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136 thoughts on “This Caucasian Girl Introduces Her Black Boyfriend to Her Father in a Public Restaurant; What Happens Next Is Eye-Opening

  1. John Lindsay says:

    These beliefs are handed down from one generation to the next.
    And sitting with an Asian man. :/

  2. David Brooks says:

    Why does she feel like he wasn't worth it. She doesn't know anything about him. He could have come from a family that was wealthy beyond her screwed up world and the girl could have been below him. People think that when you are of a different race you don't bring anything to the table. They place a value on the skin without knowing you. Those are the people who I would gladly let burn to death and would not shed a tear. Until they learn that all humans are of value no matter who you are we will have the same issues the rest of our lives in America.

  3. She is crying because her ass is caught being a racist. That's all!

  4. Neish Renee says:

    Lmao she said if you are mexican it's okay because you are white lmao What she said was not her reasoning behind her anger, she kept saying "why would someone choose that" ol bowl cut head ah.

  5. And if you spoke to any of these people one on one, the would al say, "I'm no bigot", and "I treat everyone fair", and "its all about merit". These are the same types of people that dismiss some from the opportunity to work, then complain why "those" people don't have jobs.

  6. David Brooks says:

    Exactly. Bleeds over into other areas of life.

  7. But color don't matter when you ask any of them, what color is jesus? lol I want a tan but not that tan! smdh @ europeans and their insidious racism. Mexicans are white? When that happen? When they decided they were. When they talk, you realize theor insecurities are that PALE SKIN.

  8. Tony BW says:

    Well, on the bright side she'll be dead soon if not already…

  9. I hate the fact that people are so heartless. She said if it was a Mexican it would be ok but, she's a liar because she would have said the same thing about him/her. I was called a white boy trapped in a black man's body because of my eye colors by many of these same old fools which goes to show that racism is taught and not something one was born as. I hope that that woman and the others who were so against it grand-kids will go out and bring home a mix baby so they can all choke on it.

  10. Emy O'Neal says:

    Am I the only one that notice she said," it doesn't matter if he was Mexican cause they are still white." Since when are Mexicans white?

  11. Victor Mack says:

    It's shameful that you only provide an edited version of this clip. The entire broadcast features a white guy who gets in the father's face about how he's speaking to the Black kid. If you're going to edit this broadcast wouldn't showing white people standing up for the couple be a more powerful message? It is obvious what narrative you're trying to put forward Jason Moore. This type of story-telling is something I'd expect from Fox News.

  12. The Mexican's skin is colored too.
    Boo boo.

  13. The Mexican's skin is colored too.
    Boo boo.

  14. She got caught being a racist, lmaoooooo and starts crying…lol.

  15. That tells you a lot. They'll say different behind his back. But they are more acceptable than we are. I had a white man call his daughter raising hell b/c she was with me. Guess what he was doing to her when she was 13-14! Fucking pedofile, incestuous pig.

  16. Lol She said It's all right if your Mexican cause they are still White People! Lol Classic~!

  17. You obviously missed the point. The video isn't trying to show ALL white people are racist; if that's how you interpreted it, then that's your own fault. This is obviously not the case and most SANE Americans know this fact. The point is that RACISM, in general, is still alive! This is a fact which can't be denied. Many white conservatives make the claim that racism is over and tend to point to our half-black president as evidence of this being the case. One of my FORMER college friends iterated this to me once in a conversation. Unfortunately for them, there's way too much data to the contrary, so to deny these facts is either willful ignorance or willful racism. Please don't fall into the trap of accusing the OP or the video editors of "reverse-racism" when basic racism is still painfully evident in our current society!

  18. "it's alright for mexicans, they're still white". WOOOOOOOOOOOW.

  19. since media calls them"latino" , Softens the blow to.. "wht." public.

  20. She's right.Children catch it! out of parents watch.

  21. "THAT ".
    Calling him that was all you needed to Hear !

