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90 thoughts on “President Mugabe Made a Plea For African Americans and Africans to Come Together And It’s More Relevant Today Than Ever

  1. He is on precise target!

  2. Yes! The time is hear, the time is now. There are too many signs to list that should direct us, across the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. They said VIA YOUTUBE but I can't even find this on YOUTUBE

  4. David Sha says:

    I hope this helps to dispel the myth that native Africans don't want anything to do with diasporian Africans. Especially the A american norn African.

  5. David Sha says:

    I hope this helps to dispel the myth that native Africans don't want anything to do with diasporian Africans. Especially the A american norn African.

  6. David Sha says:

    Typo. Especially the American born African

  7. Les Wood Jr. says:

    This is long overdue. As I write this another brother was just gunned down by the cops in South Carolina. We have got to come to grips with the fact that we will never be accepted as a people in this country. Maybe as individuals here and there but never as a group. The issue of separation needs to enter the conversation as we look for solutions to our situation. This country was not designed to include us as a group so I think we should start looking else where. This is not for everybody but for those with a pioneer, trailblazing mentality it should be considered.

  8. youtube removed it after minutes it was know this is good start for our people to realise the truth of togetherness and this move is a threat to the west so they will never like many to be awaken.

  9. The recent killings in South Africa of their fellow Africans from other nations on that same continent is enough to convince me that not all Africans would welcome us with open arms…sounds good in theory…but!

  10. Medusa Brown says:

    The information has to be from a very reliable source for me to believe that! About a year ago I read about the South Africans killing the foreigners and they were white! They were driving them from the African Land. I don't believe it at all!!

  11. Ahwi Quacoe says:

    They are also suffering from the stigma of white brainwashing and oppression, it's just like Rioters burning your own cities …… The anger is taken out on foreign Africans because they have been marginalized, uneducated and bitter. That's the most direct and tangible source for them to unleash their anger. Don't use that as an excuse to ignore Mugabes message

  12. Yes come over and experience our brand of police brutality.…/police-brutality-captured-on…/

  13. I stand bye this 100 percent

  14. I love this African leader so much. I love his arrogance and straight forward persona. Keep doing what you are doing, Pres. Mugabe. We are trying to get the people awake and keep being the inspiration.

  15. Some of them is brain wash to we are killing each other over here to every day we have to start from somewhere to get the ball rolling

  16. Like I've always said and still say… Garvey was/is the "answer". There's no getting around it.

  17. Like I've always said and still say… Garvey was/is the "answer". There's no getting around it.

  18. Africa come together. …

  19. Its not about the the individuals involved but a SYSTEMIC problem of BLACK MEN being treated as expendable in the eyes of the criminal justice system…. blacks get suck'd into the process to either go along or get mangled like the others… and those 3 officers OUTSIDE the uniforms are just as expendable as the people they arrest!

    Plenty of black cops out there doin' the same thing as the others…

    RACISM OR NOT? (When in Rome!)
    Do not be confused by that Black cops appear here, in terms of the racism element leading to Freddie Grays death. It was the three White cops who determined that Mr. Gray should be apprehended. They then, despite his audible cries, commenced to dragging him into custody. According to

    Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, after an independent investigation, "No crime had been committed by Mr. Gray." However, often, once a "suspect" is handcuffed and in the custody of police, even if no crime has been committed, especially if Black, he or she is often treated similarly to Mr. Gray.

    This society encourages a racist, dehumanizing perspective of Black males (and females), just as it encourages English as the primary language. Regardless of so-called race, including "Black" etc. all are conditioned to share the same language and the same "race" perceptions of people. "Law enforcement" in the USA comes out of a system that has made a tradition of harassing, disrespecting and disproportionately incarcerating and killing Black people. This is the result of racism. All people, including Black people, involved in systems that perpetuate these policies implement them, implement the racism. Or, keeping their job can be a challenge.

