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Not All Peaceful: 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Black People 

All quotes are direct quotations from The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. They are taken from his writings and statements during the years he spent working as an attorney in South Africa before he went back to India in 1915 to fight for independence. Note: “Kaffir” is an offensive term in South Africa considered on par with “n*gger” in the U.S., though in Gandhi’s time some historians claim it was considered more neutral.

Gandhi in his 20s

Gandhi at 19

Indians Dragged Down to the Kaffirs

Before Dec. 19, 1894: “A general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa. Even the children are taught to believe in that manner, with the result that the Indian is being dragged down to the position of a raw Kaffir.”


Kaffirs Pass Their Lives in ‘Indolence and Nakedness’

Sept. 26, 1896: “Ours is one continual struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir whose occupation is hunting, and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness.”


Kaffirs Would Not Work

Oct. 26, 1896: “There is a bye-law in Durban which requires registration of colored servants. This rule may be, and perhaps is, necessary for the Kaffirs who would not work, but absolutely useless with regard to the Indians. But the policy is to class the Indian with the Kaffir whenever possible.”

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152 thoughts on “Not All Peaceful: 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Black People 

  1. Tamika Blanton says:

    This is a dangerous and destructive article. It’s the same as quoting Malcolm X in his pre-Hajj years. It erases one of the reasons that Malcolm X, like Ghandi, were able to speak directly to and reach MASSES of people; they transformed themselves through introspection right before our eyes, showing us that none are beyond reproach and change. To write and/or pass around this article is a misrepresentation of what these men actually became

  2. A G says:

    One major problem with this article is that it doesn’t mention anything about Gandhi’s eventual abandonment of racism. Unfortunately, that information isn’t widely available because the sensationalism of his earlier racist views gets more publicity for whoever is publishing it while the latter is just run-of-the-mill anti-racism. Still, I recommend this book:

    It details how Gandhi both sent representatives to the US to dialogue with Black Civil Rights leaders and how several Black Civil Rights leaders visited him in India, and the interactions they had. Gandhi even wrote for the legendary Black newspaper Crisis and personally corresponded with W.E.B. Du Bois.

  3. A G says:

    I should add that all of these quotes are from the earliest stages of his career. This was all before he sparked the Indian Independence movement. Most of the photos used here are of him as a freedom fighter, by which point he had abandoned and regretted his racism.

  4. unfortunately he was on of my heroes, I change my mind NOW.

  5. Where do you see racism here? Ghandi relied on beliefs of his time, when the Indians were treated in the same way as African people.

  6. Gandhi was an over inflated 3rd rate lawyer who just got lucky and got in right time at a weak point of Indian scene. British used this clown as a poster boy.
    NEHRU Gandhi must be finished now IF india must grow into future.

  7. once again a people have no respect for another people…whose land they were on…is amazing and disgusting to me, brown people have divided themselves for centuries thinking one is better than the other.

  8. OJ Zeegelaar says:

    Stop it please stop it.

  9. These comments are most unflattering of a person we have been lead to believe was a peace maker and beleiver of equality. I too think he was a product of his time. I would be most interested in his views later in his life in relation to Black South Africans, and did his views evolve through enlightenment, or did he still possess the views espoused in this piece.

  10. These comments are most unflattering of a person we have been lead to believe was a peace maker and beleiver of equality. I too think he was a product of his time. I would be most interested in his views later in his life in relation to Black South Africans, and did his views evolve through enlightenment, or did he still possess the views espoused in this piece.

  11. He was just ignorant in some aspects of life. That does make him a bad man. Don't forget Gandhi is from wealthy family, and see the world through his background. I don't think he was racist.

  12. Baharaddin don't just believe what ever the papers and the media writes about Gandhi. You should actually think why are they targeting Gandhi. The answer is simple he fought what he believed in. You should never believe what ever you hear that's just stupid

  13. Gandhi did not have this view in his later life. He was enlightened.BA Mohammed, please don't change your mind.

  14. Gandhi might have commented this way when he was a young lad but he was enlightened in his later life. He advocated for humanity, not one or few more races.

  15. Mr Hindusthan Aandolan, at least one billion Indians do not think that way as you think and rate the respected Gandhi as third grade lawyer.

  16. Mohammed, so you didn't know anything about Ghandi after all…
    Plus, do you realize that he was a human being who changed his views?

  17. Mohammed, plus how on earth can an INDIAN be racist? l0l He was not the type you'll find in Nazi Germany for example!

  18. RSS assassinated but was never able to tarnish his legacy before. Now you feel emboldened and stoop to using the crutches of a half-informed journalist.

  19. People from India are highly racist towards Black/African peoples. To deny this is to show your own ignorance/denial. I learned this first hand by liviing in a neighborhood that was 70% Indian. The fact is, Ghandi WAS racist, his quotes prove it. I don't care what point in his life that was, he was racist. Stop making excuses for racists and trying to sweep it under the rug just because it doesn't affect you personally.

  20. True. You can find people of color out there who are just as or even more racist than white people. It's the unspoken racism that we deal with daily from Indians, Asians, Latinos, etc, etc, etc. THAT needs to be exposed far more and then dealt with.

  21. It was not just what he said, it was how he said it. He truly believed himself superior to another race by just color alone. THAT is what a racist is, & YES Indians from India can be VERY racist because of the system set up by another race to protray us as animals always. Most of other races have never seen us as anything but that for years, & his thoughts were right in tune with the way a lot see us even today. Including our current president. I dare anyone to say racism doesn't exist or act as if it isn't that bad, & then I challenge you to read any comment section on yahoo comments of ANY article that anything to do with a Black person.

  22. It was not just what he said, it was how he said it. He truly believed himself superior to another race by just color alone. THAT is what a racist is, & YES Indians from India can be VERY racist because of the system set up by another race to protray us as animals always. Most of the other races have never seen us as anything but that for years, & his thoughts were right in tune with the way a lot see us even today. Including our current president. I dare anyone to say racism doesn't exist or act as if it isn't that bad, & then I challenge you to read any comment section on yahoo comments of ANY article that has anything to do with a Black person.