  22. Orlan Melen says:

    These crusty old people will eventually die and hopefully racism will die off with them.

  23. Khari Hayes says:

    I have much respect for these Caucasians who are honest about how they feel. Much better than the hypocrites. Many Black families would've reacted the same way, however, we have always been more accepting of them into our families versus ours into theirs. I don't feel offended at all… There isn't one Black/White marriage or relationship on the planet where at least a few of the White side of the family are repulsed… What else is new. If a White girl is with a Black guy seriously, she really loves the guy because getting with a Black man is not a step up for the average privileged White female in America.

  24. Wow….wow..I'm at a lost…wow.

  25. Terre Carter says:

    "I have Black Friends" is a statement that most racist people say.

  26. Lol I have a few friends that are married to other races, and I'm happy for them. This old lady just a pure racist and couldn't even admit it. The famous words all racist say I have plenty of black friends. I have friends I don't see color, when will people grow up, and they honestly believe they are going to heaven and they don't love their brother. Feel so sorry for them….

  27. Aw Shade says:

    She does have the right to feel the way she feels, though.

  28. Yes she does…but why be ashamed…if your going to be that…be that well…now she shame face because she was outed…straight up!!! aw shit moment!!!..

  29. Dashawn King says:

    I wonder what would have been said if the patrons were black & the father was black?…not as harsh as what we have seen…it's sad to me that folks still live in this mindset….there are dum azzez, thieves, wife beaters, killers, psychos etc..of every race…and there are Men of honor, respect, true to their family, loyal, hard working etc…in every race….I have no hatred towards these women & folks like them…I pity them….to live your life with hate….is like Driving a car, that only turns left…

  30. Kevin Webb says:

    Hey people, just because you have "friends" of another race doesn't mean you can't be a racist.

  31. Victor Mack says:

    Maurice D. Randle I hear your words and bless you for standing up for this post. As you stated most SANE Americans know that all white people are not racist. I would add that most SANE Americans know that RACISM is still alive as well. If those 2 facts hold true wouldn't it be more responsible to show both sides – whites being racist and whites taking a stand against racism? (Again, that's what the whole original clip shows) Personally I don't want to be perpetually inundated with images of ignorant white people. (I see that on the regular.) I'm of a mind that the Movement needs (and grows even stronger) with images showing there are some white folk "get it." Those examples are few and far between and this post had the opportunity to show that using the full video. This clip as edited is merely preaching to the choir. Also – There is no such thing as reverse-racism. 🙂

  32. Since it was determined there are 4 race of people…#googleit.

  33. they are of the Caucasian race.

  34. It's time for old farts like that to die off, when they die off, most of the racist shit will die with them. This is a new day where most of the youth are color blind.. most not all. this system is still white supremacy and the policy maker's children are bred to take the baton when it's time..

  35. Kwesi Saku says:

    I am totally fine with people dating their ethnic group and people of like culture. why put a child through that.

  36. It is a lesson that men of color should learn from. She is not alone in her thinking.

  37. Angulia ThePhoenix Weiters she cried even before she got cought.

  38. The European elites have conditioned people of European descent to think the way they do, why would anyone be surprised. She is so ignorant that she thinks Mexicans are honorary 'white' people. Whatever this imaginary whiteness is, no one knows.

  39. The European elites have conditioned people of European descent to think the way they do, why would anyone be surprised. She is so ignorant that she thinks Mexicans are honorary 'white' people. Whatever this imaginary whiteness is, no one knows.

  40. Tamika Bell says:

    But when she said Mexicans r still WHITE the look he gave her was BBBBIIIISSSCCCCCHHHHHH!!!! U COULDN'T HAVE……#ROLLIN….#PRICELESS…..

