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95 thoughts on “This Video Sheds Light on the Deep Racism That Black People Face in the Dominican Republic

  1. So basically what she is saying is, the island is all mixed with African.

  2. Yvonne Bonde says:

    So they should give papers so he can leave their country

  3. Haiti does not provide work, health, education or even valid documentation for their own people. How is that a Dominican responsability???

  4. This lady did a great job, and yes Dominicans are black people. They don't want to admit it.

  5. Uh well the young man shown here can not get a passport so he can improve his condition you want to be white Dominicans deny him the opportunity to do so. That is intentional. The mere fact you overlook that speaks volumes about you. I am from The Caribbean & I avoid you people at all cost! Good luck with white folks you want to be so much like. They will let you know where you stand soon enough. Hopefully they invade you as they do other nations and nuke you!

  6. Ephraim Gabriel No, what I try to explain was if his stupid parents came ilegally and never even had anything close to a drivers license, he was never properly registered, so neither one of them exist. capisce? Speaks volumes about América not legalizing 5 out of the 13 immigrants that have been there for over 15 to 15 years working and paying taxes, unlike hatians in DR. BTW, tell you nation and host that the DR are still waiting for the support that they were going to finally send Haiti some help they promise but we are still providing.

  7. since we are born we are told el dominicano tiene el negro detrás de la oreja. we don´t know we are black? research our hhistory, our music our food and figure how muchof it comes from our african heritage. Black in america refuse to acknowled dominicans as black, because we are not pure black.

  8. Ephraim Gabriel fuck you.

  9. let then got to haiti to get the paper yvonne black.

  10. Yvonne the want to be white Dominicans as you can see from frans comment tell us exactly what I already know. They truly do not want us blacks to do better. He will bitch & moan about us being in the country then when we try to leave for a better life they intentionally make sure we cant. Like I said in my previous comment they are basically like white nationalist who tell us how bad we are then when we try to do something make sure to get in the way. Its a way for frans to better than us. It has nothing to do with us blacks just being a drain on society. I mean think what possible reason would these people have to force him to stay in the slums? He could improve the community along with others that made it out & have the family they build up pay taxes into the system etc. They don't want that. Its obvious. Blacks should leave the DR & world wide we should not deal, trade or associate with them at all. Let them deal with whites who will give them their wake up call soon enough.

  11. Isabel is right & we should not acknowledge Dominicans as black. We should turn our backs on you the second we find out your Dominican. They literally lynch blacks in the DR. We should have nothing to do with them. We black people need to stop trying to make everyone black when despite the African features deny it like Dominicans do.

  12. Ephraim Gabriel then if you don´t understand and refuse to do so, and you couln´t possibly be able to understand 200 years of history within one island I will summarize; before you say anything about dominicans not being more than over generous to them, please answer What has the US done? what has Canada done? what did France ever do? NOTHING. that´s right. I could go on in this on how african americans discriminate every other race in the US, like when Obama first became president, you allied with the white on perpetrating lynchings of latinos and asians because you thought you where superior now. You are no better than anyone and have not evolved over the years. BTW, stupid local black kids where mocking the KKK because they didn´t understand what they stood for, since DR never had segregation, most don´t understad how people because of their color, couldn´t get a glass of water in a restaurant. Save your human rights speech because you stand for nothing of the sort.

  13. "like when Obama first became president, you allied with the white on perpetrating lynchings of latinos and asians because you thought you where superior now." I stopped reading there. You have no credibility. That is the dumbest comment I have read in a while. Nowhere can you prove this claim. I'm done have a nice day.

  14. and you have any credibility. I could post a million things in many other diferent languages, but you´ll refuse it. Stick to what you know when it comes to judging what you don´t understand or research beyond headlines.

  15. So much Bullshit in one video.

  16. Gabriel, so you proved my point. Not only you are racist, supremacist and believe you hold an exclusivity of the black race. You're ignorant and chose to remain so. So happy you're not back to that Dominican restaurant, very sure your arrogance is not missed.

