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79 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What This County Sheriff Is Saying About the Department of Justice Findings and Eric Holder

  1. Hakeem Wise says:

    It is the system that is racist and the police policy and training

  2. Interesting, The DOJ was correct in to looking at Ferguson. You can't blame Mr. Holder for what was going on there nor can you not say what was discovered was okay, you just can't.

  3. The self hate is strong in this one.

  4. How about this officer, do his job!

  5. Lisa Jackson says:

    Leave it to Fox news.. They won't publish a news story until they can find a Sambo to validate their racism. The police policy is to whup ass if anybody step out of line. Meaning if you don't do what white authority wants then you're out of line.

  6. So what he's saying is, " all the rioters are ignorant, and they have not right to destroy property nor contest any of this because there is NO racial profiling, NOR injustice in any way. Also, the AG is incompetent in his job because he failed to promptly deliver info to Congress.. Therefore, any and all claims are invalid, even if he found and injustice And its OK and professional to send lewd or racial emails to a recipient because every police officer does it."??? So the police are correct because they follow the law.. Not moral judgment.. Though laws are written to prevent the very thing that happened..,

  7. So what he's saying is, " all the rioters are ignorant, and they have not right to destroy property nor contest any of this because there is NO racial profiling, NOR injustice in any way. Also, the AG is incompetent in his job because he failed to promptly deliver info to Congress.. Therefore, any and all claims are invalid, even if he found and injustice And its OK and professional to send lewd or racial emails to a recipient because every police officer does it."??? So the police are correct because they follow the law.. Not moral judgment.. Though laws are written to prevent the very thing that happened..,

  8. That's what I call a paradox.

  9. They can always dig up a out of touch, Black that has been feed to misrepresent his people, if this is his feeling, he is not bias but just wrong, He to cast a wide web over people and thing he has never experienced, because he is black does not mean he's know what he is doing or saying when people engage in name call or assenting one character, the interview guided his already defending himself, if he work in Ferguson he's the first object ob getting it right, get rid of him. He has never been effect in any thing but tokenism give rank.

  10. Man, don't you love David Clarke? This is a Ace Boon Coon for white supremacy. He flips off neo-Confederate white supremacist talking points for breakfast. He's a marvel to behold.

  11. The system got him. He is one of the head gang leader.

  12. WILLIE LYNCH is so proud

  13. David Rose says:

    We know they'll alway bring out the homofied, sissyfied buck dancing COON front and center. Keep records of these Coon.

  14. Debra Wright says:

    The congress reports have nothing to do with this. You are a pawn in their hands; how much are they paying you to say this? You see they didn't have white officer say all this. You should be ashamed of yourself and so should your mother! Stop being used okay!

  15. The current governor is Scott Walker. In March 2002, Clarke was appointed Sheriff of Milwaukee County by Governor Scott McCallum. In November 2002, he was elected to his first four-year term, earning 64% of the vote. Sheriff Clarke is now in his fourth term, having been re-elected in November 2006, 2010, and 2014, increasing his victory margins to 73%, 74% and 79% respectively. Sheriff Clarke was honored in May 2013, with the Sheriff of the Year Award from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for, “demonstrating true leadership and courage… staying true to his oath, true to his badge, and true to the people he has promised to serve and protect.”.

  16. You can always find one! Exactly what black people said as they were being led onto the slave ships "I do't believe one word of this" right up to their last breath hanging from a tree in Milwaukee and furgurson! You cannot be surprised by these comments!

  17. It NEVER fails y'all:

    "When white folks can't defeat you, they'll always find some Negro—some boot-licking, butt-licking, buck-dancing, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized nigger—that they can trot out in front of you." – Bro. Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad

  18. Leave it to Fox News to find the most out of touch, Uncle Tom clueless, self hating cop and put him as if hes the voice for how blacks view the Attourney Generals findings.

  19. This is what you called self hate!

  20. Otis Trotter says:

    How much are they paying this Tom to tear down Holder? They just don't want to accept that a lot of these police departments have problems with racism.

  21. Bruh, how much did they pay you and where can I sell out?

  22. Willie tucker the way your laying on that chair looks like you've already sold out like a bitch.

  23. Ahmed Majeed says:

    This is outrageous. Foxx and Clark is full of shit

  24. It's interesting when comes to race relationship, they always pick a black person (Negro) to speak on behalf of the white supremacist..

  25. This Sherrif Clarke is a political tool for the Republican Party and is not for justice rather is words and demeanor show that hes is for "covering you ass' and not doing what is right and just condoning using lethal force againgst an unarmed suspect.Milwaukee deserves this kind of Negro as Sherrif ,

  26. He's just truly ignorant.

  27. Dione Wilson says:

    He's an old bitchass fool. His type of ignorance will set African Americans back decades if not centuries. Old massa loving uncle tom ass hoe.

  28. Hank Wilson says:

    He's the Postal-Child for Samboism, which is three times worst than being a House-Negro.

  29. Ok…I think this dude is looking for a gig next to the clueless, Stacy Dash, post retirement! The rank and file black officers of every police department must be vomiting now!

  30. Joyce Rozier says:

    I think he is right all white officers are not racist but the ones that are, and there are many of them. And the black officers are covering up for the racist officers.

  31. & I GUARANTEE you that as the grandson of "Steven" from "Django" HIS Dept. has much the SAME statistics & DEFINATELY the same ATTITUDE as the Ferguson PD…(& he looks like a park wino they put a uniform on & PAID to say these things)…

  32. Leave it to Fix Noise to find a black man this disgusting.

  33. James E Hart says:

    When you say " true to his badge, true to his oath and true to the people he promised to serve" what people are you speaking of? or do you mean he's a Jim Crow Gate-keeper?