  23. Well, with due respect, I would like the author to clarify on the point of this article. Taken in isolation, all these seem to point towards Gandhi being a non-violent Hitler. Very interesting insight but nothing more, personally for me.

    However, as an Indian, I also know that Gandhi was one of the few leaders who fought for "hari-jans" or untouchables in India. He never discriminated anyone here based on caste, colour or creed once he CAME BACK from SA. Not many are aware of his life before he went to SA.

    Does it mean that people can NEVER change? Not many know that Gandhi was brought up in a very conservative environment, very caste and sect driven culture. In fact, his trip to SA changed his outlook about slavery, people and life as such, it was a life changing period. So, the point about "Yes, he made some racist comments so he cannot be great" is like saying "Hey as a kid you bullied, so you can never be a great man". To err is human, to accept the error and rectify in your lifetime is greatness in itself.

    So, to all those people trying to paint him as a racist worth no respect, here is my ask. Go deep within yourself and see how many times have you accepted your mistake and made sincere efforts to correct it? If you like Gandhi, read his life and then take whatever you want to take as a message from it.

    Here is a man who did that openly, humbly without any prejudice, don't judge him by these quotes. Just respect what he did and move on, if possible, take a good message or two from his life for yourself.

    PS: I am neither a Nationalist nor a fan/follower of Gandhi. I have immense respect for what some of the people have done to my Country and the World at large.

  24. Sudhir Mada says:

    James Anaghan better than your misinformed lies about RSS. Godse was a gandhian before gandhi real nature was revealed to him,,

  25. Sudhir Mada says:

    Ganga Kuikel Sharma majority do! look outside your hut for once.


  27. Betty Carine Atine Lowenski You are right. You should not interpret out of context. He has greatest respect for humanity.

  28. Dear Adam Mohammed. Please do not change your mind. Please read all his works. Especially experiments with truth. I will send you a copy. He loved humanity and he was telling about the prevailing perception and not his perception.

  29. Dear Hindustan andolan, what ever you are please do not represent Indians. If you meet people any where in the world and the respect they have is for Gandhi and his methodology of Ahimsa. Please stop such comments on Father of Nation.

  30. Thank you Cynthia Armster for your right comments. He was talking about the perception and not about his view.,

  31. Hmmm gandhi worked for harijans ? Where? where ?how ? What ? Are u being funny or for real ? I think u mistyped ambedkar. Pls do research before propagating something.

  32. If u have ever spoke to a dalit u would never sY such words. Pls talk to a dalit friend . Ghandi was a no 1fraud when it comes to helping dalits…i have no idea what he did to kaffirs but i wont be surprised if he was racist. I dont know if the source from where the qultes taken is true will do a research. But he was a actor in the stage who performed well. The unknown real father of nation is ambedkar period.

  33. I totally understand and know the fact that some Indians haveissues with black people, but if they go to Europe for example they will be treated as what they are, dark people, specially if they are Muslims. See my point?
    Totally fucking ridiculous!

    By the way we must see the fact that HE is dead, let's move on please.

  34. If you are a Christian, you'll know that there was a Saul of Tarsus, the one who persecuted and murdered christians then later became the Apostle Paul.

  35. Media marketing at diff levels have been successful ghandi was one of the example. He is no hero . Untouchables of india / dalits / harijans /sc/st / tribals are still going thru what kaffirs went thru even today

  36. Santhosh Jagannathan, it is not wise to presume about a person, and would appreciate if you do not delve into personal commenting. You have asked if I have done my research, I would ask the same of you. I can understand you are passionate, so let me guide you. Gandhi actually started a publication in the name Harijan in 1932, he has vehemently spoken against untouchability in various places. Its recorded in scores of website you can just google it (Gandhi Harijan). Its easy to call anyone a racist, especially if they are dead isn't it? As I already said, personally I am not much of a nationalist or an activist, its just that I respect some people's work and life for whatever they have stood for, including Ambedkar to your point. But this article is not about him, this article is misleadingly painting Gandhi as someone who endorsed racism. Hence I felt compelled to give my point of view.

  37. Gary Gordon says:

    I think Gandhi like any one of us had said and down some things in the early part of our life's but grew out of it with knowledge while evolving personally! we must remember Gandhi came from a wealthy family and got his university education from another country up on getting that he went home to serve his country then realizing that he had to do more! so he evolve while learning and growing as a person! to the point that he burned the western suits and everything that came with it, ideology and way of life and then embraces his culture and their way of life for his people and the wider world for them to embrace what they have and don't lean on anybody else understanding as a people but work with what you have and be satisfied….so no I don't see Gandhi as a racist, I see him evolved from a occupation structured ideology to a universal living way of life….

  38. Thomas Burt says:

    It is very sad, how easily African people can be duped by those that have a demonic hatred for them. Ghandi was a Brahmanic/Hindu, with a an profound, and incorrigible hatred for African people, and the Untouchables of India. Please, don't listen to these deceivers saying he later changed in life; that is a lie. The video by DR.VELU ANNAMALAI, gives us priceless insight and knowledge of the Brahman/Hindu mindset, Indian caste system, and it's advocate "Mahatma" Ghandi.

  39. I would urge you to read the link I posted on the exchange between the great Ambedkar and Gandhi, then make up your mind. This is not a forged letter, its acknowledge even by Dr. Velu whom you have quoted. Its very easy to twist facts and prey on impressionable minds, but it is wise to seek truth and form an informed opinion. India was divided into two through religion, this would have divided India into 3 and that would have made all of the West happy isn't it? Think!

  40. Thomas Burt says:

    Prasanna Varadhan I haven't quoted anyone. I have posted a video, whereby the viewer can see and hear Dr. Annamalai, and make their own decision.

