. and before they were Muslims they were something else.. what was that?

  94. True Hunt says:

    Only an imbecile would think that they have to ride the train of religion. Do you see us adopting pagan rituals and beliefs? No. There are whole European nations that are atheistic and secular. Only those who are lacking live their lives based on a philosophical view of religion. Minds well be a Christian….

  95. Heyward Johnson you can make that argument for majority of history before the T.V. it's either history book or folklore which sometimes can be the same. A lot of these theories "debunking" that Jesus existed are just as reliable as the story being debunked.

  96. @marcus Good thing for Germany, when they live in peace then you can tell me how disastrous God is.

  97. The original man is black, according to your line of thinking, great, so all are black, because every tribe is, at its root, black. So, why the dichotomy. The Jews still don't accept the NT because they don't recognize Jesus as Messiah. Hello? How is that part NEWS? Mythical demi-god. Definitely not. Paiul, all man, scourged, imprisoned, ship wrecked, admitted former persecutor of the gospel and therefore Jesus himself, at the end of it all paying the utlimate price of his convictions. Quite audacious of you. Probably racist as well, at the root. Theology, understood properly, does not/should not have a "perspective" vis-a-vis tribe, race. Theology is simply and directly the study of God, not God as determined to be by man, as any "real God" is not dependent on man and his small perspective for any sort of definition. If you are atheist, this point is perhaps moot. Granted. Otherwise: Is there an African astronomy? African biology? Chinese physics? Honestly a bit pea brained. Or racist, take your pick.

  98. The original man is black, according to your line of thinking, great, so all are black, because every tribe is, at its root, black. So, why the dichotomy. The Jews still don't accept the NT because they don't recognize Jesus as Messiah. Hello? How is that part NEWS? Mythical demi-god. Definitely not. Paiul, all man, scourged, imprisoned, ship wrecked, admitted former persecutor of the gospel and therefore Jesus himself, at the end of it all paying the utlimate price of his convictions. Quite audacious of you. Probably racist as well, at the root. Theology, understood properly, does not/should not have a "perspective" vis-a-vis tribe, race. Theology is simply and directly the study of God, not God as determined to be by man, as any "real God" is not dependent on man and his small perspective for any sort of definition. If you are atheist, this point is perhaps moot. Granted. Otherwise: Is there an African astronomy? African biology? Chinese physics? Honestly a bit pea brained. Or racist, take your pick.

  99. Cion Barnett says:

    Baffles me when people sit around and argue about religion on the internet but can't make a positive move in their own lives or in their community.

  100. @ebonyelle your right, do you know the differences in the two?

  101. Geo Moya says:

    Curtis Bunn. Stick to sports. This topic way out of your league

  102. Mysta TeeWhy Langston. Well they past the disatrous era when they got rid of that religious thinking. A.K.A dark ages!

  103. Ebonyelle Franklin, huh? Could you repeat that because I didn't understand a word you said!

  104. The fall of capitalism and the U.S. Dollar will bring on the Dark Age in America, that's the true God of this country. They front like it's a christian nation but clearly it isn't. It's not religion keeping us enslaved it's our arrogance towards others a selfish pride adopted by Black people in America.

  105. Mysta TeeWhy Langston, I will give you 90% on that one! Riligious beleif is still a major factor in this empire! That ole slave religion has GOT TO GO! These people are acting just like those of The Dark Ages. Just the tactics has change!

  106. Frementius was not from Europe, he was Syrian, which is in the middle east. He spoke Greek, but so did many people in the Middle East at the time.