  41. Scott Evans says:

    Krystian Gman , yeah for a different reason, then once her husband said, "you're famous reporter…" she knew the gig was up. She knew what she did was wrong and that her views aren't popular….because if she thought other wise she would have spoken up then…….as she said herself…..she is beautiful, why would she pick "SOMETHING LIKE THAT" that is her statement….then these old fucking crackas wonder why I don't fucking help them with groceries, hold open the door even though they're using a walker or wheel chair….fuck them racist bitches! I'm not saying that ALL older white folks are racist, however, how do you decide who is and isn't…….I follow there practice……"black guy did such-a-thing (insert infraction here) so they're all held accountable…..fuck them. ALL of them, as far as I'm concerned, the ONLY race that has accepted me……..are the better half, BLACK FROM THE FRONT ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK! BARACK BEAT YOUR MOMMA!

  42. Victor Mack I'm not very susceptible to blessings since I don't believe such a thing exists, but anyways there are PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of images of white people standing up for diversity. We see it everyday in regular society, pop culture, tv, movies, etc. While I agree that it's ALWAYS good to promote multiculturalism, you're acting as if multiculturalism is being censored, as if the original video didn't air on national television and can't be found with ease, in full, online right now at the click of a button. And stop crying about being "inundated" with images of ignorant white people since nobody forced you to access this site, click on this page and watch the full video.

    Also, your comparison to FOX News was RIDICULOUS! Nobody in the video parroted talking points like NO GO ZONES NO GO ZONES NO GO ZONES, nobody showed women with short skirts sitting around a table talking inanely about the video with a fake view of the city in the background, nobody used ridiculous logical fallacies to explain why the lady's views result from the liberal media "taking her out of context". nobody blamed hip-hop or "thugs with their pants hanging off their ass" for her ridiculous views (even though this is a tactic MSNBC has recently been found to use as well), nobody blamed video games, nobody blamed abortion, nobody blamed the gays for causing this to happen, nobody cut anybody off mid-sentence to prevent him/her from making his/her point, nobody accused anybody of being unamerican, nobody blamed demons or satan for her views, nobody blamed removing prayer from schools, nobody blamed the war on christmas, nobody blamed the government, nobody blamed the czars, nobody blamed Benghazi, nobody blamed death panels, nobody blamed feminists, nobody blamed the muslims, nobody blamed illegal immigrants, nobody blamed Iran, nobody aired live footage of a wanted felon committing suicide and nobody showed POWs being burned alive by terrorists.

    So, no, this type of story-telling is nowhere NEAR reminiscent of FOX News!

  43. Angulia ThePhoenix Weiters Did you see how upset or pissed the husband was at his wife! omg! Horrible and sad they all felt it was o.k. to talk freely like that… calling him a "that" that hurts my heart to hear people talk like that in this day and age… I'm deeply saddened by this!

  44. You didn't hear the way she was talking about him? She and many bigots think that being black is some sort of disease, something that spreads like a virus and makes you less human.

  45. She said if ur Mexican it's ok because their still white. Smh I thought Mexican people are people of color

  46. What about millions of young white racist that are younger than you?

  47. Robin Moore says:

    This lady sounds like a REAL idiot!

  48. Mimi Brooks says:

    So she's crying for the POTUS? FOH, Colored? wow, 1950's Jim Crow mentality. SMH. Don't worry lady, they wont take over the planet till 2030, you and people who think like you will be long dead by then.

  49. Mimi Brooks says:

    she said "that" like he wasn't even a person. SMH

  50. Mimi Brooks says:

    there are 4.2 million multiracial children (US census 2010) in the united states alone and the number continues to grow and they are doing just fine.

  51. I bet none of them have been to her house for dinner.

  52. I wonder if their are only "WHITE" people going to Heaven?

  53. Emy O'Neal says:

    LOL No actually it's five you google it the black man, brown man, red man, yellow man, last of the white man.

