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White Texas Talk Show Host Uses Brooklyn McDonald’s Beating As Opportunity to Say Nasty Things About Black People

brooklyn-mcdonalds-beating-videoA conservative radio show host used the story of Black teenage girls viciously assaulting another girl at a Brooklyn McDonald’s as an opportunity to direct a stunningly inaccurate and racist diatribe against the entire Black race.

During a recent segment on his show, Texas-based host Michael Berry attempted to draw a comparison between the behavior of Black people and white people while attacking the girls involved in the McDonald’s beating.

“We have people living in our country who are savages. Absolutely, positively savages, to engage in this kind of behavior,” Berry said, making it clear he’s talking about Black people. “The whole McDonald’s is full, they’re loving it.”

Berry’s comments came as the girls who were allegedly involved in the beating and apparent robbery surrendered to authorities one-by-one over the weekend. New York police said yesterday only one of the six teenage girls who took part in the attack is still at large. The beating has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times after being posted to YouTube.

One of the girls, who is just 14, was removed from an airplane at an international terminal at Atlanta’s airport, reportedly on a plane bound for her native Jamaica. Bail for the purported leader of the attack, Aniah Ferguson, 16, who was arrested on Thursday on charges of robbery and assault in the second degree, was set at $500,000, according to local media.

With the regularity of a clock, you can predict that some white conservative will use the occasion of a Black person committing a crime against another Black person to loudly cry about Black-on-Black crime. They reach for it with obvious glee, claiming that it’s a more serious matter in America than crimes committed against Black people by white racists or white police officers targeting young Black males. This is a favorite tactic of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani,

When he engaged in a debate on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in November with scholar Michael Eric Dyson, Guiliani said Black people should be more concerned with the way Blacks are “killed by other Blacks.”

“I would like to see the attention paid to that, that you are paying to this,” the former mayor quipped.

But Dyson quickly explained that the comparison was null and void.

“First of all, most Black people who commit crimes against other Black people go to jail,” Dyson said. “Number two, they are not sworn by the police department as an agent of the state to uphold the law. So in both cases, that’s a false equivalency that the mayor has drawn, which has exacerbated tensions that are deeply embedded in American culture.”

Berry said during his radio show last week that white people “don’t need to say white lives matter because white people don’t walk up to white people, put a gun to their head and blow them away,” he said. “White people don’t drive past the home of other white people and shoot into the window, knowing there are children inside. White people don’t walk into McDonald’s and 4, 5, 6, 10 of them and beat the snot out of them for minutes on end while everyone cheers and films it, World Star. You know why white lives matter? Because that’s what white people believe. The dirty little secret is Black people don’t believe that Black lives matter.”

It was an astoundingly ignorant statement that was not only profoundly offensive but that also conveniently ignored recent events in America, as well as the nation’s violent history. Just in the past decade, there has been an exhaustingly long list of instances of white people stepping into elementary schools and movie theaters and blasting away at other white people, including small children, with guns.

Any attempt by a white person to assign violent tendencies to Black people while they are living in the most violent country in the world, one where white people have established centuries of mind-numbing violence committed against non-white peoples—in addition to each other—is ridiculously off-base and ignorant.

Moreover, it gets at the particularly pernicious tendency of white racists to ascribe the bad acts of a few to an entire race. If he was interested in using a similar logic applied to another big news story of the week, he might have concluded that every white male college student was a raving racist because of the actions of the Oklahoma fraternity.

But Berry knows the narrative of the savage Black criminal is so embedded into white American minds that when such ugliness spills out of his mouth, he will get knowing nods, rather than outrage, from his listeners.

“We can’t deny the influence that this subculture is having on our society. You can go and hide behind your gates. Y’all can hire a guard at night,” he continued. “But eventually, a Trayvon Martin’s going to come walking through your yard, at night, on suspension from school. Because his dad has a good job, and he lives there. And he lives in a world of thuggery, and his dad doesn’t. That’s actually — that was the case there. But he was a thug, who went to school with other thugs.”

Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network announced that its youth group, Youth Huddle, run by Sharpton’s daughter Dominique Sharpton, will hold a vigil on Monday night to offer prayers for the 15-year-old teen, Ariana Taylor, who was beaten in the McDonald’s and hospitalized for nonlife-threatening injuries. NAN’s leadership said some of the students involved in the fight are from a Brooklyn high school, Erasmus High.

While many critics will point angry fingers at the teenage girls, just a five-minute trip through reality TV shows like “Basketball Wives” and “Love & Hip Hop” will show grown women engaged in brawls nearly as bad as the one in McDonald’s. The only thing stopping the TV fights from going on longer is that the producers have security jump in and stop them—after enough blows are delivered to provide entertainment to viewers.