  107. You still don't understand what I'm saying do you? Let me make this as clear as I can. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE AWAY A PERSON'S RELIGION FROM THEM. SO WHY EVEN TRY? YOU may have became an atheist, but the vast majority of people will never leave their Jesus, their Moses or their Allah. In Black folks case, its Jesus. When you really break down what religion is in its simplest form, its mainly about the belief in a God or a creator. Everything else is open for interpretation. Atheist may not believe in "God" per se, but its very hard not to think about what it is that created humanity and the universe. You will never take away man's desire to find an answer to that question. All I am saying is that why even bother trying to take away a person's religion from them, which will take you an eternity, when you can just change the way a person thinks about their religion. Why waste time trying to convince people that the grass is greener on the other side, when you can just make the grass greener on the side that they are already on? Just because you are atheist don't mean you have to completely close the door to spirituality. Atheism means that you don't follow most mainstream religions. It don't mean that you can't read the holy books. Sometimes I believe that atheist have become as closed-minded as the religions they despised.

  108. He's saying generally our people were of the Islamic faith not every single one cause as we all know nothing is 100 percent

  109. El Hajj says:

    When are we as a people going to learn that these white people do not have anything to do with religion they are followers of Satan We are the true Hebrew Israelite The chosen people of the bible? When are we going to stop following some one name god or lord. Our fathers true name is Yahweh & our savior name is Yahshua. not jesus a pagan name that has no meaning. The truth will make you free.

  110. In fact, Ethiopia was never colonized. Therefore, they made the decision to call their nation Ethiopia, just like they made the decision to convert to Christianity in the 4th century AD. Christianity is not a monolithic religion today let alone 2000 years ago. The decision of Constantine to convert the Roman Empire to Christianity was a political decision. It was no different from his decision to change the capital of the empire from Rome to Constantinople and adopted a more Greek identity instead of the traditional Latin.

    Constantine was a narcissist, who wanted to rebuild the Roman empire in his own image and he succeed in doing it. One way he did it was by re-appropriating a Christian religion that was spreading like wildfire and he couldn't stop from growing.

    Before the Council of Nicea there were hundred or even thousands of Christian sects, philosophical principles and biblical books. All Constantine did was consolidate the entire religion, turned probably dozens of scriptures into one book that everyone can agree on and infused many pagan idols and rituals in order to make the transition from paganism to Christianity much easier. Many Christian denominations still merge paganism into the religion today with the process of sainthood.

    King Ezana did the exact same thing for Aksum. He consolidated Christianity and turned it from a fragmented group of martyrs into a monolithic religion ran by the state. I'm assuming he went to Alexandria to make it official. He didn't care about pleasing Europeans or Caucasians, he was only concerned about himself and consolidating power in his region. And he did it by taking control of an emerging new world order before it took control of him. We need to stop worrying about who did what and when. And start worrying about what we are going to do now. We need to learn how to take advantage of the good and bad of our culture and history. My philosophy has always been, IF YOU CAN'T STOP IT, CONTROL IT.

    If you study all of the great leaders of the past, they did the exact same thing.

  111. Their are two west Africa's: 1) The Sahel (Senegamia, Mali, Songhai, Ghana Empire) which is predominantly Muslim and 2) The Ivory Coast (Ashanti, Akan, Yoruba, fan), which is predominantly Christian.
    They were practicing their own particular religions such as Voodun, Yoruba, Akan, etc. Islam swept through West Africa through trade. Then the leaders of many West African nations and Empires converted to Islam to tap into the global trade dominated by Muslims. In other words, the original reason for converting to Islam was an economic decision.
    In the Mali empire, the leaders allowed the population to continue practicing their traditional religions as long as they pay tribute to the king. It wasn't until many of these nations declined that more fundamental Islam began to dominate the region. Traditional nomadic trading groups such as the various Moorish tribes, Berbers, Tuaregs and Fulanis began jihads on West African nations as they began to migrate from the North Africa and the Sahel. Desertification also play a important part in the region's declined. What I've come to learn is the more desperate a religious person becomes the more fundamental in their religion they become. This is what's going on with the Muslim world today. And the same thing happened when the economy and environment in the Sahel and Sahara began to decline centuries ago.
    Interestingly, enough, the Ivory/Gold coast thrived due to trade with Europeans and did not convert to Islam nor Christianity until their economy turned into ruins and they became desperate.

