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5 thoughts on “Michelle Alexander Breaks Down The Heartbreaking Reality Of What Black Parents Have To Tell Children About Why The Criminal Justice System Is Not In Their Favor

  1. Mike Jackson says:

    Straight talk. Talk to your sons about this.

  2. damn tell the truth is the thing, MB attacted an officer of the law tryed to get his gun and was shot , get real here no racism a crinmal was shot in the comission of a crime period..

  3. Chuck Shaw says:

    This is bull-crap, u don't tell your kids there disadvantage because they are of a certain race, you tell your children you are created of God and no man can be against you. In addition, u tell your kids to live a life of doing(sowing) the right things and so should your life be however if you live a life of crime and poverty(mindset) it may lead to men unfairly treating you. This is from a man perspective for raising a family, otherwise you plant the seeds of color, race and weakness in your child's mind, and your children will always think bad things and people are against because of race, you will raise a race of mentally inferior kids. The minds very powerful. If you want to a strong mind read the bible and also Dennis Kimbro books, one in specific is Think and Grow Rich from a Black Perspective or read Dr. Ben Carson book Gifted hands. Micheal Brown wasn't Jay walking he was sowing crime in his life. I don't blame him his parents where doing of bad job at influencing his life.

  4. Ali Gill says:

    Chuck, it doesn't seem that you have bought into the victim narrative.

  5. If you don't talk to your sons they could die at the hands of.bigoted.police officers.

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