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Black Cooperative Economics Will Be the Focus of Ujamaa Summit in Atlanta

Shrine of the Black Madonna Church

Shrine of the Black Madonna Church

Black cooperative economics will be the theme of the second annual Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) Power Summit taking place on Saturday, March 21, in Atlanta at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Church.

Hosted by the Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, the summit will take place from 2 pm to 8 pm and will feature a panel discussion on cooperative and group-owned enterprises. One of the primary speakers on the panel will be Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, an educator, economist and recognized authority on the history of cooperatives and mutual aid efforts by Africans in America starting from before emancipation. She is the author of the seminal work, Collective Courage, which has become a required text for approaching the subject of Black economics.

The event will be keynoted by author and educator Dr. Marimba Ani, who is a cultural anthropologist focusing on the tools needed to fortify our culture for victory.

The sub-theme of the conference is “The New Black Economy,” which will focus on proven and projected plans of economic empowerment and control for Black Communities locally, nationally and internationally.

In addition to the panel and the keynote address, the Summit will feature a vibrant African Marketplace and networking opportunities. Entertainment will be led by spoken word artist, Sister Sunni Patterson.

The Shrine of the Black Madonna is located at 946 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. in Atlanta.

Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC, is an Atlanta-based cooperative enterprise that boasts membership throughout the United States and in other countries. The group’s mission is to provide a group-owned business model with the capacity to aid the Black Community in gaining and maintaining economic control of our communities and nations.

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  1. This is Blessing. We need to pump out 20 Black businesses a month. We can save ourselves!

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