  112. Dylan Whitney Not true at all. There is a difference between syncretism and influencing; African Gods wearing a Christian "mask" to avoid persecution doesn't suddenly actually make them christian. Also, remember that there are a number of different Vodouns–Haitian Voudon is not exactly the same as West African Vodoun, which is a huge religion with zero Christian influences.

  113. That's 100 percent bullshit. Our ancestors were primarily Bantu, and their religion was Congolese Nkissism, similar to offshoot religions like Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, or Haitian Vodou. Our ancestors weren't Muslim at all, and in fact their only interaction with Muslims was dealing with the Muslim Slavers that periodically raided our lands for people to steal.

  114. West Africa is extremely Christian.

  115. Dylan Whitney There are many Christians. Also there are many Voudouists.

  116. Look William, the layout of these threads get a bit convoluted on this website, especially all the 'sub threads," but I for one put it out a while ago that Ethiopian and Coptic Christians are in place from the beginning, their churches – these are Alexandrian – considered "apostolic" (founded by an Apostle) – ust as were Rome, Antioch, Jerusalem, Byzantium. So absolutely they bear no trace of Europe as far as origin or legitimizing. I also pointed out the the prominence of St. Augustine and African Church Fathers and even some early African Popes. That which you write here smacks of a protestant remaking of church history, the "Constantine as founder of catholicism" (not true) subtext, the Great Harlot or Beast or whatever protestants do/say to legitiimize their own fractured "sola scriptura" theology and world view. We do know Constantine sent his then 78 year old mother to locate the thus venerate the important New Testament sites in the Holy Land and erected great and enduring church structures, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, for one, and the unearthing of the True Cross. So a lot of his actions were quite inexplicable vis-a-vis the protestant babblings about his motives. Also any sort of impetus to divide the Christian Church along the lines of race is just patently un-Christian or Anti-Christ if you will – as per Paul's and Peter's admonitions and witness via the Book of Acts and Galations 3:28, Collosiuns 3:11. Bottom line, the dark skinned races are obviously not sidelined in the Scriptures nor in the early church. But the Romans in Christ's time built and controlled the highways, taxes, communication and thus the Church of Rome was granted preeminent "First Among Equals" status, and also because of Peter's first place among the disciples. Dispute that however you want, that is the reality and not any sort of racial master plan. I am talking origins, not whatever misdeeds were later implemented in the name of religion. The "Church" as founded by Christ, his "Bride" and whom He LOVES as per the Scriptures, is, at once, both human and Divine and thus prone to mistakes and bad motives all through history. Doesn't make Christianity racist, or murderous, or gluttonous, or adulterous, though you have all of those traits within believers. That is the unavoidable human component. Why is that so hard for folk to wrap their heads around?

  117. I never talked talked about the philosophy of Christianity as being a European invention. I believed I've already made that point. Also, I'm not saying that we need to divide the church on racial lines. Its already has been divided on racial lines. It was said that Sunday is the most segregated day in the country. My overall point is for Black folks to make since of religion for theirselves not on the bases of race, but as a form of nationalism (not black nationalism) that will give them a since of individuality, solidarity and ownership of their spirituality. Any culture can do it and many have. This was the point I was trying to make with Constantine, King Ezana and King James. My point is to get Blacks folks not to always look at things from a racial point-of-view and start looking at the bigger picture and thinking more strategically. Also, if you actually read my previous post, I never said that Constantine created Christianity. What I said was that he used the power of the state to nationalize a religion that was spreading like wildfire. Since he could stop it, he used his power to control it. King James did the same thing and even created his own version of the Bible. Maybe you need to re-read my previous post.

