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16 thoughts on “If You’re Serious About Creating Real Change for Black People, You Must Listen to What This Man Is Saying About Boycotts

  1. Lisa Jackson says:

    Well said… Al Sharptone won't say this because they paid him not to.

  2. Sam Rose says:

    He knows wutz up with the money, but he's ignorant about marching when he equates it to looting. Most marches are fully peaceful protests, and if he knows better than to spend his money with "the enemy" them he should know better than to eat up what the enemy feeds him via the media in regards to marches and protests, as if the rare violent occurrences are the norm or have anything to do with organized demonstrations for change.
    Basically, he's half right.

  3. That is not the only boycott that is available to us as black people. I have proposed our blacks boys boycotting sports, come back home to their HSCU, if blacks only realized the wealth our black athletes provides not only white universities, but whites in general, just like slavery did, whites in the norht said they did not have slavery, even if that was true they still benefitted from the domino effects of slavery, they benefitted all over Europe the countries that did not participate in the TransAtlantic slave trade, they benefitted from slavery. Having said that, our black athletes, has been creating wealth for so many whites, high paid coaches and their assistants, universities, colleges, paying their professors top salaries, towns and cities benefitting from their businesses booming, giving whites jobs, tailgating is good for business I could go on and on, with a boycott like that we would shut all the misuse and abuse of black people in this country, down. Black athletes come on back home to your HBCU, the NBA, AFL, NFL, will still draft you from your HBCU, Payton, Jerry Rice, and many more came from HBCU.

  4. King Best says:

    He's DEAD On. Al Sharpton has made a career out of being a consultant regarding civil rights issues for white america. he is paid by them so he has to walk that fine line.

  5. Red Dipper says:

    Marching has never been effective..Not then…Not Now.

  6. Red Dipper says:

    We will not get ANYTHING..Much less justice..Until we get our OWN land, our OWN Money our OWN EVERYTHING.

  7. We Buy Black says:

    I am also don't believe in marching, however we have to give it up to the Ferguson marchers who have made substantial changes by committed black people who were organized and that should be the focus because of the results that we won't see on the news News.

    Additionally there about 2 million black businesses SO CONTINUE TO BUY BLACK! We are the ones who support our schools, communities, and pave the way for our children!

  8. how long have I been saying this.

  9. Why do black folk continue to hate on rev al sharp ton….smh…he is only one man! Where are all the other so called leaders at. I don't see no other black man saying anything when blacks are mistreated. No one!! Name another black leader?….. Travis smiley,Cornell west…bullshit! They couldn't even muster up 25 black men and protest police brutality. Where are the black leaders from l.a, Miami,Texas …who td jakes. These black churches have millions of dollars and won't say anything !! When police kill and in armed black man who rallies the troops? Name me another black man who stands up and get people to come out and take a stand? They all scared… What about your local black politicians where's their voice at? Mofo's are bought and sold won't say a word….people he is only one man. Why no one else is stepping up?

  10. yes… people tend to forget how much influence black people have in sports and pop culture, we should be using this to our advantage.

  11. I agree 200% with brother…

  12. Chris Ahern says:

    Just more nonsense. Go out and earn it!

  13. Cedric Cole says:

    Stop eavesdropping and dropping nonsense bitch and stay in your lane. Fuckers like you are always looking to derail anything you can't control.

  14. Chris Ahern says:

    I can only imagine what Cedric Cole said before his comment was pulled due to censorship. I stand by my statement because one achieves more with positivity than negativity… Proven.

  15. Debra Waters says:

    The NAACP had one on the inside. Caucasian Americans did not need Sharpton nor Jackson to do their bidding they had Rachel Dolezal.

  16. Debra Waters says:

    You have issues, get some help before you become as Storm Roof.

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