  17. On another word of advise, stay away from other afro latinos who do not see you as their equal such as Colombians, Venezuelans, Brazilians that rather be damned to be confused with one of you. And most African countries where, specially educated people will feel insulted to be mistaken for African American…some of what you earned yourselves with your attitude, bigotry and the supremacy act.

  18. Yban Navarro says:

    Hey Isabel Polanco suelte a ese racista tonto, el no sabe de lo que habla, en Rep. Dominicana el problema no es color, sino, cultura, idioma, creencias, invasión pacifica, violación de las leyes de nuestro país, y muchas cosas más, ese no sabe ni donde está parado, en dominicana somo casi todos de color y somos muy solidario con Haití pero es que ya no podemos con la carga.

  19. Exactamente. me the risa que ellos creen que necesitamos su aprobación para ser negros. Tendrán la exclusiva o algo asi?

  20. Most dominicans are mixed with African, Haitians are overwhelmingly pure breed africans.

  21. Isabel Polanco No they are not, some are just as some are white. but most fall in between with a little of bit of Taino ancestry in there as well. I will continue to state the obvious until folks like you get tired from merely repeating the same group thinking opinion, I am not black for the very same reasons why I am not white. Sorry that Dominicans do not have a inferiority complex and never had a silly one drop rule instill on them which inherently states that blacks are inferior beings. Sorry that the Dominican nation even though it is a nation of predominately mixed breed people is fundamentally at is core a Hispanic country which does not identify with africa or "negritude" whatsoever.

  22. I only wish that all Dominicans would see this type propagandist reports so as to get a grasp of the serious ill-intention campaign against the Dominican Republic.

  23. Ephraim Gabriel actually that young man just needs to get his parents birth certificate and his birth certificate and then everything would be possible.

    But if both his parents are Haitians… than based on the Constitution of Haiti he is HAITIAN.

  24. Ephraim Gabriel You are a liar. The lynchings are done by haitians. in 2010 they lynched over 45 Haitians just because they practiced Voodoo and accused them of spreading Cholera that way.

  25. According to the constitution of Haiti he is Haitian NOT Dominican. So what papers should Dominican Republic Give him?

  26. So complain about how they are a drain on society THEN PREVENT THEM FROM LEAVING THE COUNTRY where they can improve thier condition THEN come up with reasons why you are blocking them? Makes sense to me!

  27. Estephany Vilomar A way to get away from you people. That's what you should give him. Face it read the comments they do not want him to get out & improve his condition & the people in that community then cry about him being there in the first place. That speaks volumes by itself. Its obvious no matter how much you cluck & chick. If your black do not go to DR.

  28. THE ROOT? that´s your next best source? you racist really are limited…you have not proven anything at all except that we live in a highly different and better society than you do. So sorry you feed yur anger and ignorance and enjoy it.

  29. The borders have never been closed and while in DR a visa is required, they come and go as they please to our haitian hating nation to get what their government doesn´t provide. You sure are waaaaaaay off missinformed. you have no common sense to make sense.

  30. Ephraim Gabriel a way to get away from my people? Nothing is stopping him from getting on a bus to Haiti.
    There with the birth certificate from his parents he gets automatic Haitian citizenship and passports.

  31. Oh wait… you didn't know he could do that did you? Yet you are here talking like you think you are an expert on the subject matter?

  32. Here's and article about how in just 1 year Haitians lynched 45 other Haitians… can you show me a link showing Dominicans have lynched anyone? Not cases where the killers are not kown and you ASSume they are dominicans.

  33. Sara Devine says:

    Estephany Vilomar According to the reporter, the Dominican constitution says he is a citizen, having been born there.