  118. Yes, my reading was cursory and I lose track here of who is who and who made which point, meant as a disclaimer that whoever I am addressing may not be the one who actually made that point, so apologies. I saw so many Constantine takes here, hard to sort them, obviously not all by you, so again, apologies. Glad we can agree on the very basics. I always try to get American Christians of various stripes to see beyond our borders and embrace the uneven yet glorious history of the Church, with a special emphasis on the early Church and the Church Fathers, and so many unfamiliar with the ancient Christian traditions of Eritrea/Ethiopia, the Holy Land, Egypt, and even India where Thomas traveled and established the Church there. Mostly we find the traditions of these Churches alive within Orthodoxy and also the Eastern Catholic Rites, the Maronite being the oldest of those rites. So few Americans connect with those on any sort of "real" visceral level, but I hope that they could visit the Ethiopian Church as well as the others, or even see their traditions on YouTube, it's all there for public consumption, one doesn't even have to leave one's house. Cheers.

  119. So many claims to fame. Islam was born around 500 years after the death of Christ, before that "Muslim" worshipped the gods of the moon and stars, hence the symbols of Islam, crescent moon and star. In the original statement, the 9 devastating facts actions? The most devastating actions have been inflicted on us by ourselves!! We have not researched and read the facts the truths that Are hidden, We are an extremely intelligent race! Let's say since 1960 we have allowed what has happened to us to happen, we are great at moaning but are rarely proactive and our abusers know this. I said facts are hidden in the bible, how do I know I Read it research! We automatically ass-u-me white people, Abraham Moses Jesus etc! By not being aware you can preach the same white washed message to your own kkind. Years ago I also believed the cover up! Reality is we were, but we still are extremely gifted talented and geniuses in all areas and by our phenomenal standards. By believing the white lies we have inflicted pain and we still are hurting each other beating each other down. We have learned how to kill each other we are becoming more and more heaheartless. Jesus was a Black Man of GOD YHWH YAHWEH!
    Know who you are where you come, more importantly where you are going!

  120. and Colonialism

    When colonial rule subjugated almost the entire continent of Africa and tied them crown to toe in the chains of political bondage, they did not have to wait long until they were bound hand and foot in the chains of economic slavery as well. Imperial conquests are meaningless without an economic subjugation of the people. Not far behind the political and economic lords came the Christian priests, robed in humility and self-sacrifice. Their purpose to visit Africa appeared to be diametrically opposed to that of their political and economic vanguard. They came not to enslave, so they said, but to liberate the souls of Africa. It is surprising why the Africans did not question this purportedly noble intention. Why did they not respectfully enquire of the benign philanthropic leaders of the Church, as to why should they take pity on their souls and their souls alone? Could they not see how mercilessly their bodies had been enslaved? How wantonly had they been robbed of their political freedom? How they were bound in the chains of economic slavery? Why did they not take pity on their physical state of captivity and why were they only interested in liberating the souls of an enslaved people?

    The inherent contradiction is obvious, but alas it was not so obvious to those who fell prey to the Christian designs. Africa is naive indeed, and as much naive today as it was two hundred years ago. Africans still do not see the perpetration of their political and economic slavery through the invisible, remote controlled system of neo-colonialism. They still do not realize that for them Christianity is only a means of subjugation. It is like an opiate that has lulled them into a deep sleep of forgetfulness. It gives them a false sense of belonging to their rulers in sharing at least something on equal footings with them.

    It is the same sense of belonging which has led them to imitate the so expensive style of Western life. The trees remain planted on foreign soils, but only the fruits are transported across to a people who have somehow become addicted to its taste. This is a small illustration of how Christianity has always been indispensable for the Western imperial and economic domination of the Third World.

    In the West itself, regardless of whether a common man understands the complexities of Christian dogma or not, he sees Christianity as an integral part of his culture and civilization. It should be remembered that the real strength of Christian values, wherever they survive, does not lie in its mythical set of beliefs. But instead it lies in its emphasis on kindness, sympathy and service to the cause of suffering and other such values that have almost become synonymous with Christianity. Although these values are common to all religions of the world and they seem to be the goal, Divinely set to be attained by all humanity, yet somehow, the powerful Christian propaganda continuously emphasises these roles in relation to Christianity alone and, as such, has succeeded in convincing people at large. This message of sympathy, kindness, godliness and gentle behaviour, plays magic on ears with its mellow music. It is this world of romance which generally attracts people to the Christian faith. However, side by side, yet divorced from it operate the hard, political and economic realities of Western life and its subjugation of the rest of the world.