  54. Victor Mack says:

    Maurice D. Randle you are correct. thank you. the video is nothing like the fox news you painstakingly described. (just for clarity re: fox news – they are notorious for editing video so it supports their agenda/narrative. the fake "Go Kill a Cop" chant came to mind) uhm…that was all. really.Kudos to you for breaking down the full breadth of Fox News ills I'm not sure how or why multiculturalism dropped into this dialog. I'm not discussing multiculturalism, I'm pointing out that an opportunity was lost to show that the MOVEMENT is affecting white people. The part that demonstrates that was edited out of the clip. (Also, I didn't take for granted that everyone was aware that this was part of a larger expose. my bad.) When I speak to being "inundated with images of ignorant white folk" I am not speaking as a "White folk apologist," I'm speaking as a Black man who see's this EVERYDAY. All it does is piss me off (contrary to your belief that it brings me to tears) and I don't need/want anger as a primary motivation. Anger as a motivation is short lived, and not very healthy. A stronger motivation would be (as I stated earlier) showing white folk are "getting it." Success are a stronger motivator than failures. And isn't/shouldn't the whole point of this post be keeping people focused and strong in the MOVEMENT. (But then again, you may be right. I just didn't get it. I tried to make it something other than what it was: showing ignorant white folk: aka preaching to the choir (I mean really, how many variations of this clip have we seen) These PLENTY, PLENTY, PLENTY mages of white people standing up for diversity that you've seen in everyday society, pop culture, etc eludes me.(I'm guessing that's what you were referencing when you dropped Multiculturalism into this convo – which for the record, is NOT the same as showing white people standing against racism) From the tone of your dialog and the accusations your made it's apparent that you are not hearing me. Forgive me if I have insulted your sensibilities. Forgive me if this clip resonates on a personal level for you or if the person who posted this is a family member – I'm not trying to embarrass anyone. You're right, I could have done without the Fox News comparison. (How's that?) Just so you know, I access this site because at times I get good info from here. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I think they can do better. I could have done better expressing my opinion on an opportunity that could have happened. No harm, no foul. I'm not the type that needs to get the last word in – so if you have more, know that I'm done with this. Thanks for the dialog. Peace and Blessings.

  55. Charles Perkins Jr. And how she referred to Mexicans as "white" people! OMG! I'm done!

  56. Emy O'Neal There are only 4 race in the world…all others are copy off. India and all of South East Asia. China includes all orientals Korean and so on, Europeans Africans includes the Arabs. Latinos are not a race nor are Arabs.

  57. Diamond Burton Mexican have never been white, so how she does, just shows her stupidity.

  58. its hard to classify Mexicans since they are mixed with Spanish and native Mexican some can be white while others can be more brown just depends on ancestry.

  59. Todd George says:

    Well I must say! That it's makes me FEEL really Happy to see all the positive comments for a change after the year that this country has had about Race..Thank You..I hope everyone has a Good Week..:)


  61. Reality check. All men(and women) have roots in Africa the birth-place of man.There are only superficial differences that separate men.If you really want to find something that separates you from other men look at your heart and deeds.

  62. I don't understand what is accomplished by showing this. This woman's attitude was learned, probably as a child. We aren't born racist. Someone taught her to think like that. To change it, we must show examples where there is no racism or discrimination against mixed races! We must teach that racism is immoral, because it is! My Mother and Father taught me that because they are good, decent human beings.

  63. Tau Etsile says:

    I am indifferent to this here isht, why do black people want white people's approval this much though?

  64. Human are humans no matter the color race are background and should be respected for the discussion they make

  65. Blind ignorance of 21st century. A heart that knows nothing about love for humankind.Godless gentile. It is hard to educate ignorance about love because there's no heart for it

  66. Aw Shade, O disagree. No created /born human has right to hate/discriminate, that's hatred of humankind. Those mindset is the evil thst the world is experiencing now.

  67. John Joy says:

    Emy o'neal the upper class of mexico is a bunch of white people who came over at one time from spain.