  41. Well, maybe we've been feed the false good news all this years.

  42. He was being pitted againt Blacks by an oppressor,who's goal was to divide and conquer the regines they planned to rule.

  43. Thomas Burt Yes my apologies, I meant the one whose video you have linked to. Thanks for correcting!

  44. The incident about the letter sent to Hitler strikes me as overly naive: So you can actually reason with a deranged, magalomaniac and demagogic dictator such as Hitler?
    Hitler wanted to become a god, and he certainly succeded at that even to the destruction of Europe.

  45. Ganga Kuikel Sharma How did you count 1 billion. The nehru and his daughers fake gandhi name projected gandhi as if he was the greatest Indian ever and as father of a nation which was based on a myth to fool India. Dig more and see what gandhi did to India. His Islamic states around India was a horrible decision and it will ulitimately blow SOuth Asia up.

  46. James Anaghan What do you know of RSS? Just by reading the fake and projected Indian media you are commenting this RSS or the books written on Gandhi that were by nehru and his uneducted daughter who used gandhi name. India has been put 50 years backward by gandhian and nehruvian policies. Unless you live in India you cant see what Gandhi name implies. It is time to expose the reality.

  47. Bianca Rei says:

    Lol exactly and what's wrong with being treated like An African….Is that to be treated inferior..Are they not Just as human as the Indians

  48. Debra Lloyd says:

    Thats how it was in those days so what? It was accepted as normal the worlds moved on since then. It was the same with class the upper class wouldn't of pissed on my parents back in the day and vice versa but now days were more integrated and less aggressive than the old days. Get over it and get life!!!!

  49. Jimmi Shrode says:

    So–you are going to judge Ghandi on things he said before he became Enlightened? That would be like us judging people on what they did before they had a major revelation. It would be like dismissing everything Malcolm X did because he was a criminal before he became Enlightened. People change and transform their lives. This is callow just telling one part of a story and asking you to judge on that. SMH

  50. I went to Kolkata in India. I did not experience any forms of racism (unless, I did not notice) I met amazing people, and now friends. It is easy to generalise when we don't want to think outside the box. Racism can be found anywhere, even among black people.

  51. Jimmi Shrode says:

    You guys remind me of Fox News–all bombast and reaction; no substance, truth or thought. Before you destroy someone or something, you should look at all sides of a thing so you truly understand it. Fear destroys blindly.

  52. Gary Gordon says:

    Why is it when foreign natives educate themselves and go back home and fight against occupation on behalf off their people they are label as racist and terrorist! but when the legal killers and occupiers biography is written they are hailed as saviors? these doings are redundant for the twenty first century and on wards in my view…in my short time on so call earth I have seen countless world leaders faltered and all the time it just reminded me that a man is just a man…….

  53. Muka Ruta says:

    Jimmi Shrode you bring up a good point, but I would argue that yes of course he should be judged on things he said before he so-called got enlightened. Especially if those things have everything to do with what he later came to fight for. Enlightenment is a subjective term. How do we know that he was actually enlightened? One is truly enlightened is able to reflect and make right the things he has done wrong. Malcolm X tried doing that in his own way after incarceration. Perhaps it is because I have not fully immersed myself in the readings of Ghandi, but from my experience with books written by him and about him, I have never once come across anything that so much as hinted at him apologizing and taking back some of the things he said. Yes this is one part, but it is an essential part for someone who is viewed as highly as Gandhi. Not trying to start an internet argument, just stating my humble ideas. Thanks for reading 🙂

  54. Pat Kondile says:

    if the way Indian folk treat black folk in SA today is anything to go by and remember all that were not classified white during apartheid are now black even the Chinese who back then lived in white areas…it has not changed.

  55. @Prasanna, I don't see how his trip to South Africa changed his outlook about slavery if even while he was there he was still advocating segregation! Plus at no time in his later life did he openly own up to his "earlier" racist tendencies and offer any apologies which is supposed to be a door way to peace.

  56. My point is there where there is true enlightenment there is remorse and apology for past deeds especially racist tendencies or utterances especially for someone preaching peace and I cant recall where Ghandi did that in his later "enlightened" life.

  57. Jacob Bauer says:

    These quotes misleading. Gandhi later changed his attitude on race, advocating, in his own words, "equal respect and regard for all religions and equality of opportunity and status for all irrespective of race." This should be acknowledged…
    All of these quotes are from early in Gandhi's 'political' life, before much of his ideas had reached maturity.

  58. Jimmi Shrode says:

    Muka Ruta He used his life to fight for people and died for it. None of us are saints and far from being perfect. Sometimes the things we do make up for who we are. Should we all be judged for the bad moments in our lives and have them outshine the good that we do? I would hope not. He did recant for the way he lived his life. He admitted the way he lived before his Enlightenment was wrong and said he was sorry. The main thing is that he is not the enemy. There are people in the here and now who are the real problem. There is enough homophobia, racism and sexism in the here and now. And thank you Muka Ruta for your opinion. Peace be with you.

  59. Jimmi Shrode says:

    Stanley Ejingiri To forgive is divine.

  60. Grandiose really book down on the African race we was considered animals he have said black is dirty but yet he use the word Kaffir which jus as bad as the word nigga he felt as though Indians was smarter better in all aspects but yet we have leaders who followed his example by not being educated by which the word Kaffir mean. As a African race we have been talk down upon and strip of all we have civilized in the world open yall eyes prejudice and racism can be use as hateful tactics because of our skin.there even Latinos who fight against being part of African genes…

  61. Gandhi used to be a hot mess and a half. What I love about him is who he BECAME. He grew FROM this person into the hero we all know and love. We tend to idolize people for the good they do and forget about the journey they may have taken to reach the point of enlightenment that drove them to change the world. I admire that he forgave himself and his ignorance, and pushed himself PAST it. That takes guts and determination. Hard work. Its pretty well-known that he was once a class – A jerk, but he forgave himself, and GREW. Once he grew, he helped change the world. His story is inspiring because he started life like everyone else, held back by his narrow views, and made the choice to surpass them.

