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Fundraising Campaign for Michael Slager, Cop Charged with Murder, Shows Once Again The American Gift for Cruelty

screen-shot-2015-04-08-at-11-28-01-amIn yet another indication of the cruelty and heartlessness that courses throughout the land, GoFundMe yesterday had to shut down a fundraising site that had been created for Michael Slager, the North Charleston police officer who killed Walter Scott on Saturday.

But even as GoFundMe was shutting it down, the fundraising effort just gravitated over to Indiegogo, where it had raised $393 out of a goal of $5,000 by noon on Thursday.

Slager was charged with murder after a bystander’s videotape revealed that although Slager claimed he feared for his life because Scott had taken his Taser, the video actually showed that he had shot the 50-year-old man in the back as he was fleeing—then placed the Taser next to Scott’s body as he lay facedown on the ground.

This was at least the third time that fundraising campaigns had been created for police officers—or a night watchman, in the case of George Zimmerman—who killed unarmed Black men. After Zimmerman raised more than $300,000 through Kickstarter after killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Darren Wilson raised nearly half a million through Indiegogo and two GoFundMe pages after he killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

GoFundMe’s public relations manager, Kelsea Little, told The Huffington Post the site removed the page “due to a violation of our terms and conditions.” She said she couldn’t provide any more details because of “privacy concerns.”

In response to criticism, Indiegogo released the following statement:

“Indiegogo allows anyone, anywhere to fund ideas that matter to them and just like other open platforms— such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter—we don’t judge the content of campaigns as long as they are in compliance with our Terms of Use.”

Social media users have started a campaign calling on people to boycott Indiegogo in protest.

No matter how pro-police any individual might be, it feels cruel and grossly inappropriate to start a campaign for a charged murderer just four days after the killing, before the victim has even been funeralized. In fact, it’s such an unseemly move that it feels like it has to be intended to send a statement—perhaps something along the lines of, Black lives don’t matter after all.

This is what the Indiegogo campaign says about the matter:

“We’re campaigning to show our Support for Officer Michael T. Slager! We believe in all of our LEOs and want to publicly support them! Although he may have made mis-steps in judgement he was protecting the community. Michael is a former Coast Guardsman with two stepchildren and a wife who is expecting a child, served for more than five years with the department without being disciplined. Please help in any way you can. He has served five years with the department without being disciplined.”

First of all, an officer shouldn’t be celebrated for serving without being disciplined—that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Second of all, that statement doesn’t tell the whole story. According to published reports, the North Charleston police department has released information showing that Slager was named in a 2013 complaint after he allegedly “tased a man for no reason,” slammed him to the ground and dragged him. Slager apparently was supposed to be searching for a suspect who was 5-foot-5. But the Black man he abused was 6-foot-3.

Slager was cleared of any wrongdoing in that incident.

He was also cited in a complaint in January for failing to file a report after a Black woman told police her children were being harassed.

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12 thoughts on “Fundraising Campaign for Michael Slager, Cop Charged with Murder, Shows Once Again The American Gift for Cruelty

  1. Greg Polk says:

    Well. I'll donate as long as they find him guilty of murder and sentence him to death by hanging, firing squad, or any other form of execution. I'll donate if they give him life in prison with no parole. I'll also donate to have the jurors investigated if they find him not guilty and set him free. It seems like the jurors are getting paid to find cops not guilty of killing blacks, maybe it's time to pay the jurors to tell the truth of what they really see.

  2. In the prior complaint filed against this cop in which he was exonerated, I can guarantee you that the only reason he was exonerated is because there was no video released to the public. Notice I said "released" to the public.

    In this case, within hours of the execution thepolice department issued a statement completely exonerating this murderer. Never mind that he was shot "in the back". The department took his word and stood behind him, without any investigation. It wasn't until the video surfaced that the department changed it's course. There is no doubt that this cop, without the video, would have literally gotten away with murder, and would probably have dne it again.

  3. Just hope you don't ever need representation as an unpopular defendant.

  4. You can guarantee that, or my money back?

  5. Yeah because we all take the law into our own hand and kill people. The cop is a coward.

  6. Charlie Willock: YEAP!!! Now send me your money

  7. Bob Smyth says:

    If you give a coward a badge and a gun, what could possibly go wrong?

  8. That needed to be left up. We need to know who set it up and who gave money to it.

    Being a cop is a thankless job and evil/idiots like the cop who shot that man for NO reason except, what, malice? make being a cop even harder. This cop by all appearances committed murder under color of law.

  9. Sam Rose says:

    A cop who was caught on tape planting evidence next to the body of a man who lay dying at the cops hand has gone 5 yrs without being disciplined, and that's supposed to be impressive or garner support? SMH
    Who knows how much he got away with in 5 yrs. And even if this was his 1st offense (doubtful), he doesn't deserve any support for cold blooded murder, shooting a man in the back as he ran away unarmed.

  10. Alex Louis says:

    Slasher does NOT deserve any funds from a crowd funding source, I don't care how many years on the force, how many wives or children he has. If he was SO "stellar" in the commission of his duties, his "ghost" are coming out to haunt him & the New Charleston Police Department. Since Ft. Lauderdale have announced yesterday that they are cleaning their department of racist cops. Look forward to even more police departments following suit. Crowd funding sounds like fun, I'll go & get ME one!

  11. Terrance Archibald How do you know you won't ever need to kill someone in self defense?

  12. Ed Would says:

    I dispise crooked cops but I also believe that your innocent until proven guilty, assuming you can afford all the stuff necessary to a genuinely effective criminial defense. If you can't, then your just guilty until proven guilty for the most part. Denying the officer's right to solicit funds based upon unproven accusations is a police state tactic. We can't get rid of police state tactics if we're willing to support them against people we don't like. That's what police states do.

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