  68. John Joy says:

    and their are 5 races now, as pacific islander/oceanic has been classified as one.

  69. John Joy says:

    actually, the upper class of mexico is a bunch of white people who came from spain and subjugated and made wealth of a ton of folks. We white people had a tendency to do that everywhere we went. Hopefully racism will eventually die with the next 4 or so generations. No room for hate in the heart.

  70. She just said that because the man she was talking to was Latino.

  71. Angulia ThePhoenix Weiters You nailed it….and old bigot….

  72. Whites stay whites, not coloreds…..Lol…….but Mexicans are okay… entrenched racist…

  73. OLD RACIST BITCH they need to die out with the rest of the dinosaurs!

  74. Shocking, but unfortunately racism is still among us.

  75. And you just know that the "friends" she's counting aren't actually friends. People like that woman count any minority they interact with on a frequent basis as "friends" whenever they get into a situation like this.

  76. well im not going to say my people wouldnt have said anything in dat situation but im sure if they did have sumthin to say it would have been right then and there not behind they back.. On another note i think she's right about sticking with yur race so that we can keep producing "colored people" to keep our population up ✊ just my opinion tho cus man gone like what man like

  77. And are quick to say " I have black (colored) friends! foh…

  78. Adele Hopkins FACTS mean nothing to some people…

  79. Your statement is as ignorant and ugly as hers.

  80. Hasanda Stevens Or when referring to our President.. I actually had someone tell me.. I ain't racist that boy is half white!

  81. Why put a child through what?

  82. If you don't love your brother as yourself you dont love Jesus no matter what! Heaven or Hell you chose!

  83. Chris Skaggs says:

    She's a dying breed thankfully. An old, white, racist. When she called him a 'that', I wanted to punch her straight in the kisser. Sorry.

  84. @Adele Hopkins, no disrespect, but do you really think she has done extensive research into race formation? OR, do you think she said that because John was standing in front of her with a camera crew?

  85. She also said that Mexicans are ok because they are white people which is not true. She is just racist. Color is not a choice. She could have been born "colored ". She had just as much chance as anybody. She is just out and out racist.

  86. This is turned around to be about racism, but the truth is that it's all about class and how one's appearance is all that matters not the color of a person's skin. I want to see this experiment done again with the young man dressed like a wealthy business man (minus the hoodie!). I bet with the presence of wealth comes respect and acceptance (unfortunately). If people could learn to present themselves in a more respectful fashion then others wouldn't be so quick to judge. The sad truth about America is that people DO judge the book by its cover!

  87. How ignorant. Racism still has a high presence.

  88. Those (black and white ) born before the 60s feel strongly about this subject. Yes there are a few who disagree but majority feel like this. As generations come and go it will be less of this divide because history will fade and become less known or felt in the hearts of the peopl

  89. it's alight if it's your a Mexican people.

  90. Alex Brown says:

    A lot of white people organs were donated to black people and vise versa. She would have a fit lol

  91. Alberto Mora says:

    Emy O'neal is there a little racist in you?

  92. Hasanda Stevens I don't believe she has black friends, because she would not feel the way she does.

  93. She's speaking of the one's with fair skin and some of them consider themselves white as well believe it or not and feel the same as she does about blacks. She said the children of mixed race get talked about and beat down, the children of both black parents get treated the same way so she loose on that end of the argument as well. She never acknowledged him as a person, he was "that" and she has black friends? Nah

  94. Ann Hardesty says:

    Remember the movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"? Hasn't that been 15 or so years ago? We have since elected a Black President X-2 and there remains to be many BIGOTS and RACIEST among us. This is disheartening. Will it ever change? GOD HELP US.

  95. Angulia ThePhoenix Weiters I think you are exactly right. No matter how she tries to sugar coat her racism, it is still racism and she knows it is no longer socially acceptable to hold those views so when confronted with a public outing, she felt shamed. She is entitled to feel that way, but that doesn't make it right or socially acceptable. Her kind will die off eventually and later generations will have less of that mindset to deal with.