  62. The fact that he repeatedly uses 'Kaffir', knowing full well that it was a derogatory term indicates that he, along with the Europeans, did not hold the African people in high regard and saw them as beneath Indians. It isn't supposition to come to that conclusion as it is in text, he makes clear reference to the fact on the second page. "Infinitely superior'. No room for misinterpretation, or being misquoted there. Nothing lost in translation. No excuses. Changed my perception of him forever now, irrespective of his 'enlightenment'. He was a man well educated, and made those observations, not on a whim, but with consideration.

  63. Betty CAL you are a outsider with proper education and dressing sense….what will happen if u werent allowed to get educated you had no money u were born in kolkatta dalit family and u dint know how u will be treated are u going to say the mind set will be same ? Or is it enough only you are treated well and downtrodden can be treated as they please bcos they treated u wel right ? You see my point ?

  64. Racism can be found anywhere is a statement maDe by people who support rasicm cos they use that serous state ment like a passing statement betty CAL . Effects of rasicm the truama afected ppl won't like ur statement cos to them you are no different from oppressors.

  65. Prasanna you are supporting a fake leader i tried helping u but u seem to take it personally and then try to be the bigger person by fakely guiding me i dont talk to such people with such attitude where they use every reply to propogate their false ideas and find fault in the person talking even make the persin look like a trouble maker rather than sticking to the point . Thats nasty out dated and old kindergRden tecnique by oppressers . Tha ks for showing who you are. I like to stick to the point. You can ei th er make this seem like a fight or stick to the point that ghandi did nothing to dalits or not.

  66. Prasanna you are supporting a fake leader i tried helping u but u seem to take it personally and then try to be the bigger person by fakely guiding me i dont talk to such people with such attitude where they use every reply to propogate their false ideas and find fault in the person talking even make the persin look like a trouble maker rather than sticking to the point . Thats nasty out dated and old kindergRden tecnique by oppressers . Tha ks for showing who you are. I like to stick to the point. You can ei th er make this seem like a fight or stick to the point that ghandi did nothing to dalits or not.

  67. We have this tendency to find something bad someone did at some point 8n life, forget about context such as stage in life and development to, and after that point, then define someone as bad because of that. The problem witb that is, there is no good person on earth if you do that, and that will include the person making those contextless judgements.

    I wanted to expound a bit, but not on a phone keyboard. What I'll leave it as is: if you're blessed enough to be given the years, you will change, and at some point, you'll realize how different you are in your older years from what you were in your younger years. It's called by names such as growth and development, and it's natural. If you don't do it, then there is no point in staying on earth.

    Unfortunately, people conditioned by politics are attuned to people intent on dividing and stirring conflict in order to maintain a position of influence, rather than recognizing people's humanity, and with that humanity, development from what they are born into, to what they become.

    so what stage ofhis life do you want to define him by? How about the novel approach of recognizing he was human, and therefore imperfect like you, and recognizing his development in life. When you have done that, rather than point a finger at the imperfections, get back to the task of developing in uour life … although at some point, you'll probably recognize that most of your development could not have been planned.

  68. The article indicates when he wrote down these comments. Many years before he became the leader we think of him as later in his life.

  69. you are a outsider with proper education, bank balance and dressing sense….what will happen if u weren't allowed to get educated you had no money u were born in Kolkotta dalit family and u dint know how u will be treated or how to behave are u going to say the mind set will be same? When your dark skinned and treated well people think oh there is no racism is never experience none 🙂 downtrodden can be treated as they please bcos they treated you nice your of the opinion they will treat natives the same way? You see my point?

  70. My Opinion as a Indian from Dalit(Untouchables of India) background is Ghandhi the so called mahatma(Bigger soul) was a Puppet a good actor he was just the showpiece for media broadcasting to gain what they want while the actual things happened from behind(Politics) I know a big big amount of Indians who hate black skin literally I know this because I have one, even black skinned people hate themselves and other dark skinned ones because that's how they were brainwashed.Anything white is beautiful. (Bah bah black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir three bags full one for my master one for my dame and one for the little boy who lives down the lane) Yes the master, dame and boy is white and the sheep is Black this rhyme is taught in every schools. In India the masters are dirty white or dirty black or even called brown who worship pure white, the best part is dalits come in all color. if this is not enough Dalits have no big media backup every dalit protection law is literally not enforced or not practiced.If a man called ambedkar wasn't there I don't know what would have happened to us. Now the even more confusing part.Till date dalits can't reveal they are dalits for the fear of oppression which is very real.Christians Muslims and Hindu's don't see dalit as one of them however useful they might be for their good brand name creation and money making.If you are very brilliant dalit you can be in government job where you have dalit groups to protect, if you are in a private sector consider you are doomed. Simply you won't be hired or given opportunity because they know who you are, because you need reference anywhere you go, if you fight for your rights you are a trouble maker your friends say on your face that you gifted you are dalit and you free education/quota everywhere which is a lie again. Literally you can be alive at anybody's mercy or you can be of useful to everybody else but you can never be someone big. Well don't get me wrong I am very successful and found a way to do it. Not everyone gets my education and their life question paper is very very different. so called upper caste and Hindu extremist Gandhi according to the history given to us is a reflection of Indian mindset. Ghandhi was never a good man never. A proud Dalit! Hope Kaffir are doing good for all the oppression they went through. This is a beautiful article.Thanks for your time.

  71. Bianca Rei Well said Biance well said…

  72. I am 69 years old and was raised in a white family and white schools, in ignorance and bigotry. God forbid any visual or written record exist of my behavior while a young man.

  73. Muka Ruta Why an apology? Talk is cheap. It's also viewed differently in different cultures. An apology is something you are expecting, but you were not there to ask it, and he could not have answered for it. Anybody can apologize, but does that mean the person changed? If the person changes and does not apologize, does the lack of a recognizable apology mean it wasn't sincere?

