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47 thoughts on “The Black Chef From The Racist Oklahoma Fraternity Is Now Out Of A Job, But What He Says About The Incident Is Shocking

  1. the commercial was longer than the post…

  2. Renee Holmes says:

    That was a short ass interview the commercial was longer how unfair

  3. Nia James says:

    all the coonery. ALL OF IT.

  4. Zaina Marie says:

    There should have been more of him explaining what the hell he meant by family.

  5. Redneck BrotherHood.

  6. Vernon Fyall says:

    This was just a way to lighten the impact of racism uncovered.I wish they had at least interviewed a black professor, an African American studies type who is ABLE to give a more fairer assessment of SAE. nevertheless I want to thank the head of the college for disbanding SAE.

  7. Why is his statement a problem? I don't agree with those on the bus at all but if he has bonded with some of the members and staff why can't he still consider them family?

  8. Yejide Eshe' says:

    While I understand that he may have bonded with some dissenting members (it's obvious that someone in that fraternity didn't agree with what was going on because he taped and leaked the video), I think that his statement is problematic when viewed in terms of the whole philosophy of that chapter of SAE. My question is whether or not the sister chapter harbors the same sentiments.

  9. The cook is sick. This is the reason people get over on us because of people like him who love what is evil and he will probably be loyal and help racist people he works for before he helps someone who GENIUELY treats him kindly. The way people treat you when you work for them or provide cooking or cleaning service does not define how they REALLY feel about you or people who look like you. After all, they are not competing for jobs with the cook….they are competing for jobs with those who getting the same degrees they are.

  10. The interview was probably short cause this fool just called these folks family. What else could be said.

  11. What is wrong with it is that he doesn't know when to let a so-called friend go. People are not bothered by those who cook or clean or was their clothes because they are not in competition for jobs with them. They treated the cook kindly because that is the job the feel a black man should have. You can hang a nigger from a tree but he will never be a member of SAE and he is calling them family. This dude is delusional.

  12. What is wrong with it is that he doesn't know when to let a so-called friend go. People are not bothered by those who cook or clean or wash their clothes because they are not in competition for jobs with them. They treated the cook kindly because that is the job they feel a black man should have. You can hang a nigger from a tree but he will never be a member of SAE and he is calling them family. This dude is delusional.

  13. If his family are a bunch of two faced bigots, then he has the best family suited for him…There is no more to say to a person that is ignorant and this man is obviously missing some basic facts regarding his race and the culture he was exposed.

  14. I agree, and what is with the inaudible sound!

  15. Yes, I agree, please change this.

  16. It's funny how people are blaming him for loving what he's doing, calling him names because he's not mad and cursing people out.It's not easy but you don't have to hate the people that are being hateful.What would most of us do if the people we worked for got caught saying what they really think'.

  17. Hank Wilson says:

    It is obvious that they hired him because he has a secret to keep from most in the African American community. No small time racist organization will ever hire a color person to cook for them unless they have something on him and knows that he not comfortable being around his own ethnicity, a whole lot-just the facts folks!

  18. Issac Abrams says:

    I can imagine the racial slurs, mockery & jokes his "family" has enjoyed @ his expense.

  19. Issac Abrams says:

    I don't think he's an "Uncle Ruckus"..sadly, I think he really thought they cared(and still care) about him.

  20. Adblocker my brother download it

  21. Clive Grant says:

    Issac Abrams He worked there as a cook for years and it put food on his table to feed his family at home. He probably knew it was like that over the years but ignored it and thought some of them cared about him because they liked the food. He became attached to the environment and "Family" was the politically correct thing to say.

  22. Aaron Grey says:

    That was thoroughly disgusting…(referencing to his fucked up mentality…excuse the language).

  23. Dr. Joy DeGruy – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:

  24. He brainwashed, because he lacks the knowledge of self. Look at his job. He is too far gone in terms of realizing that these suckers killed a Black student thru hazing. They are your enemy. It didn't come out my mouth, listen to the song. They'll never be a SAE. Not everyone is like that, but they closing down Black schools all over the country. But, the rich white people love us. No they don't. They kill you on a daily basis. Black woman thrown over bridge by white police officer. They wanted to make Blacks hate Blacks so we could continue to kill each other. Plan A didn't work. Now, it's scandal and how to get away with murder. Listen to the words. Black women haven't woke up, yet! But, if we start killing the white man….she better not come to the rescue of these savages. Dr. Joy DeGruy – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:

  25. "I could have freed more if only they knew they were slaves" Harriet Tubman.

  26. Marcus Ford says:

    Hey massa. We sick?

  27. Jay Beck says:

    Black people love to call a person a coon, or "Uncle Ruckus" if they refuse to bash or hate white people, think for themselves, or say anything good about white people….its fucking sad.

  28. Smid Ball says:

    Po ol uncle Ben, wez gone fine u anuter job ok!

  29. Maybe he can get a job working for Paula Deen…

  30. That odd I didn't see any add, I did have to turn up the volume a bit.

  31. Sad. These kids straight up said that black people should be hung on trees and that a black man will never be accepted in their fraternity, yet he still considers them "family"? Love yourself, brotha.

  32. Where is the video? The same ad plays over and over again.

  33. you know why he said that..come on now he is saving face for what he said so the rich white guy (president of some industrial places) will see and hear him and offer his ass a job within his industrial company..cook, janitor, me this is why he made that ridiculous remark….

  34. Well white folks love blacks who are in servitude to them, come to them on an equal footing and then u will see what's up… My Brother.

  35. Carolyn Ford says:

    That big bubble lip coon a$& Uncle Tom, should be ashamed of himself. Truly sad. No self respect or love what so ever.

  36. Rose Johnson says:

    Wow, perfect comment. Harriet Tubman. Yes!

  37. Jaleel King says:

    Some of you really have the nerve to call this man "Uncle Ruckus" or more? You assume that those in the fraternity house all acted and spoke racist around this man which, like most racist, they probably didn't.

    You also assume all of them felt like the ring leader which, they didn't; other wise there would be no video. Being apart of any group means you fall in line with what's happening or going on, unfortunately. It's like a cop who sees something bad but doesn't say anything or backs up the bad because it's expected. As bad as that sounds we all know what can happen to those who break the "code" or say something that goes against what others believe (read first sentence). For cops it's not having backup come in critical situations or worst… The point is none of know how the cook was treated or what he was even witness to. His experience my be completely different from what many assume and thus he has no malice because that's not how THEY acted around him.

  38. now that's the truth. love yourself.

  39. wtf open your eyes.

  40. Tom Robinson says:

    How many of you go to a racist job everyday, knowing full well that management and your co-workers are racists yet keep quiet about it because you need to feed your family and feel powerless?

  41. The almost child-like persona of negros like this cook is indicative of how slavery, generations removed has left it's mark! Certainly nothing to be celebrated!

  42. They will be those kind forgive him .give time for them to die out .

  43. Will Greene says:

    After the abolition of slavery, many freed slaves refused to leave the plantation because slavery was all they knew. This man should not be ridiculed because of his ignorance, And should be taught as to why what he says has such a negative impact on those that had to hear it. SMH

  44. Will Greene says:

    They probably gave him the you are not like the other ni—s speech, and made him feel special.

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