    For example, in the Walter Scott murder case in South Carolina, a White cop confronted, shot and killed Mr. Scott in cold-blood. However, a Black cop co-signed the fraudulent report to be used to justify the killing. So, please don't be confused by the appearance of Black people also charged in the Freddy Gray case.
    Other systems in the USA also implement such practices.

  20. Poxy Walker says:

    We need to have a Melanated baby boom. We have to increase our numbers because it's so much money being spent to kill us off. We are at 13% in the US. That number should be 35-40%. The Melanated being is very very powerful once he is awaken. Collectively we can force a change.

  21. Brian M Bigb says:

    One African can't speak for all Africans. Some want us their and work towards pan-Africanism. Others are working with neocolonialist leaders and don't want us interfering.

  22. Mohamed Maie says:

    I think it's the right time to give space and accommodate our Br & Sister of African-American to joint the family of Africa. May Allah make me to witness the resettlement and reintegration for African American in continent of Africa by Africans. COME BACK TO YOUR HOME!

  23. "Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue".

    — African Proverb.

  24. Linda Marie Smith don't fall for the Propaganda. That all has to do with POVERTY, just as in the U.S. where they call it "Black on Black Crime" it all has to do with Poverty. Ask why the average Black SA makes less than what they did during Apartheid, why the Black Elites aligned with the White Elites to suppress the voice of Black SA, why they built prisons to throw them away for their protest, why Black SA were Fenced Away from the Olympics and not Allowed to make any money from the tourism. There is always a bigger Question and ROOT to when WE as Black People Murder One Another. Then they see other Afrikans who come seeking a better life, making a better life then them…as the Saying Goes Poverty can have a Man killing his own Mother.

  25. Brian Smith says:

    I don't have any confidence that blacks in the U.S or anywhere else will do what he is encouraging them to do. They have bought into materialism and all the other stupidity that everybody else have bought into as well.

  26. Brian M Bigb that ain't true tell why afriicans going to hate africans americans use your brain.

  27. I promise you Brah, there will be a separation.

  28. Brian M Bigb says:

    David Williams You can't say all Africans want us there. My statement is true if one person beleives it. Some Africans see African Americans as competition wether its in the US or on the continent. Some Africans on the continent have worked against AAs trying to live and get established there. Some Africans in the US identify more with whites than they do African Americans. In many African countries AAs aren't allowed to hold office and are still treated like second class citizens.

  29. Linda Marie Smith I'm glad you said South Africa, not the African continent.

  30. I need an apology for selling us to the people who wanted us as a crop/stock from africa… and we can go from there. I need respect for our black american culture before I can consider this… I need acknowledgement of the progress we did make. #ijs I'm cool with africans but I still don't hear we must respect the black americans and appreciate them.

  31. It doesn't take all of us to do it, just enough of us. It is expected as with all nations of people, that their will always be those who will be ignorantly defiant towards the cause and vision; that's expected of most African Americans. But to those of us willing to go the course, support us instead of bashing.

  32. My brotha, since I was a child growing up in South Carolina and then later NYC, I have NEVER felt like I belonged in America! And after years later traveling to Africa with the military, I left a big portion of my spirit in Africa and have been craving to return so that I can be complete. Most conscious-minded Africa Americans long to come home to Africa, to use our talents, skills and ingenuity to build a nation of our own, to stand and look at our African brothas and sistas as family. To join in helping to grow and protect the motherland. That is my vision and dream!

  33. As an Africa American who grew up around a lot of Africans, the problem isn't them not respecting us because they admire us, it was us who set the pace for revolutions in Africa. African Americans must learn to resect themselves, we are our own worse enemy.

  34. That's why we unite with those who will. Its the same with African Americans, we are more hateful of one another so the problem isn't blacks abroad but ourselves. We can't expect everyone to e down with this, but we would we fools seeking willing death at the white man's hand if we turn down an opportunity like this. What these devils got planned for us here in America should make any black person want to leave. We have got to get back our determination and creativity to step out and build for ourselves once more, we are to afraid to do anything now and we always got excuses. What happened to to the great black pioneers, both men and women?