    It seems that the dogmatic paradoxes that the Christians have to live with, have somehow been transferred into their worldly behaviour as well. Kindness, humility, tolerance, sacrifice and many other such noble words go hand in hand with cruelty, suppression, gross injustice and large scale subjugation of the defenceless peoples of the world. Rule of law, justice and fair play seem only to be valid currencies operable internally in the Western cultures. In the areas of international relationships however, they are treated as stupid and obsolete terms to be taken seriously only by the naive.

    International politics, diplomacy and economic relationships know no justice other than that which serves the national interest. Christian values, however good they may be, are not permitted to step across into the domain of Western politics and economy. This is the most tragic contradiction of the modern times.

    When it comes to the image that it projects, Christianity is only presented in the form of an attractive Western culture and civilization calling the world of the Orient to a life of comfortable carefree permissiveness in comparison to the generally rigid codes of their decadent religious societies. This message of emancipation is largely misunderstood by the semi-literate masses of the Third World as something very attractive. Add to this the additional psychological advantage of acquiring a sense of belonging to the advanced world through the commonness of religion and then one begins to recognise the true role of Christianity in attracting in large numbers the down trodden and, in many cases, outcast and oppressed people who are at the lowest rungs within their own class- ridden societies. It is beyond their scope to understand Christian dogma. It only serves as lifting their human status, but only spuriously so. .

  121. Christian is one who follows Christ. Jesus Christ was a man of color. The BIBLE says he came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, scripture, Matthew 15:24. On Pentecost when the church got started, guest who the 120 were? People of color. Hebrews! The church was started around A.D 33. A.D 325 the Catholic church adopted Christianity to bring in false doctrines which they did. So when it came to slavery time, the master only tried to make us believe in the false doctrines that the Roman Catholic church brought into Christianity. Trying to justify slavery. But the church or Christianity started with people of color. You can't go by these movies they put out where everybody in the upper room was white. That's a lie. After Pentecost, the Samaritans were added and the Gentiles, scriptures Acts 8th and 10th chapters. The devil is a liar. Notice only Christians are being killed for their faith. Just like back there. The devil know the truth and he's been trying to brake up the real Christian church. The best way to brake up the real Church is to bring in confusion, which the Catholic church did. People just join all these different faiths without studying to see when it got started. My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. I see so many black people going against Christianity just like the devil want it to be when the church started with people of color. The lost sheep of the house of Israel. Just because the devil brought in false doctrines, do that means the real church is no more? No more Christianity? I don't think so, because I'm a real one filled with the Holy Ghost and I'm not scared or afraid to say. The Holy Ghost is so important to receive because it will cut through all the lies. Christianity is not the white man religion even though the Catholic church adopted it to bring in false doctrines. If you don't believe they were people of color, people of color in the scriptures Job 30:30, Jeremiah 8:21, 14:2. Lamentations 4:8, 5:10. Amos 9:7, they looked like the Ethiopians. Moses, Joseph and Paul were mistaken for Egyptians, Exodus 2:19, Genesis 42:6-9, Acts 21:38.
    Why Are There So Many Churches? – Don Blackwell.

  122. I am a Christian but we should all know that Christianity didnt originate in Europe nor were the pep of the Book Europeon.
    For that matter we had Christianity before Christ, Dr John G.Jackson…

  123. There are still blind sheep that will continue to follow a religion that they were were brainwashed to believe in.

  124. Wayne Kersey says:

    In original testament the Almighty says do not add or diminish from my words statues and commandments. Than add 32 books we have the new testament.