    Actions speak much louder than words, as was said to me when I grew up. The lack of an apology does not mean the person did not develop as an individual past what he was when he was younger. I have had such a case where I have apologized to people I think I did something wrong to when I was younger. Other people may see that as something wider than it was, but I don't think I owe them an apology. I owe it to people I directly affected. The rest have no right to demand an apology, and it is meaningless if I deliver it. I think hanging on for an apology, rather than recognizing what has moved on is part of what becomes a problem today in relations. You have to recognize what really changed, and you have to allow someone to develop – we all develop from younger age to older age (the ones of us blessed enough to be given life that extends into older age, that is).

    That's my thought on it.

  74. Knowledge is indeed power, power to make better decisions about your life and what effect it

  75. I am Indian he did not change a ounce when he became old at last oops he never grew wise though.

  76. Normal for you not me and other afrikan

  77. Idi Amin's reason for expelling all of the South Asians from Uganda many decades later becomes very clear all of a sudden…

  78. James Wright says:

    Betty Carine Atine Lowenski Background is no excuse for racism. Gandhi was a racist in the same thought as the Klu Klux Klan in America. I am not surprised.

  79. Well at least you're being honest…

  80. Betty Carine Atine Lowenski really? the racism is right in your face… still denying it.

  81. he said racist, inhumane and awful things. why can't you accept it, deal with it and quit making excuses for him. Enlightment… lol please, people use that as a mask.

  82. Betty Carine Atine Lowenski to believe your race is better than another race is racism.

  83. Ara Marson says:

    Santhosh, with all due respect, your intentional ignorance of grammar and spelling, such as writing out the actual word "you", makes your arguments seem much less valid. I think you do have things to add, but you are doing yourself a disservice by writing in a lazier manner than the person you are debating with. Also, for the record I don't claim to know enough to take a position on the issue, and am simply pointing out that you have more to say than the way it appears in your writing.

  84. Joe Brilly says:

    You have to understand that all of these people, Indians, Chinese and other Asians were also conquered by white supremacy. They were used as coolies and slaves in Africa, America and parts of the pacific. But white folks have always used the tactic of divide and conquer in order to make one group of 'subjects' feel superior to another. At the end of the day they are all slaves to the white supremacists, but they have made certain groups feel superior so they 'adapt' and begin to like their slave masters and identify with them. This is what Ghandi represents. Indians have been some of the most loyal subjects of British Imperialism, fighting in almost every major war and being seen as 'model' subjects. They were taken to South Africa as slaves and coolies but eventually were allowed to have a life above blacks by the Boers and British. But at the end of the day they are flunkies who will follow the British wherever they go and do whatever it takes to win favor in the British system. That is their belief and pathology and that is why even with so many people, India was conquered. And the same goes for most of Asia. But it has paid off to some degree as they have used this to their advantage in many former colonies like South Africa and in the Carribbean and other places to make a life for themselves that is often better than that of black folks and former slaves. But the problem is that they are 'in love' with and don't mind 'working hard' for white supremacy. that is the whole problem in a nutshell. They have convinced themselves that working hard for white supremacy is the way to progress. And that is the biggest problem.

  85. I am only against discrimination in any form. Well I don't take masters by birth but I do take mentors if they are good enough in one way or the other. I am open to ideas and suggestions. Points noted. 😉

  86. Wow. I think ive changed my mind too. I know those were different times but no excuse for having the opinion that a group of people are almost sub-human. Low thoughts from a 'great' mind

  87. Shawn Bowen says:

    Why can't some one tell what yet see about us ? The wording could be better but the point is the same from then to know we need to fix the problem

  88. Prasanna Varadhan Whom in the world is perfect , We all saw nasty things one way or the other.

  89. Good to know that we have someone here who has met Gandhi personally and seen for himself that Gandhi didn't change an ounce and never grew wise!

  90. Ian Johnson says:

    The Elite Luciferian give us our history as they rewrite history to brainwash us. Dr. Martin Luther King jr admired Ghandhi and modeled after him in some of his non-violent ways. King was apart of the Black Elite Boule who main job is to be the buffer group between White Supremacy and Blacks in oppression. King was sent out with a mission to integrate African Americans and oppose Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad's separation into their own nation. King later changed his mind and started churning our the truth and speaking against global agendas. This lead this his assassination no doubt. I suspect Mr. Ghandhi was used the same way as Dr. King as a tool to keep the status quo going with a little extra on the said for lightskinned Indians. White Supremacy loves to create caste systems with people of melanin by getting us to define each other by how close or far we are in reference to White, which is considered supreme. Many of Ghandhi quotes speak of this caste system. Mainly the quotes condemn Mr. Ghandhi as not being a fighter for humanity but merely a fighter for his caste. Mr. Ghandhi wasn't fighting for humanity but his caste. Born into a rich higher caste in India and still getting mistreated by the Brits and other Whites this is what motivated Mr. Ghandhi. I think this is clear now. I don't know where someone gets the enlightened from, for how could Ghandi be enlightened if he failed to see total unity of all human beings? Justice for Kafif who's land India was originally belonged to? Nobody talks about that one. The Blacks Indians were the first occupants of India and the Indians of South India, the Kriya Yoga Indians, the oldest branch of Yogis, admit their descent from Egypt/Kemet. In other words, Yoga came from Africa. Love, Sango.

  91. The Saint is no longer a Saint after all and outright mean if you ask me,

  92. Betty Carine Atine Lowenski Lets face it he thought very lowly about the African, and some people put him on the same level as Jesus, i knew that it couldn't be.

  93. Only one thing, don't blame Europeans for Ghandi's views as well as the entire country of India, they have their own minds.

  94. So Gandhi was racist, and he's also dead. Let's move on please.

  95. He used his life to fight for HIS people, not all people. His struggle was peaceful because he has no other choice, & saying he was still good is like saying Hilter was too. Didn't Hitler fight for HIS people too? I guess it's all in the way it's written in the HIStory books right. He who wins the fight writes the history of what happened. Which doesn't always make it right though does it.

