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7 Things Black Women Have That Other Women Desire


This is not about muscle. According to Temple University research by Tamara Beauboeuf-Lafontant titled, “Behind the Mask of the Strong Black Woman”: “The defining quality of Black womanhood is strength. As a reference to tireless, deeply caring, and seemingly invulnerable women, the claim of strength forwards a compelling story of perseverance. Critical figures in this narrative include prominent social activists of the last two centuries … (who were) invoked and revered for embodying a courageous, unselfish commitment to the protection and enfranchisement of the dispossessed.”

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3 thoughts on “7 Things Black Women Have That Other Women Desire

  1. I once visited a Victoria's Secret to research lipstick with my mother when I was a younger girl. When I sat down in the chair, the MUA begin to dab my lips to remove the lipgloss I was already wearing; she then asked if she could ask a question. In question she'd ask if I had my lips injected. My mother, strong woman but then small in stature replied, "Are you crazy?"….


  2. Tamara Hurt says:

    I enjoyed perusing this article because it empowers black women to cease with the continuance of European standards being the epitome of beauty! Embrace who you are as society will continue to instill in the mind of black women 'you don't add up, you are nothing!' The writer didn't mention ageless beauty, our skin. I'm 47 and a lot of women who aren't black my age look like they're in their 60's! One 'lie' people perpetuate is, black women straighten their hair to look 'white'… nonsensical! It is straightened to make the hair more MANAGEABLE to be able to create versatility! The backside lol is one of our trademarks which a LOT of women are dying to obtain from Kim K to the model in Brazil who almost lost her life in a botched suicide attempt but her butt, hips and thigh implants saved her life.

    There are those Blacks who are so brainwashed, they have altered their appearance beyond repair and look disgusting e.g. Lil Kim! With that said, many other's ethnic groups have succumb to what white's believe is beautiful even their own, e.g. Jocelyn Wildenstein, Bruce Jenner, Donatella Versace.

  3. This list SUCKS. Seriously? Black women are incredible b/c they are intelligent, indestructable, innovative, and supportive. Full lips, a fat ass, and dark skin are the bonuses, NOT the main course. When I think of black women, I think of Nefertiti, who united two rivaling regions of Khemet, after the male leaders tried and failed several times. I think of the creative mind of Philis Wheatley, whose poetry is STILL powerful. I think of Dr. Betty Shabazz, who not only continued the work of Malcolm, but expanded on his work. YES! Black women are beautiful, and I love, love, love the full lips, wide lips, and assets many have, BUT that is NOT the reasons they surpass their counterparts. Curtis, I appreciate the gesture, but we can do better, brother. Peace.

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