  34. The reporter better get educated on Dominican Constitution and Immigration facts. He should have been registered at birth in the haitian Embassy, just like his parents should have legalized their working papers. Legaly, this kid does not exist since his parents themselves, do not exist. Read below there´s a good explanation why he doesn´t have them. Not saying is impossible, but there is, like everywhere, a bureocracy that he does not want to suscribe to. Every single foreing resident does.

  35. estaphony no your the idiot. You claim they have until June to leave yet then justify denying this guy a chance to leave and earn some money That would dwarf what you wanna be white Dominicans would make in a life time. Like I said cluckand chick all you want while you people walk around proudly in parades wearing kkk regalia anyone can go look up themselves and see. That says everything we need to know about you people. Hey if you are black and you see a Dominican do as I did . stop dealing with them.

  36. Yea I find the one estaphony of Dominicans whipping a Haitian like a slave tied up to a post.

  37. aren´t you gone yet? I thought we left enough homework for you to do your research?

  38. now you´re just trolling. If you find it post it. and this time from a serious news source at least.

  39. Yvonne Bonde says:

    Giving someone a passport does not make them a citizen. The nationality can still be Haiti an.

  40. A passport is given as a representation overseas to a citizen of a country. You are not given a passport anywhere in the world unless you obtain that citizenship. Hait has to expedite a passport an proper documentation on their citizens behalf, but they refuse to give any ID to their citizens. So nowhere in the world they can be properly received.


  42. Tonya Tko says:

    Do you feel the same way about all of the Dominican Immigrants in the United States?


  43. Tonya Tko says:

    Do you feel the same way about all of the Dominican Immigrants in the United States?


  44. This video is pure garbage propaganda. I don't know how Lucia Newman has a job.

  45. The reporter has no clue what she's talking about. She's just another moronic talking head.

  46. It's on video. It does not matter if it's on worldstarflipflop.A real news source as if the video is not real. Bi*#h sit down.

  47. Tonya Tko the US has their laws, and we abide to them as we migrate, Otherwise we face the consecuences. Everysingle migrant to the DR, European, Asian and Latin American goes through the same process, and they are the only ones complaining.

  48. Whatever jesus. The word is out on you wanna be white Dominicans. The "if Dominicans were so racist " garbage is not working when you people clearly March the streets in I'll regalia and defend it. Notice for the people reading this how I keep bringing it up and they continue to overlook it as if it's not true. If you are black most of these Dominicans are YOUR ENEMY. They support white supremacy openly. I don't deal with them or do business with them. Trinidad and the other West Indian nations need to stop dealing with them. Just say no when it comes to the DR. They can cluckband chick all they like but we see clearly on this video they are doing everything to make sure we do not improve ourselves. Talk about us being there then make excuses on why we can't leave and do better. It a not making sense no matter how they spin it.

  49. excellent response…summarizes this whole thread! RESPECT MR. De Los Santos.

  50. Tonya Tko says:

    Isabel Polanco Haiti and the dominican republic are on the SAME LAND MASS. That's like the U.S. having a strict anti-"immigration" policy for Native Americans from Canada who have taken up residence with a tribe.

    I understand that the U.S. and D.R. are two different countries with different immigration policies, but saying "you don't hear anyone else complaining" is a moot argument, because there are no other countries on the same land mass with DR besides Haiti.

    And lastly my comment was to Joel Ramirez, just checking to see if he feels the same way about the D.R. immigrants who fled to the US for a better life?


  51. God willing a natural disaster strikes the DR or the whites invade & bomb it for some reason. I wont be shedding a single tear. Your worse than the white nationalist in my opinion. Keep denying how racist you all are against your own selves. All while brothers I know who went there saw it & the world is reporting it. Its not working. I pray you all get hit with something. It would be doing the black race a favor….