  96. Hilda Goins says:

    She needs to get out more often. She knows all of the clichés and prejudices but she needs to learn how society really works and how to improve society, not to keep it back in the dark ages, no pun intended. I'm curious as to what they are teaching her in her place of worship? Hopefully not this foolishness!

  97. Lyric Thompson , When it comes to President Obama, I don't think there is a more clear example of overt and/or active racism in our society today than to look at The Republican party, Tea Partiers in particular, and Conservative Ideologues overall. You see it manifest in all the classic forms, but due to the socially unacceptable nature of overt racism, they cloak it in other euphemisms; He is Muslim, He is a Terrorist, He isn't American, He is Unpatriotic, He isn't like us, etc. These are all designed to highlight a large distinction between The President and themselves, namely that they are white and he is not. It is disgusting and the mainstream media has let them get away with it and even helped the narrative along by not shining a gigantic light on it for the last 7 years.

  98. CJ Dorschel says:

    Angulia ThePhoenix Weiters On point! I can't even bring myself to watch it, I'm depressed enough with the state of the world. The past year or two have been severe disappointments. Of course racism/sexism/homophobia/etc still have a long way to go, but I never expected the disgusting, murderous rampages that belong in the "Jim Crow" era. This is 2015, not 1955. We have so much more in common yet we resort to primitive, "tribal" instincts of comparing our differences to divide and fight each other. We don't deserve to be called "human" any more, humanity lost that right a long time ago.

  99. Rose Johnson says:

    I agree they should've shown the entire thing. If we are going to tell a story let's tell the truth and not edit it to cast OUR "truths" and show just what we want.

  100. Alivia Smith says:

    Because people think that racism is dead when it isn't.

  101. There it is! I was waiting for it, at 3:35… The usual "I have a lot of friends that are black" LOL, never fails.

  102. I think what bothers me most about this is how that vile being of a woman degrades the actor from being a person to being a thing. A thing. When referring to the girl she was referred to in the second person, "she". When it came to the guy, he didn't even get the courtesy of a second person reference like "he" or "him". Just "something" or "that". An object reference. As if he wasn't even human in her eyes, like an animal that happens to walk and talk.

  103. The sooner the better her type are still polluting the younger white children!

  104. Mainstream media you refer to is also whites that fit your description overt racism!

  105. She said "I have many friends who are black". With friends like her you don't need enemies.

  106. Lol I said the same thing

  107. Rich Schanno says:

    Die in a fire you racist cunt.

  108. She's a 90 yr old white woman. Give her a break. Are you really that surprised? Exposing old white people as bigots, imagine that. How is this news?

  109. Through what? You ignorant fool. Why educate you, your kind is far more likely to go to prison so why bother. You can't defend ignorance with ignorance. Barack Obama black/white parents President of the United States.

  110. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AHA HA HA HA HA This took me completely out of here. I cannot! LOL LOL…..she said I don't want them spreading it all over. If you are white you go with white people. They should stay with their own kind. I can't! #I'mDead #LMAO #Are they from my home state? Alabama?

  111. Horrible racist little old lady no matter how you slice it. Crocodile tears, I give her props however for allowing them to air the footage.

  112. Victor Mack is an idiot! No reverse racism? That's a good one lmfao! I could give examples but this is all so blah to me. Call me racist cause I expect that. That's the only come back some people have. Frankly, I don't give 2 shits about racial topics cause I have more important problems to deal with. I ain't got time for a subject that will never stop being talked about. lmfao. I'm an equal opportunity hater. People just suck. I treat people the way I want to be treated but there are just people out there that will never have respect for anyone and need and thrive on crap to bitch about. As The World Turns!

