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8 Eye Opening Studies That Quantify White Privilege Into Undeniable Stats

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Just 37 percent of whites believe that the police treat Black people less fairly; 70 percent of Blacks feel the same way, according to Yale professors Redzo Mujcic and Paul Frijters, who conducted a study on white privilege. The study found that the same biases exist when it comes to perceived discrimination in stores, the courts and schools, which means that much of the nation’s dialogue about racial inequality is defined by the “clashing of intractable subjectivities,” the researchers said.

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6 thoughts on “8 Eye Opening Studies That Quantify White Privilege Into Undeniable Stats

  1. White privilege is a mental disorder suffered from people of all colors……

  2. It is time for black people to stop praying and start doing.

  3. First of all we need to recognize that names have power and we aren't black because last time I checked we weren't a crayon or as dark (even the darkest of us) and we're not African-American since no one knows which country in Alkebulan we hail from. We are Asiatic, Moors, Moorish-American, any of those, BUT we are not a color or named after a continent.

  4. The only way to limit White Privilege is to build your own economy and institutions. That way we can separate from all the non-black ones. And then we can lobby to rewrite the laws in our favors since theirs obvious discrimination in them as well. But a black controlled society must be formed first and foremost or else we leave all the wealth/resources in the hands of people who have no problems discriminating against us.

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