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8 thoughts on “What This Cop Does To This Special Needs Woman Is The Most Appalling Thing You Will See Today

  1. Alex Primo says:

    When criminals are the law, then the law is illegitimate. We can no longer witness these unwarranted attacks on our brothers and sisters and justify them by our ability to move around "freely". When one of us is treated like a slave by the authorized representatives of this system(white supremacy) it becomes obvious that all of us are being viewed as slaves. Only a fool can continue to explain away by logic or wishful thinking that this is not a nationwide, if not global, issue. Our Black brothers and sisters are being assaulted, brutalized, and murdered when other less violent methods are available. We must begin to defend ourselves as a family instead of videotaping and marching. I mean, honestly, how much has changed since we started recording everything? And if marching worked… would we be having this conversation. Unify my friends. Unify and protect each other or things will only get worse. Don't take my word for it… look to history, his-story, and the news at 6 and 11.
    Solidarity Equals Victory. #One

  2. Nothing better than a strong Man who has integrity and compassion who willstand up for what is right! God bless you Veteran and I hope this COWARDLY police office gets fired! He gives Good Decent Police Offices a Bad Name.

  3. Welcome home… here's that 'freedom' you've been fighting for…..

  4. Welcome home… here's that 'freedom' you've been fighting for…..

  5. Whites have been by birth our nemesis….they are our by-products!

  6. This is just disgraceful. Just! smh

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