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14 thoughts on “This Is the Last Speech That Martin Luther King Jr. Gave Before He Was Killed — Was His Message the Reason Why?

  1. that promise land is africa not here.

  2. Wrong, that promise land is here, America is our's.

  3. Louis Jiles says:

    The promise land is Israel your both wrong.

  4. it is, reginald? you want this dirty, racist place? you can have it. personally, I am not that easy and my expectations are more than what america has offered.

  5. isarel? you R joking, right?

  6. Farntella Graham unfortunately quite a few africans have an issue with us african americans. some of those issues include: viewing us as foreigners (not in the literal sense of the word, but the way whites treat non-european non-white hispanics), us having slavery in our ancestry (a lot of them think of slaves as low, and for some of them if you're descended from slaves then you're no better than slaves).

    the promised land is not physical land, but rather a state of being through attitude, behavior, strength and unity of the people. if we could just unite and work together effectively and efficiently then we can create the promised land where ever we are.

    however, I do know Africa is apart of our heritage (and very blood) and we should reclaim our rightful place there (like that of a lost love one finding their way home).

  7. Mukhtar Jugger our brothers and sisters in africa do not look down on us. they can't. they allowed their countries to be colonized. they allowed another race and culture to come into their country and take it over, forcing them to relinquish their culture and follow the culture of the invaders. they are in no position to judge the decendants of slaves especially since it is said that they participated in the enslavement. it has took me a minute to accept that this is probably true in more than a few cases.

  8. Farntella Graham well just because we feel like they are in no position to judge or look down on us (believe me, I feel the same) does not mean that it doesn't happen. I have plenty of family members that can attest to this (some whom have lived in parts of Africa a large part of their lives). for example: look at ghana

    they have a word for us blacks from the US: "obruni," or "white foreigner," is how they have been referring to us even though they were once colonized.

    looking down on slaves, former slaves, and descendants of slaves is nothing new (and certainly didn't come about because of colonialism). think about it, people claim that some of the slaves in the americas were traded to the europeans. you'd have to think pretty low of slaves to trade them to foreigners who are known for their mischief and brutality.

    don't get me wrong, I'm not against establishing a home in Africa and unity with our people in Africa, but we should have open eyes about this.

    this is why I believe we should look to unity amongst ourselves as the promised land. if we african americans would unite (and close ranks) we could build better lives for one another right here in the usa (despite the racism and evil that is the norm here). If we could do that, imagine how much more we could do in a multitude of african countries with that kind of power, but if we remain disjointed and frenemies to each other (calling me brother and giving me dap, but selling me out the first chance you get is the epitome of frenemies) then it may not be much better over there.

  9. you make many fine points, my brother.

  10. Africa not our Promise land there anymore.We're to mix as a race now.They have there problems to.No our so call Promise Land is here in America.Where our ancestors help create through slavery to now.

  11. America is Israel, can't you see this Israel put that Israel over their as a "state of" the real Israel. Now what mountain top did Dr. King visit, he himself was a mountain, but he met another mountain name Mr. Muhammad (The old man) a maker of men. That's when the enemy knew he had to go. Look into this for yourself, I have no reason to lie about our greatness as a people because I love black people, be who you are, just be right with God and one another, lets not engage in some evil debate with one another, that's only to serve the enemy. Peace to all because we are the same (black) people, we must now grow up in righteous consciousness. It's ok to disagree but make it lawful. Just that alone will increase our consciousness and righteousness, that what the enemy does not want.

  12. Ms. F. Graham you are right our children will return to that part of the earth in the future, but in the mean time the book says they will become masters in house that they were sold as a slave. That has to be talking about us. So lets not attack one another, lets try to help make what we are saying clear because God has the power to renew what he pleases, even this dirty racist place. Lets look at what God have to offer not America. Black people it's time to unite.

  13. I'm sorry young bro but I don't normally like to reply to people comments but I had to this one. But that is foolishness our Promise Land is America. America is and has always control by the 10 Kings of the Earth. We has Blacks do not even control not even 1% of the world wealthy. U Sound White Wash with that statement. If understand the Sysmbolish of this courtry and that behind the Elite close doors u wouldn't even let that come out your mouth.

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