  52. Tonya Tko I think everybody would also feel the same way about ALL illegal immigrants. The two situations are totally different, you might not know the detail of what is really going on in the island. There are a couple of millions of illegal haitians in the DR. The government, who as we all know could care less about both peoples, is affarid to do anything about the situation and it has gotten out of control. People are using the race card because now that is the only thing that they can use against the DR. Haitians and DR are being treated better than in their own country, not that I agree with it to be honest, but we have a pussy government that does not want to look bad in front of the international community. Still, some people, even Dominicans are constantly attacking us with false acusations. I urge people to please take a unbiased look into history, the constitution of both countries and the policies in Haiti and RD towards Haitians, before making judgementes based on the opinion of a biased few ,,,,,,,

  53. Trinidad and Bahamas are deporting hatians every day. Why would you do business with those white supremacist? I mean, we all know that Bahamanians and Trinidarians were the exaple of Aryan breed…oh no, wait…

  54. propaganda at its finest!

  55. Jesus De Los Santos Yea we will see in the end who has the last laugh when you have dominicans thinking they can parade around in kkk regalia & whites are going to be peachy with you. That alone says exactly where you all will end up when the chips fall. Good luck siding with them trying to emulate a known white terrorist group. Morons….

  56. Yban Navarro says:

    En todas partes del mundo los pasaportes se les entrega alas personas que los solicitan en las respectivas embajadas de los países a los cuales solicitaran visado; mas deben llenar ciertos requisitos de documentos personales y legales los cuales un ilegal sin documentación alguna de su país posee. Un pasaporte no es ofrecido a un ciudadano, sino que lo solicita e incluso tiene un costo económico. lo que sucede es que los ilegales haitianos no poseen ni un certificado de nacimiento de su país, no poseen ninguna documentación que los acredite como alguien registrado en algún lugar, entonces ¿a quien le estamos dando un documento legal?

  57. Yban Navarro says:

    Ephraim Gabriel Dios no se presta para los malos deseos de los racistas como tu, Dios solo escucha a sus buenos hijos que tengan buenos deseos para sus prójimos. usted está mal y muy mal y eso si de seguro nuestro señor lo va a tomar en cuenta. Rep. Dominicana es una pueblo cristiano que sabido llevar la carga de Haití por muchas décadas y solo nos agradecen con lo que usted hace, pero no se preocupe que de ustedes no esperábamos más de eso.

  58. Kenzie Mac says:

    These black want to be white people make me sick! the powder their crazy ex dead president used to whiten himself is still clogging their brains!

  59. Bev El says:

    Isabel Polanco You and Joel Ramirez and others who see only surface superficialities of law that overt racism hides behind don't like to admit to the FACT that Haitians or any on of dark hue are reviled in DR & even PR for that matter. Of course there are laws but those laws favor those Whites, Asians & other light skinned Latins & make it harder for Haitians to register. I you faced desperation through no fault of your own you'd do whatever to find a better life too! Like I sadi to Joel, there r many DR illegals in America. If DR is so great & law abiding why are they here under such circumstances? White & lighter skinned DR has a long history of hatred toward dark skinned people & look down on them. You know it's true, it's no secret, even to the FACT many dark skinned DR natives DO NOT consider themselves Black. There r many from the DR & PR here in NYC so we know the mentality. We know who to go to when we want that kinky hair straight as whitey. LOL

  60. Joel Ramirez says:

    Tonya Tko Yes I do feel the same.. Every country have their laws and immigrants have to respect it, If the US decide to deport illegal Dominicans, its their right.. and we will not complaint or play the racist card.

  61. Joel Ramirez says:

    yes there are many illegal Dominicans, and when they deported we do not organized airport protest demanding boycott of tourism or trade with the country that deport us, and about your comments about colors, The DR is full of dark skin Dominicans many descendants of immigrants from many island in the Caribbean and they do not seen to have any issues except for illegal Haitians and contract workers and their children who demand services and access to the country.. You have to respect other people's laws. You can not use the color of your skin as a passport, This is not a racial issue , this is sovereignty and economy, how can poor Dominicans receive millions of Haitians, Haitians that do not LIKE DOMINICANS..