  96. Your going too deep for them. They don't want that much truth!

  97. @Ajendra Anchan Here we go another offender/Oppressor. Yeah you can offend people if its a joke right? Well you are not invisible and you are in a public forum and still you do this? so what happens in real life?

  98. Jimmi Shrode I blieve when you say your not a saint. However I am thinking because you said none of us are. Do you know that? Wow!

  99. Because A is working hard with manpower and B is sitting on top with promises and C is returning home with D. That is why Caste system and racism should be erased of earth. Any smarty pants oppressor dare to joke in that scenario? give what he deserves according to local recipe and flavour.

  100. I had similar experiences in Germany, I would have ceased to exist If I had sulked then. Would never care about how others think and behave, we are living in a different time than that of Baba Saheb and Gandhi. Nobody from the past or present can lead us now. And the I in you and me does not need a leader. The knowledge that Baba saheb has shared with us is to help us understand the world and it's realities. Instead of moving forward with the strength of that knowledge we keep parroting the known truth to keep ourselves entertained.

  101. Pointless Diversion.

  102. You can credit the man with the good that he did but it's interesting to see how many people here are trying to divorce his blatantly racist views from his so called point of enlightenment. Gandhi, was a highly educated man and the fact that he totally bought into the racist apartheid system of classification of people is a deep blemish to the normal perception that is portrayed of a man for equality peace and justice. Reminds me of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission that allowed past racism and prejudice to be washed away just by making an appearance. No need to say sorry. When you look at the life of great men and women in history, you only exacerbate lies and misconceptions if you do not choose to look at that persons entirety good and bad and acknowledge ALL aspects of that person. History does not start where it is convenient for you.

  103. Ian Johnson India belonging to Africa or Africa belonging to India is one and the same to me. Hope people don't confuse with that hehe. I don't see the necessity whether people came from Africa to populate the world or from India or Australia as long as we all stand together. Please explain What's Sango is I am sure many of us would like to know ?

  104. Amed Mackie says:

    Prasanna Varadhan u are a smart intelligent dude, stay blessed!

  105. T.j. Snyder says:

    I don't think he was ignorant at all. This is the way it was.

  106. Ian Johnson says:

    Yes White Supremacy is a sick religion all over this Earth. Most don't know this sick and vile religion has been kept alive by another more sinister religion Satanism. Yes these White Elites have been willing to sell their souls through the centuries to a demon they created called Lucifer. They want world power so badly and want to see Black/Africans suffer literally just for spite out of envy of Africa. Not only was Ghandi a puppet he was one of these sleeze ball demon worshippers. How I know? Because he was always with them. Ghandi was a homosexual and homosexuality is one of their initiation rituals. You can't be in the Illuminati, demon worshipping, and Lucifer serving business unless you're a flaming homosexual. So many of the Elite Whites, Blacks, mulattoes, Asians, Indians and Hispanics are apart of this religion of worshipping Satan. They love to use the light to disguise themselves so its no surprise Ghandhi is hiding behind this light image of being a peaceful man. So was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr when he started out, he was hiding behind this light image of being peaceful when in actuality King's mission was sinister. King set out to disrupt the movement of Malcolm X and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Boule sellout demon worshippers found them a man who was sharp, quick tongue, good looking like Malcolm X and put him to work driving Black people into loving their outright enemies. They want us to love them, take abuse and continue being loyal while they show us nothing but contempt. This shouldn't make you happy but angry. I'm not saying to hate but you should be angry as hell. Because they are using witchcraft and sorcery against us. We need to build back our own world and stop allowing others to rule over us like they are the Creator. They are not the Creator and their system of rule is unfair, unjust, not balanced and certainly not equitable. Rise up and build your own world. Africa is rising and so should you! Love, Sango.

  107. Yvonne Bridges wow! You are clearly not being racist at all by putting all Indians under one banner and calling them racist towards black peoples. "I learned this first hand by living in a neighborhood that was 70% Indian". What's incredible is that you sound exactly as racist as Gandhi sounds in these quotes – all his statements were drawn from 'first-hand' experiences of living with black people, just like yours! Congratulations, you and Gandhi are twinsies.

  108. What appals me more than Gandhi's words above is the fakers in the comments saying he was my idol once now I see his true virtue and such stuff.

    I don't thing what he said above is racist. He spoke about the African people (referred as Kaffirs which was a common term for African people back then and was not considered offensive) as:

    Being less civilised than Indians. which WAS a fact.

    They could be bought off with pins and toys. Which WAS and is to some extent today a fact.

    Lived a simple life that involved gathering cattle and getting a woman. Which WAS and IS to some extent today a fact.

    Were Dirty and did not have same level of standands as Indians. Which WAS a fact as they were wildmen whose ideas of sanity were diffrent from British and Indian ideas.

    Did not belong with Indian people who were infinitely superior. Which WAS a fact. As Indian people belonged to a civilised society and had actual SKILLS that could aid in modern work. whereas, the African people came from the wild and had only their RUDIMENTRY SURVIVAL Skills.

    Indians should not be levied the 3 pound tax as the African people.
    This was as he explained. Indian people worked more while African people did not work and the virtue of this Tax was only not being white.

  109. Jerry Johns says:

    You respond just as racist do, with buckets and buckets of words…

  110. Jerry Johns says:

    If you don't understand racism white supremacy everything you think you understand will only confuse you.

  111. Ian Johnson says:

    Well it's not for the stupid and I can't help the stupid and no can. It's impossible to raise the mentality of the complete dead of mind and dead of heart. God would never put that burden upon any man or prophet. And I have a right to not accept it if God did. The brainwashing and mind control via putting the people under witchcraft's spells that is called religion is very deep. Some can't break out of the spell of Babylon and even their Bible tells them that. They are in love with materialism, sexism, lust, greed, money, power, fame and all the pleasures of life that are just based in pride and ignorance. The stupid and unbelieving won't never see the light of truth. Love, Sango.