  113. Krystian gman she wasn't crying before she got caught! The other lady was crying. What that lady said was it made me want to cry seeing her with that! Smh. She put the water works on when she realized she was now going to be viewed by the world. Trying to say she was worried about bills racial children. That's bs! #shameful

  114. Nope it will never end. We have so many more seriously troubling things going on in the world than to dwell on racism forever, but it looks like it will never end! As long as there is someone to listen and keep it going also.

  115. Can't wait to see the look on her face when she realizes God is black. Lol

  116. wow today is 3.17.15, and I'm still hearing this….. oh wait. they were from the oldest skool!

  117. Emy O'Neal says:

    @Alberto Mora Do you want to be white? You took that and tried to turn her stupidity on me. Nice try!

  118. I don't even think it's about approval more so than respect, at least for me it is. You don't have to like me or love me but you will respect me. But I get what you are saying and a lot of black people do seek approval, especially in the work environment.

  119. And that's just the way some people feel. It would be the same if it were the opposite races. I know black people that feel the same way. It's called life!

  120. cotk says:

    I wish that were true, but these racist ppl are still around because their parents, grandparents, and so on have taught them this, and they have taught their children. Strong minded ppl can break the cycle, but weak minded racists often breed weak minded offspring, so it’s taken many many generations to even get this far. I don’t see it dying off with the current old folks, since they have plenty of grown children trained up in their ignorant ways already. Most of them know how to hide it, and that makes it even worse because it’s harder to fight an enemy that you can’t see.

  121. cotk says:

    Put a child through what? Having 2 parents who love each other as much as their children? Having parents who follow God’s will for their lives to marry whoever He tells them to?

  122. cotk says:

    Unless you think they would have protested had she come in with a white boy dressed in a hoodie then it is about racism, regardless if it may also have a classism component. (Which I doubt in this case)

  123. Tilmann Puschka says:

    Wow! I wonder what that woman’s secret to longevity is? She doesn’t look a day over 60, even though she was clearly born in the early 19th century…

    Folks are crackin’, that’s for sure!

  124. Tilmann Puschka says:

    Hmm…I can’t help but wonder if she voted for Obama or not…

  125. Tilmann Puschka says:

    yep- there are teachers, lawyers, doctors, police officers, and hiring managers all over the country who hold the very same opinions of blacks that these two ignorant, racist women hold, and that’s a huge problem in this country.

  126. Nicole Therrien says:

    Wow a post about not being racist how nice but then it turns to money and love. Has anyone ever thought that maybe women who fall in love with black men are open minded and falling in love with another human!! The world is a sad sad place! It’s effin pathetic that if I want to move my family to another town to relocate because of a great paying job that yes I’m gonna say it yes my Black husband has, It’s sad that I have to look up the demographics of the area to see what the diversity is so that our children will feel comfortable!! So how are black people the problem?

  127. Nicole Therrien says:

    Very well said

  128. Nicole Therrien says:

    True bullshit my husband was walking to his car from a grocery store buying groceries for his family just like any other family does on a normal day. He was called a Nigger the other day so whoever tells you they are color blind they are the blind ones! They are being taught by the parents and the parents taught by the grandparents. Makes me sick!

  129. Nicole Therrien says:

    Very well said!

  130. James Curtis says:

    That is the most ignorant question I’ve ever heard! I hate to break it to you, but their are White Mexicans. That’s like me saying that every person from the US is White or Black for that matter, I might as well just exclude people who are Native American or Asian and are natives from the US! Do you realize how stupid that is. There are people of different races in every country on the planet.

  131. James Curtis says:

    Mexicans come in different races. That’s like me saying that everyone from the US is white. Do you know how dumb and ignorant that is?

  132. Michael Tolbert says:

    The elderly woman tries to justify her position by saying that it’s about protecting kids. But she contradicts herself when she says, “…a pretty girl like her would pick something like that.” and “Why do you have to choose that?” Calling the boyfriend “thing” and “that” reduces him to less than human- inferior.

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