  62. Bev El says:

    DR Blacks have no racial problems? Really? Do you personally know any dark skinned people to have real conversation in DR? If you do, I’m sure their conversation w’ you is not the same as with other Black ppl, just as yr conversation w’ other light skinned or whites, things get said you wouldn’t want Blacks to hear (if u are honest about the reality). As for article 1; sec: G, whatever it may may say, Haitians, like Dominicans are HUMANS! Just b/c there’s a law, doesn’t make it right and unjust laws rightly should be changed! If a child is born in the country why should their B.C. not be in the country of birth? As in the case of the ball player, his parents are Haitian but technically he is Dominican by birth. What’s so ironic about your whole statement is that it’s riddled with levels of racism DR is well known for, that DR is better than Haiti sentiment. You do realize the 2 countries actually share the same land mass? With racism, greed & French & probably IMF extortion being at the crux of Ayiti’s many financial problems. Both halves of Santo Domingo have had their run of murderous Dictators so don’t puff out your chest like Trujillo wasn’t a murderous, racist, psychopathic prick. If you studied or understood the history of Ayiti fully, there are reasons behind everything. Then add a debilitating earthquake and the millions stolen from earthquake relief funds instead of helping the people, you would understand why it is in the dire condition it is now. Maybe other island gov’ts are deporting illegal immigrants from their counties too but that has less to do with the long known issue with race & skin color than in DR. Those sentiments exist in PR also its no secret. It is a product of racism/ White supremacy going back 100’s of years and continue s to this day. Commenter Tonya TKO points to the fact that there are many illegal’s from the DR here looking for work & opportunity in the U.S just as Haitians do in the DR, and guess what? Their babies born here aren’t denied a birth certificate. So maybe one can say the DR is a hot mess of a little ½ an island as you accuse Ayiti of being a mess. Maybe learn & understand the full history and the politricks & have more compassion instead of blaming victims.

  63. Joel Ramirez says:

    Article 1: section G: Of the labor treaties is the legal documents both countries sign, and its say that the children of contract workers do not receive citizenship and have to be register at the Haitian consulate, Just like any labor contract you will find around the world, and Yes I know many black , mulattoes in the DR, and we have no complaint against the white minority. And DR and Haiti just like 160 other countries do not give citizenship just be being born there, we are not the US,. you guys need t stop milking that race card, all we hear is racism, xenophobia, apartheid… but nothing about rebuilding Haiti, reforestation, schools, agriculture..nope… its all about beating the Dominican down until 1/2 of haiti have Dominican citizenship and can bring the other 5,000,000 family member as legals resident.. in 2 decades bye bye DR… hello Latin haiti..No thanks.

  64. Js Mo says:

    how do light skinned dominicans treat dark skinned domincans? ist it rue that in early1900, your president went to cuba and spain to get white prostitues to bring to dr to lighten the skin of the people.

  65. Js Mo says:

    Isabel Polanco yousaid his stupid parents…you guys have free education yet very few of you take advantage of it…poor haitian aprents do all they can to come to dr to do jobs that your lazy people wont do..and you are mad..outside of prostitutions, what are domincans are know for throughout the carribbean.

  66. Js Mo says:

    it is racism, because you are not going after any other race that live there..we don't see domincans burning any other flag….your coorporations wnat haitians to be illegal so they can pay them pennies to work..if your country want haitians out make a law that send dominicans to jail if they hire haitians… guys want them to be illegal so you can pay them pennie..its the same thing in america..keeping the south americans illegal so we can pay them nothing…which is a beneit to all the big farm in the west and south.

  67. perhaps you could take advantage of it by learning how to spell before you troll…LOL!

  68. perhaps you could take advantage of it by learning how to spell before you troll…LOL!

  69. perhaps you could take advantage of it by learning how to spell before you troll…LOL!

  70. Elena S. says:

    It's racism.

  71. Tonya Tko says:

    Wow, the #Denial is STRONG on this post.