  112. Ian Johnson says:

    It means that Gandhi has been exposed as being just another Illuminati trick. Whether he changed or not is his own personal business. But his views that he put forward in the public they state the real Gandhi. Views of not only caste hatred but of racist overtones. But Gandhi was much more than just a bigot he was a homosexual. That goes along way in saying that Gandhi was maybe apart of the Illuminati as they are known homosexuals and love to trick the people into phony movements. Gandhi's family was Elite. How did they become Elite? So many darkskinned Indians suffered poverty while lightskinned Indians thrived due to the caste system? Not entirely true because a lot of the lightskinned Indians sold out, they joined the enemy and also they joined them in their homosexuality. The pay off was for lightskinned Indians to have intergenerational wealth as long as they didn't mix with the darkies. This is the same game that was played out here in America. Where generations of mulatto Negroes/Blacks sold out. They inherited wealth for their treachery and passed it down to their offspring. A lot of them were homosexuals like Dr. W.E.B Dubois was as a known homosexual. Also like Gandhi, Mr. Dubois advocated for his upper crust of Negroes, hated darkskinned Blacks and often called them ugly names the same way that Gandhi refers to darkskinned Indians and Africans as Kafifs. Its the same pattern worldwide and what you are trying do is another pattern that is done by the stupid or those aligned with the evil force, cover it up! But we are not stupid we know now Gandhi was a fraud and a part of the Illuminati as was Dr. W.E.B Dubois. Love, Sango.

  113. James Anaghan For the image Gandhi had all he had to do was die to sustain his effect on people its called sympathy creation, its the timing. So RSS killing Gandhi was part of the plan for them. Ohh my god they killed a man who was compared with Jesus right? is it not what people would think. So what ever philosophies he propagated would be kept alive instead of tested with, paid media's help and they Dint have to keep him alive or create a person like Gandhi with money power and fame once again. Now Dalits who are fighting oppression are also out of equation they have no inkling that this is formulated too. Media obviously is on alert mode conveniently for the so called upper caste. Now the two parties in India are no different from each other, there are few good ones but they are not effective at all.

  114. Kari Jackson says:

    Exactly. There has to be context with these quotes and understood they represent is opinion during his first half of his life and not his entire existence.

  115. did you see you everyone ignored you and moved along. I just thought I should point it out in case you missed it.

  116. Patrick Oluwaseun Dada you didn't. I just thought I should point it out in case you missed it.

  117. Well it is "pointless diversion" when nobody is condemned! sad, all the best brother.

  118. OMG! I don't believe that you are a human being!

  119. Ajendra Anchan
    Why? do I look like an alien?

    You have to understand the time and the geopolitical scenario when those statements were made. And of course TO WHOM these statement were made. Do you think that British and western world held blacks in very high regard at that time?
    He was a lawyer. He did what was needed for the down-cast people of South Africa.
    He liberated the Indians in South Africa and then he came to India.

    You do know right that NELSON MANDELA considered him his political Guru and an inspiration. Do you question his judgment?

    You need to understand WHY this article is being written. There is an AGENDA behind this article to DENIGRATE this Great man's legacy. Most likely to make Indians feel ashamed and break their spirit.

    I just wished to point it out. My comment will be deleted shortly.

  120. Stanley Ejingiri you are right. he never apologized.

  121. He used his life to fight for HIS people, not all people. His struggle was peaceful because he had no other choice, & saying he was still good is like saying Hilter was too. Didn't Hitler fight for HIS people too? I guess it's all in the way it's written in the HIStory books right. He who wins the fight writes the history of what happened. Which doesn't always make it right though does it.

  122. Muka Ruta I am indian and I agree with you. Gandhi did not take back any of these ideas. he just go on with his career. he is not the father of any country, certainly not india. you have no idea the harm he has done to us…. he was a hypocrite, sleeping with young women until a year before he died. I am sorry to have to say this, but he was a disgusting eccentric who could talk glibly, period. Do not be embarrassed to criticize him. A lot of it is in in his own autobiography. I lost all respect for him when I read that.

  123. Chipo Ashe says:

    Notice the ppl defending him are still referring to black ppl as "kaffirs"……

  124. I am a Afrikaner. Regardless of what many "think" they know. I leave you with this comment by a black African, about black South Africans in general to think about….Maybe Ghandi saw the same as what this Congolese man said below..


  125. Pi Bnnu says:

    So it seems that The Famous Mahatma Gandhi was a victim of his own times, surprisingly as educated as he was he seemingly didn't spend much time studying about the Original People (Ancients) of The Earth as we know it, the Asiatic Black-Skinned People's of (SAMBODEASIA) now called Asia, and/or South Africa, where he lived for some time, I guess the Eurocentrism that still permeates most of the known World (even still) allowed such an "Enlightened Being" too succumb too this himself, but perhaps he did truly Awaken too the falsehoods of his day, before his Ascension from this physical sloppy soup. 🙂

  126. James Wright says:

    Well written. Faulty logic. The main premise, 'he changed' is not supported by any argument only the fact that people change which is true. The Greatest attribute of change is admission of wrongdoing which is notably absent in any of his written notes. How could you say he changed if he does not claim change as a new attribute of his character. Further the preponderance of great leaders that has been the vehicle of great change has made this admission in words or active measurable contributions that belie their new found knowledge. Gandhi marched to the sea to make salt in an act of defiance. Thirty thousand were jailed by the colonialist but have no doubt that the act was a bottom up act of courage not a top down act. The leaders cannot convince a man/woman that he is true; the people [chose] to believe he is acting in their best interests. Most great movements are bottom up and Gandhi's was no different. Speaking out against the untouchable designation is not proof of change it is proof that he realizes they are his countrymen and like any man deserves respect but this is not to say he believes they are his equal. Gandhi alone was just another Hindu that believed in a racial caste system that remain in areas of India today. In the order of Gandhi's racism; law degree, his people better than the "raw kaffa"; his people deserved to be 2nd class to the British but higher than the kaffa, and back home he defended all his people but not their station in life. If more was done to defend them there is no greater testament as to the effectiveness or veracity of his challenges.