  125. the study of eugenics was brought about by an atheist. eugenics claims that black people are lesser human ad are inferior to whites. besides, atheism and Christianity has one thing in common, they're both inventions and of European origins that places every other race under the white race. there were and still differing types of atheist , some being spiritualist as in pagans and the other denying that there is a God. So to say you're an atheist doesn't set you apart from anyone else , including Christians because atheism ows itself to Christianity not science.

  126. I can operate within the confines of a religion , not that I am of that religion but, to strengthen my goals by the power of influence I can twist that religions' view to further my goals. happens all the time especially when someone comes along to separate the church from the state yet no one if any raises a question of objection.


  128. Suwadu Moore says:

    It doesn't take the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity or any other religion for me to be an atheist. There are notably good people of many religious persuasions. By that logic am i conclude that to have a moral compass or know right from wrong I need to forsake religion? Or in a vice versa dynamic am I to be religious in order to have morals? It just doesn't make sense from a humanistic, intellectual, or sociological standpoint. Everyone has the capacity to do both good and evil. I won't condemn a religion because of it's fundamentalism. I will condemn fundamentalism in religion because it makes otherwise good people fucking crazy. I choose to be an atheist because I am simply not convinced that there is an all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent being in the sky. I believe in the process of scientific discovery. I believe that this life is such a wonderful thing and instead of hating and killing each other over our respective persuasions we should be making the most of this fleeting moment we have on this earth. You can believe in what ever you want to believe in. If that gives you a sense of purpose and enlightenment, good for you. I don't hate you for your beliefs therefore you shouldn't hate me for my lack of it.

  129. Conrad Nolan says:

    Anthon Christopher there were a lot of Religious people in Jesus's time. Jesus did not seem to roll with them but rather against them. but not violently. I wish the word Religion only meant to Rely on God. However, us human beings have turned into far more, some good and helpful and some not so much. The Religious were more into pointing fingers at eachother and condemning each other. The Religious had an "I am better than you attitude that was kinda self righteous. I think they began to Rely more on their religious system than God. "God is spirit and those who worship must worship Him in spirit and truth". thanks for the enlightenment bro.

  130. The word rely doesn't necessarily has to apply to religion neither merely to GOD. People tends to rely on anything besides GOD whichever makes them feel good, weather it be money, career, fame, education etc and all these things can be deemed as their gods since their devotion, time , adoration , love are often directed towards them. The pointing of fingers comes as a result of differing. Difference of opinion is one aspect but can be resolved through proper understanding 1 Who God is 2 What is HIS purpose 3 What are HIS qualities and attributes. If one can see within those aspect his or her ideas , attitude in the world changes.

  131. William DafamilyMan Brown I think you are an intelligent man.

  132. What about the murder of millions of Africans/humans, the torture, starvation, rape of men women and children, beatings, boiling of humans, deprivation of other human rights – where these in your list of "9 Devastating Actions White Slaves Masters Took to Convert Black People to Christianity"?

  133. Helen Clark says:

    white people force christianity on our ancestor and claim they was christian but didnt follow the bible themselves. they posted flyer around the city of hangings then white would bring the kids the dog and all family members to watch the hanging as if they was going to a picnic or see a disney movie. chrisitany never gave the slaves hope, what the fuck is u talking about-according to my ancestors it was hell and the most brutal form of treating of a human being a black halacaust that lasted oiver 400 yrs. how insensitive for the writer to say that christiany gave my fore parents hope.

  134. Why for God’s sake do Christians in times of the internet still so reluctant to confront the truth and use modern communication tools to make up their own mind? Why should Africans rely on the Pope or the Bible to learn about their history? Whatever be, Patrice Lumumba who is a historical victim of the slavery and colonial rules that forcefully introduced Christianity into Africa and imposed upon Africans over their dead bodies once said: "The day will come when history will speak… Africa will write its own history… It will be a history of glory and dignity." – Patrice Lumumba.

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