  72. No he is not. Both his parents were Haitian.

  73. Terry Moore says:

    Doesn't the Dominican bloodline come from Haiti? At one time it was one island until the split between France and Spain. All of the slaves were African. When I visited it was the worst colorism that I have ever seen. Just because grandma opened her legs willing or unwilling to to Spaniards doesn't mean you are not Black.

  74. Benny, do you know that Haiti have EXACTLY THE SAME LAW o& even "worse" than the Dominican Republic ? In Haiti just like in DR and 160+ Countries around the world including ALL EUROPEANS countries DO NOOOT give Citizenship to Children born to ILLEGAL parents. This law only happen in the United States & 30+ more countries. Do you know NOT a single country in Africa give citizenship to any children born to Ilegals?

    In other words, Haiti have the same law as DR, if a Dominican is born in Haiti, he CANNOT obtain Haitian Citizenship by law, specially if he's parents would be illegals. In fact Haiti citizen law is RACISTS because it say that only Black people can be Haitian citizens, this have been active since Haiti had her independence. Of course you all will never gonna know these Facts and A LOT MANY MORE about these immigration issues that many outsider want to make it a "racism issues" cuz they know they cannot win the public using logic, laws & obvious common sense but of course for Haitians its much easy to accuse us of racists, but i find it weird because you guys say all Dominicans are 99% "black" Yet say we r racists, sorry u cant habe the cake and eat it too… are all black or racists? You all need to make up ur mind and choose between the two.

  75. Thank you bro, but they dont care about FACTS, all they care idtalk crap against Dominican because deep down these Blacks people Hate us hard core… they wanna make it a race issue where there isnt cuz they know thats the only way they can gain support.

  76. LOOL
    Ephraim is talking about our Carnival dress.
    You see what happen when people dont know other cultures & customs.

    First of all, in our carnival people dress in different dresses, such as devils, monsters, demons, indians, spanish, africans, robots, facial paints, etc etc

    You are calling kkk a whole country because few 10 KIDS & TEENS of age between 13-17 wear kkk looking dresses.
    the most irony of all this is that most of the kids were black & dark skin mixes teens LOOL hahaha

  77. The most bizarre paradox fuk up part of this is that if you look at the video, you will even gonna see HAITIAAANSSS!! Hahaahahaha

    Look at the very dark skin ones in the customs, those are Haitians, then in the minute 1:00 you could see like one or two Haitians dress as Indians together with Dominicans in PEACE
    even Haitians were together with Dominican dress in KKK customs

  78. Haiti´s law not only says that the sons and daughters of their citizens are Haitians but cannot be claimed by any other country as their own. But then again… try and reason with people saying that a passport doesn´t make you a citizen…go figure! Get your facts before you talk. Trujillo was a murderous bastard but Haiti´s government profited very well with the Parsley Massacre of 1937, for they got paid for every Haitian that was killed. I don´t see no one on this thread or this page denouncing the treatment Haitians get in Bahamas and Jamaica that can only be labelled as cruelty, so it is definitely just about trolling around what they´re all about. What Dominican Republic went trough during the Haitian occupation fits properly to slavery, yet what we have done for them in the last couple of decades, they will never be able to pay back in 100 lifetimes.

  79. Exactly because grandma spread her legs willing or not, babies spoke spanish where different. As Haiti kept the spanish descendants as their slaves and whores, so the Haitian blood in Dominicans is from spanish or spanish speaking slaves who were raped by them. But I guess to you, rape is only ok if they´re black. Blacks where all over the island not just one side.

  80. then tell them to stand for their country and don´t try so hard to be Dominicans. It´s their law and what´s in their constitution.

  81. Joel Ramirez says:

    Danny Monegro Gonzalez we have to tell the world the truth about this campaign of misinformation and lies.