  127. Vere Palmer says:

    Are there records to show he repented for his sins against black people? If the records are accurate it proves he was a piece of shit. Let's face it he probably fought for Indians – not blacks.

  128. If your view is only whether he fought for Indians or black, then you missed the point I was making entirely. That happens when you are focused enough on finding pieces of shit that you can't see outside of the context of the battle you see as yours. It would seem that the piece of shit was quite significant for the Indians he fought for, don't you think? Or were their lives not worth fighting for? It seems to me that if they were, we may have to look a little wider before defining someone as a piece of shit, and if they are not, then we may need to look at the person who is defining for us what a piece of shit is. What do you think?

  129. Thank you for the compliment on the writing, I strive to do my best. On the point of proof of the change, I seldom think anyone can give a concrete proof other than the intent and actions that followed the said events. I can neither prove it or disprove it, however the fact remains that he was a good and astute leader who provided a path which did not lead to hatred. If we can slander such a personality, I am sure nothing else is beyond us as a society, isn't it?

  130. Blah,blah,blah what enlightenment?We don't need a journo to write about how racist Ghandhi was it's kind of obvious how Indians in K.Z.N are the worst of racist.It's an open secret Indian folk can stop pretending we know about you.Gandhi must fall.I always wondered in history lesson how he was an exception,but now I know he wasn't.Indians segregate within their own nationality when it comes to their skin color so they aren't going to hold a different opinion about blacks.

  131. When you look at it all, there has real never been anyone that has not been afraid of the black man, because of the power he is blessed with mentally and physically. The power of the black man is rooted from heaven…unlike most organs are rooted from hell, because their first stories are lies and myths about blacks. Ghundi said things no different from the white man against blacks, but he came to a medium, was it authenic or not, I don't know, but to attack a race physically or verbally is a universal crime and violation that shall be judged.

  132. As much as I agree with you in the first part that Ghandi used Kaffir not as racist as it was commonly used.Like Kulis…before.Most of Indians were brought here to work in the sugar fields, hence most of them are concentrated in Kwazulu Natal.You arrived here in early 1900.I have been to Indian, I haven't seen the kind of dirty and filthiness in my life.Just because I am human, I won't delve much about that ; one of the most populated places on the planet.In fact the reason you were brought in here , Africans didn't want to work for your bosses, Whites.My worry is that you perpertuate something you will one regret….

  133. Don't let yourself be marginalized by people who feel that their ability to write words makes their points any more valid then yours. They do not possess any real intelligence outside of helping promote English…

  134. It is people like you who hide behind the curtain to say "get over it and get a life" that make me wonder if you really have a life. If the only way you deal with stuff is to sweep it under the "get over it" carpet.

  135. Debra Lloyd says:

    No not normal now!!! Listen it was normal back then!!!! And yeah get over it its gone the past is gone live in the present. Again its not normal now if Ghandi was saying that now it wwouldn't be right but back then people didn't know any different. Whats the point of using up all your energy on past stuff before you wa even born. Use your energy for whats going on today!!!!

  136. Chom Stretford Ender hii umeona?

  137. Clearly, this article cannot bring me at heads to go against the Indians nation, for they have suffered to the same hands as black America. The stand for Civil Rights bring us to the same cross road if we believe in equaility. And despite some difference, we as believes must stand as one. And let no old beliefs brought by the enemies to put us at head for them conquer and divide and prevail. We must be smarter than that.

  138. and therein is the puzzle. As a White South African who in my own way fought the Nationalist Regime during the Apartheid Years. Why is it there is no forgiveness for us but we are still classed as White Suppressors.

    You are neither BLACK OR WHITE OR BLUE OR GREEN;.
    when you have this as you foundational understanding and knowing, then.
    Whatever PERSONALITY you express, exhibit, demonstrate, and that flows from this understanding and knowledge is your COLOUR;.
    What is the colour of the Wind! There you go. Get understanding, get revelation.
    You are like the wind which though is not seen but its cooling effects are felt.
    That's your real COLOUR, not blue, black, orange or red.
    If every one can get this revelation satan is in big trouble and of course his nephilims.

  140. When peoples are kept separate & ignorant of each other, divided & without authentic relationships with each other, it is easy for even the best people to fall into grave error.

  141. Santhosh Jagannathan gandhi was a racist bastard and tok all the credit for what others did.

  142. The Aryan people are said to have lived in part of India and they are considered to be the originators of the Europeans. Other theories rather record a first migration from Africa to the Indian region and from there to Europe, but the racist part of it is that the Africans became enlightened in India before reaching Europe. In brief, the people in Africa stayed at the monkey level while the Indo-Europeans were rather the advanced types. Through the 19th century, with the Eugenics movement, the Europeans, the Indians believed (and still) in such a racist approach.

    The only Black voice we had for the time was that of Haitian anthropologist, journalist and politician, Antenor Firmin (18 October 1850 – 19 September 1911), who stood up to their racist rants in his book "De l'égalité des races humaines" (English: On the Equality of Human Races), which was published as a rebuttal to French writer Count Arthur de Gobineau's work "Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines" (English: Essay on the Inequality of Human Races). Gobineau's book asserted the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority of blacks and other people of color.

  143. Good point but quite late in the game..Next time do better with your protests against racism…..Kismet is powerful.

  144. Em Dee says:

    stfu faggot
    indians are just better than you niggers and everyone else for that matter

  145. Ndoli Sabi says:

    better in what? in castes system?

  146. Says a hairy, albino skinned, sun-allergic, knuckle dragging cave ape. Go back to Neander Valley Germany, you pink, pig dicked caucanderthal.

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