  35. Yarred Ben Ysrael THere will be? And who will initiate it? The "most high"?

  36. Eh, too much black on black violence in Africa for me.

  37. Gwen Triche says:

    Well said Les Wood Jr. I will pass it on…

  38. Gwen Triche says:

    Brian Sankara again"Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue".

  39. Gwen Triche says:

    I agree with Tony Mitchell the Freelance Graphic Designer

  40. Reggie Bern says:

    What I'm going to say is heartbreaking but smart, if we return to Africa it will be to forge our own country not take part in another .
    If we return it will be with guns and our own way of thinking .
    Africa is riddled with tribalism and old ideas still and that bothers me so that's why I say we need our own country.

  41. Love Elder Robert Mugabe Min Farrakhan brilliant as He is should take notes and start getting on Brother and President Obama to start taking Black Afrikans or Black people more seriously in Amerikkka by helping Us to come out of the burning house and do for Self and have Knowledge of Self and declare war on white Amerikkka to be free of them Separation is necessary.

  42. John Applestaub Luke 12:51 Suppose yes that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

  43. Rickie B says:

    that man is a disgrace to his nation. his wife shopped nonstop while her country suffering.

  44. Jacob Jay says:

    Brian Sankara when you have personal differences with some africans there doesn't mean the continent feel the same way I am in Kenya & alot of pple love AA & always trynna even immitate some of your cultures, even in amrica where you live white pple have there differences so it ain't something just for black pple its always the number of pple who r trying to plant the seed of unity that's needed not division which you are spreading!

  45. PEACE. Wow, In this decade I have witnessed 2 Great phenonamanal occurrences. One is the election of the first African American President, and the second is President Robert Mugabe the sitting President of the African Union inviting her children back home. This is a manifestation that GOD's Timing is the Best TIME. Mr. Mugabe has fulfilled the Vision of some of our Gratest African American Leaders, to name a few, Markus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ail etc. R.I.P. The circle is now being completed. ALHUMDULILAH.
    President Mugabe has been a champion in the fight for the Liberation of Africa and a fearless warrior fighting against the Most powerful Colonial countries whose intentions was to humiliate him like they have done to African Leaders for Centries, but he has stood the test of time and continues to fight, now he is the Champion of African peoples around the Globe. We thank you (CHIEF) President Mugabe for showing the World that we still have African Leaders with integrity and tenacity to fight for the rights of its Peoples. You are a Beacon to the other African Leaders. You have played a GREAT role! LIBERATED.

  46. I have much respect for this man.

  47. Iman Hameen says:

    sovereign homeland yes but with guns??? no reggie..

  48. The first thing we need to do if any of us return to the Motherland is leave as much American/European culture behind as possible. Learn as much as you can about the specific country in Africa where you will reside and be prepared to adjust your Amerikkan culture and values as they are not true to who you really are. Why would we want to bring black amerikkkan culture with us, it is a false identity. It would be wise and expected that we assimilate back into our ancestral roots. The idea of wanting an apology is absurd. We will send you a postcard!

  49. Africans who live in some democratic countries leading a good standard of life can stay there for the years of their choice, and those under racial segrigation,torture and harrassment could plan to come back to their countries of origin and work for development of their nations and lead a confortable life at home.And to go abroad they should first understand the kind of work to be done there, be officially appointed and be reported to ambassodors and legal officers with clear terms of empoyment and other forms of citizenships in other countries.