And before reality TV, let’s not forget the national craze that was the “Jerry Springer Show,” which for years displayed daily violence that mostly featured girls fighting each other.

It’s not hard to see where these girls get their cues about how they are supposed to behave—from the adults all around them.


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16 thoughts on “White Texas Talk Show Host Uses Brooklyn McDonald’s Beating As Opportunity to Say Nasty Things About Black People

  1. Seriously? You blame Tv shows? This has been going on way before "reality " t.v. If more people had cell phones 20 yrs ago they would've been recording the violence. Its because of the breakdown in the black families…no parents or bad parents.

  2. Really Luci, well I guess it must be the breakdown of the white family that causes white kids To go into schools and shoot up to their fellow classmates and I guess it must be the breakdown of the white family that causes white Male and female teachers to have sex with their minor students, white men to be pedophiles and serial killers and the list goes on and on so I guess if we had video cameras and honest media coverage of what really goes on in the white community 50 years ago we would've seen vicious violent attacks of whites lynching and murdering innocent blacks for no reason ,horrible parenting Luci, you shouldn't be sitting here running your mouth, passing judgment on other people,you need to go look in the mirror!

  3. Blah blah blah….lib revisits history.

  4. Mary Arrell says:

    Truth hurts, now put on big boy pants and make people responsible. All people no excuses. No po is me and someone else is the problem.

  5. Jane Stamey says:

    Mr. Chiles, why do you continually capitalize "Blacks" but not "whites?" I think we see the true racism in this article. BTW? ALLLLLL lives matter.

  6. First, Nick, there ARE people in this country who are savages. I didn't hear the show, but nothing you quoted made it 'clear he was talking about Black people'. Is it possible, that a guy who writes for a magazine that has a racial reference in its title and who writes stories with racial references in title and text might hear racial references that do not exist? The girls weren't 'allegedly' doing anything — there is video. They were actually savaging the victim. The girls in the Mcdonalds beating have a lot in common with the brawlers on reality tv — and it's not the color of their skin. You, Reverand Al, and the other race baiters have a lot in common with the reality tv hosts — and it's not the color of your skin. People who make a living instigating strife are despicable. Look in the mirror, Nick, you are despicable.

  7. blah blah blah racist repubs, always full of hate, we will never forget this history.

    1. Nick Ponzio says:

      Both Parties have a history of hate and violence. Remember the Democrats supported slavery while the republicans opposed and ended that heinous act.

  8. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities that exalt themselves against the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Amen

  9. Shane Dysarz says:

    Micheal Barry has two adopted black kids . Go suck something lib tard reporter . He speaks the truth and you cry about evil racist conservatives . Liberalism is a mental disorder

  10. Fran Seaton says:

    Lynching a white man practice

  11. Ralph Evans Why are you not talking about the high rate of white male on male violence.

    1. Nick Ponzio says:

      Not as high as Black male on male violence, the highest in the country.

  12. Nick Ponzio says:

    It is heinous and abhorrent to use a shameful incident like this to push one’s agenda. To suggest that all Black persons are violent is shameful. This is reminiscent of the aspersions cast upon the Police officers of our nation, particularly the White ones, by the Leaders in the Black community who wish to push their own Racist, liberal agendas.

  13. Nick Ponzio says:

    As for “White Lives matter” vs. “Black Lives matter” there is a noticeable difference. White leaders condemn white on white violence (mostly) , white on black violence (usually) and black on black violence (often). Black leaders are always silent on black on white violence, almost always silent on black on black violence, and never silent on White on Black violence. Violence of any kind is abhorrent and Race should never be mentioned. the violence needs to end!

  14. Kellee Barnett says:

    Black people #1 problem when it comes to white people is they have always tried to get white people to see them as equals or the same when that’s further from the truth. There is a reason why most Native Americans would rather live separately on a reservation then to assimilate with white people is they know white people evil have no bound and your doom to die if you try (look at America now). White people are fully responsible for two of the worst times in human history: Slavery & the Holocaust and white people own completely the evil and inhumane things that went on during that time (there were no blacks killing Jews in the 1940’s and no black lynching and killing other black in the 1700-1960’s) so we black people should look upon white people as animal, savages, evil demons risen from hell to corrupt people. Whenever you see a white person you should turn your nose up at them and look at them as who they truly are evil demons without a soul and subhuman (I think any person that can’t survive in the sun is subhuman).

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