  82. Joel Ramirez says:

    Tonya Tko That is one silly explanation, about the same land mass, Most countries around the world have border with others, that does not mean, that the neighbor have to carry , the other mass poverty and sick people, Does the US open its border to the Mexican poverty and crime or made a wall to keep them out? And what about Haiti? are the Haitian authority open to Dominicans? No.. when Dominican cross over with out a visa , its 30 days in jail…

  83. Joel Ramirez says:

    Benny , what does the Caribbean nations tell the Haitians born there to illegal parents and are being deported? The Dominican laws and the Bahamas laws are similar, to be Dominican, your parents or one of them have to be Dominican, or legal residents, If they are the children of contract workers, we have treaties SIGNED BY BOTH countries that are clear, if the parents have children there, they are not Dominican citizens, just like the contract in Germany, Russia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi and many other…Those people know that they are Haitians, they speak the language , practice their religions and travel back to Haiti all the time, many do not even want to know Dominican history.

  84. Terry Moore says:

    What? Whether you realize it or not you made my point THEY WERE BLACK! But, you are so bent on denying it, but the truth is you can't! How can Haitian who were slaves themselves keep slaves! Your mental illness (racism) is just as bad as white people, just delusional!

  85. Terry Moore says:

    Just because they spoke Spanish does not mean they weren't Black! Just ignorant and plain stupid!

  86. I know brother, its a campaign made by Black A. & Haitians against us to make us look like the bad people.

  87. First of all, Dominican DO NOT come from Haiti, dont u dare to tell some b.s. like that to a Dominican or else he will punch u in ur throat for disrespecting.
    Dominican dont have nothing to do with Haiti.
    Dominican Spanish, African & Taino ancestry have been mixing for the last 500 years. While Haitiand were brought by the French around 250 years ago, in other words, we have much longer time in the island mixing than Haitians, so even our history goes against your believe.

  88. Terry Moore says:

    Danny, you Dominicans don't even believe you were slaves! How is it that you don't have anything to do with Haitian when you are both from Africa! Do you see how sick with racism you are! And yes, I have say and told a Dominican that, but he was so ignorant of his history or sick with racism that he didn't know how his people got to the island! The fool said by boat, I was like yeah a big boat, called a slave ship! When I started traveling to different islands I was looking forward to seeing my people who happened to get on a different ship then my people, but to my disappointment y'all are sicker than we are! We did have the dark vs light skinned thing that was perpetrated by the master whether willing or unwilling by grandma. But, we are over it for the most part, but y'all are ridiculous! But, just like mentally ill white folks you can't see it, because you think you are so superior. I got news for you, you ain't! I should have known how sick you all were when I stepped off of the plane some dude was telling me Welcome Home, I looked at him like he was crazy! I wish I had said out loud what I was thinking, FOOL YOU AIN'T EVEN AT HOME! Africa is our home!

  89. Terry Moore says:

    And Danny, you list should read African, Taino, THEN Spanish! Just sick!

  90. Terry Moore says:

    One thing for sure Danny, from your list of stats you are definitely a mixed up group of people, but mostly in the head! So, keep denying your brother over your slave master! That's our lingering problem the undying love for massa!

  91. CH Habs says:

    Isabel Polanco – you are all confused… you guys were african slave of the spanish! gma was rape by the spanish…haitian were slave of the french… you have backward slave mentality your comment is stupid and dumb…but good thing is not all dominicans are not educated or racist… you live 70-80 yrs and that's what you going to spend your life doing? hating on other human beings? all the dominican in the states are doing the same thing these haitians are doing trying to live and feed their families…

  92. CH Habs says:

    that's true though… ahh what a mess this system is!

  93. CH Habs says:

    lol what a supid comment.. war war..yes war is the answer.. backward looser. war is garbage.

  94. CH Habs says:

    Isabel Polanco but don't act like the DR as proper documentation its pure jokes there too… they send you to talk to 19 peeps pay 18 peeps just to extend a visa… pure better as far as organisation..maybe US should take over..or train yall.

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