  50. Yarred Ben Ysrael Your promises are based on what….the bible and it's fairy tales….SMH at the backwards thinking.

  51. Much Respect! was also just wondering when this was – and would love to see the whole speech…

  52. Brian Sankara You dont know what you are talking about bro, Africans are the most welcoming people you will ever find, we believe in hospitality man, take a good example kenya, we have been receiving refugees from somalia and outh sudan , and they are not treated as second class citizens, and have never seen any kenyan complaining about them #peacemybrother

  53. Some people have the audacity to say we, the Afrikans, hate the Afrikan Amerikkkans. This statement is not true at all. Most Afrikans actually aspire to act, speak and look like Afrikan Amerikkkans. Where would hate come from if such is the case?

  54. Brian Sankara It doesn't matter if they want us there, Africa is our birthright and lineage just as much as it is theirs. As long as we purchase enough fertile land and are willing to put our skills, creativity, talents and know how into action we can have our own nation. And it doesn't have to be all of us, just enough of us. We can even protect our own counrty's borderlands, there are thousands of Conscious minded African and African American veterans here in America ready for something like this because it would be worth fighting for and even dying for if needs be. But we can't sit here too long thinking that whites are going to change, we have to act soon. We can do it no matter what anyone or any negative black person says, we build Black Wall Street in Tulsa, we built Harlem and Atlanta and we can build our own strong Nation too.

  55. Alma Mckay says:


  56. John Applestaub Sorry but there is no "Most High"! Its time we get off this Jewish/Catholic/Christian Pseudo religious bull shit!

  57. Mayada Kandaka Mannan
    Your assessment is absolutely, correct. Pronounced poverty is the same both here and abroad as well as its cause, greed and avarice. The solution too is the same. Redistribution of the wealth and resources. Now how that is accomplished is what's subject to debate.
    But I agree with Mugabe about Pan Africanism and I for one am anxious to return home!

  58. Brian Smith says:

    Tony Mitchell I'm not going to hold my breath though.

  59. Trevor Prime says:

    To contribute to your idea:

    I think that the educated, professional African Americans need to have more than 1 – 2 kids. Those in the "hood" tend to have a lot of kids, but these kids grow up internalizing the bad culture around them for the most part. And so, the AAs who are a positive example to all are always outnumbered by those who are not. We need to change that.

  60. Trevor Prime says:

    I rather deal with shit from my own people that from others.

  61. Trevor Prime says:

    John Applestaub Africa is a vast continent. Not all of it has wars going on. Stop watching TV and do some research of your own.

  62. Trevor Prime says:

    King Solomon was a womanizer,
    King David stole his general's wife
    George Washington was a slave owner…..

    You have your faults and so do everyone else

  63. Trevor Prime says:

    They also say that we the Afro-Caribbeans hate the African Americans, I've only heard this from…… WHITE PEOPLE.

  64. Trevor Prime says:

    Steve Smith In other words: Repatriate the mind, before the body.

  65. Brian Sankara Correct. It's the same here in the US. I'd say the majority of black Americans are happy with what they have and don't want change. The solution is to get those of us who do want change to sever the chord and go our separate ways. It's dangerous because those for status quo will continue trying to please whites and do us harm. But it can be done and economics empowerment should be our aim.

  66. That is all fine and dandy but the biggest thing we need to do is change our way of thinking. Those of us that are here need to arm ourselves with knowledge and use that knowledge and skills for ourselves and teach our children as well. Sheer numbers mean nothing if we do not break the mental chains of bondage and start using our brains.

  67. Trevor Prime They are tactics and propoganda started by the whites and spread by the puppet blacks of the whites. They are all tactics used to separate and keep blacks from everywhere separate and in conflict with each other instead of uniting. They know that the power that we will have combined as the black race would overwhelm them. They are afraid of us all uniting and waking up as the complete black race!

  68. All blacks have not bought into the materialism and nonsense. There are more blacks than you realize that have awakened and are ready to build together as a people. Will it be easy and simple? No. However, we need to make a start and work towards it. Making excuses why it won't work will get us nowhere but will continue the white oppression.

  69. Trevor Prime so well said. So many people are too quick to point the finger and criticize others when everyone has faults. I've yet to meet a perfect person in my life time and know that it is never going to happen.

  70. Actually slavery was not 200 hundred years ago. And the institution of slavery had lasting effects which still exist today. The money made from that institution still has generations of whites "in power" economically and socially. It's not an excuse it's a reality. When people wake up from that mentality then perhaps people can change. We are the only people who's ancestors were subjected to a holocaust but yet we are told to forget. We are also the only people who has never received reparations and a true apology to what we were (and still are) subjected to. Digest that for awhile. Sometimes you should truly listen and think before being so quick to want to be heard.

  71. Carlus Bland Maltbia s

  72. Steve Smith very well put!

  73. Brian Smith says:

    Carlus Bland Maltbia Time will tell.

  74. John Applestaub Most of the black on black violence is perpetuated by brainwashing and not having. Also how about the white on black violence here? How about the police shooting us down in the streets here? How about all the GMO's and chemtrails? How about the blatant racism that is growing more and more? I think I'd rather build with my own kind then to keep fighting to be accepted by a race that is not going to accept us completely…EVER.

  75. Adela Dzata exactly

  76. Tony Mitchell , perhaps you cant read. But he said nothing about religion. If you going to comment with adults perhaps you should pay attention or go to a comment area where religion is being discussed.

  77. King Lateef says:

    I see Macus Garvey in Him.

  78. Dear Kie, human trafficking has never matched our African culture values and never happened in history under Black people patronage.// No deported Black person to America were sold by his African brothers. (This propaganda were imposed through violence by Whites to their slaves). Instead, millions of Africans were wounded or killed while protecting their targeted sisters and brothers in these wars against White and Arabs slave traders./// You should know that those who were deported were skilled Africans (farmers, engineers, craftsmen, etc.) who made this technology transfer to the benefits of ignorant Euro-americans slave traders. This is how agriculture and a wide range of industries could be launch in the America (north and south) ////The money from that trade can be easily found in Arab countries, in Europe through the support of 18th century industrial revolution; in America through the wealth of the Whites in Brazil, the Usa, the French Caribbean islands, etc.

  79. Your so right Im so sick of that shit being said when I traveled to Africa ALONE and I was able to see for myself. I was treated like family…I dont understand why people want to divide us when the time is to come together NOW!! I refuse to listen to that GARBAGE I love my African people!

  80. Éhwi Niamké Kakou Your correct our people are struggling everywhere! Proof we need to come together!

  81. That is very ignorant for you to say! You sound like the type who has no faith in any type of change …while its been happening in front of your face… tell me that you dont see the awarness? This awarness is important because once people become aware then they can change NOW unfortunately not all will make the change but alot will. Its a matter of people doing what they need to do instead of sitting on their asses and become apart of it instead of talking shit getting no where!

  82. Brian Sankara I am infact an african american and had the opportunity to marry an African and travel to the motherland. You have to stop looking at the negatives because All of Africa is not the way you described. I was well taken care of and embraced as family instantly. I get sick and tired of people assuming our relations with Africans is damaged while it is not. While on my trip there so many people came to the house to greet me day after day and we shared and eat food together! I can't tell you how many times they told me that they had so much respect for my travel. Now the Africans in America are different and leary of us and for good reason. We as Africans Americans do not stick together and throw each other under the bus and it is NOT what they stand for in some of their cultures to live that way when ALL they know is to UNITY… They can not come together with us if we do not know how to ..that forces them to stay in their own circle however if we are wlling to come together they are 100% for it..What you explained is not like that in all african states…Africa is HUGE and yes has it set backs in some areas thats why its important for African Americans do their own research before making decision on what they want to do. I see so many people tryng to divide Africa and African American theres no time for that we need to come together and that is what we are trying to do right now the past is the past and people need to allow change to take place instead of being negative.

  83. Brian Smith says:

    Carlus Bland Maltbia Most have.

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