  34. Lesa Canty says:

    Would this officer say what he is saying if this was his sons getting murdered by the police.

  35. Gary Lord says:

    He is a big disgrace to everything that Black People have had to go through for self Respect and Dignity, he sets the Black People back a thousand years….

  36. Gary Lord says:

    This is a real Black Sambo talking talking..

  37. Gary Lord says:

    This is a real Black Sambo talking talking..

  38. I know that what Eric holder and the Ferguson grand jury failed to do is bring charges against Darren Wilson for both the murder and civil rights violation of Mike Brown.

  39. There is and was enough evidence to bring charges.

  40. eff u liar liar pants on fire…fuk it I'm a cartoon.

  41. How ironic, right after this an unarmed 19 yr old was shot and killed by police in his own home after police broke in claiming to hear a disturbance

  42. Ray Flower says:

    wait, what did Uncle Tom just say?

  43. Marc Neal says:

    If that's all he got from the report, he should not be qualified to be a police chief. Majority of the findings in that report is true about small towns in regards to how they build revenue. Just ridiculous..

  44. Voy Cooks says:

    This fool is a white racist's dream. Completely ignorant and brainwashed. Is it any wonder that white police officers (some of them ) feel confident, even brazen enough to gun dowm unarmed black men. Who's going to hold them accountable? That baffoon David Clarke? Every time African Americans make any kind of progress toward addressing overt racism in America entities like Fox News reaches in the woodpile and produces yet another black apoligist for white racism. His slanderous attack on Eric Holder is pitiful. Comparing him to a man with such moral fortitude isn't worth the energy. He truly represents the worst we African Americans have to offer.

  45. David Clarke an uncle TOM.

  46. Wayne Darby says:

    Fox had to find their "token" black guy that would spew their narrative in the hopes that somehow that would give it more weight. Even a blind man can see how racist this police department is.

  47. That sheriff is a loser…he is seeking something (hidden agenda, for sure)… We have names for people like him…

  48. Really!!!!!you can pick up your check when you finish,you fuck face,it's innocent lives that are lost every day,because you try to make people think it's not a big deal, when even a black police officer gets thrown in jail after giving all the proper ID.Because all they see is a black man.

  49. A'mon Turner says:

    This nigger rite here!

  50. Just another Officer who believes just cause an officer of the law says this is what happened IS what happen so Darin Wilson is telling the truth! Truth is Only The officer can tell his side of the story because that officer hunted down the ONLY other person who can tell his side , shot him down & killed him like a wounded animal! Why can't the world see this & stop

  51. All aboard the coontrain!

  52. Where did they find this clown.

  53. Please stop talkin, I smell B.S. comin' outta yo mouth!

  54. We have many problems in the African American communities and jerks like this guy is one of the major ones. He know better and even if he doesn't, facts are facts, police records and Ferguson's history is were these reports were generated from, not the imagination of the Attorney General. Maybe this "house nigga" need more time in the field.

  55. This individual is 99 percent of the problem; His First Name is "JIM CROW: He feels privledge because he can be a thug and a criminal behind a police and uniform! Malocolm X said Once they have been proven weong the White Racist and Black hater's of there own people they find a uncle tomed Nigga to counter the findings of th AG! Ignorant ASS NIGGA, THIS IS WHAT A TRUE NIGGA LOOK LIKE!

  56. Tomi Brown says:

    Bingo my sista.

  57. Gene Brown says:

    I glad he is not my Dad! Is that a racist man with a dark tan!

  58. Jeff Huskey says:

    "Attorney gemeral has no credibility" no police have no credibility. Like he said not all cops are racist bad cops. But if good cops say nothing about the bad cops how dose that make them good. One bad apple can spoil the hole bunch. And this apple here is rotten as sh!t.

  59. He's probably a republican two; get in line with the rest of the tokens! It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and relieve all doubt! They have hard evidence and this fool is still denying the facts; just like a republican! A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!

  60. Aaron Lynch says:

    This guy is an idiot. I think that every person that RECEIVED those racist emails and did not file a formal complaint against the author should be fired. How's that for a broad brush?

    That's what this guy and 99% of other police don't understand. They want to whine about how most people aren't that bad, sorry but yes they are. You cannot be a "good cop" if you let bad ones get away with it.

  61. This is a Mickey Mouse Copper,but he is clean in his glitter from Walmart uniform.

  62. David Clark you are such a As- hole and uncle Tom tell Fox news you are married to one of their people so stupid FOX News always run and find uncles Tom's. Let me just tell you stupid Clark (it is what it is )no witch hunt just facts. Caught in the act keep being a Sambo and Uncle Tom. Try going and get an Education!!#

  63. Eric Neal says:


  64. shot up who ever you are you are just like the racist whites always having something to say when a black man is doing something right you would not say anything if the white officers in your state were doing the samething. you would be helping then break the law. and shred the constitution.

  65. All this comments equal one thing, House Nigga.

  66. He drank the Kool aid

  67. Oh yessa boss! eyes gone do a good job foe ya putting down my peoples!
    Fox news paid him! They PAID him, not cash but a big ole bucket of FRIED CHICKEN AND WATERMELLON.

  68. Terry Moore says:

    And this is why whites will continue to do what they do, because they will always find a Tom like this to say it's okay!

  69. Marco Rosado says:

    Sigh… no wonder racism doesn't go away. Everyone below still holds on to it and the guys above try to band-aid or blindfold it.

  70. Don't hate on this brotha for protecting his salary. I've been trying to sell out for decades but can't find the connections to do so.

  71. Bob Johnson says:

    Well, one thing we know for a certainty, this black man's job as sheriff is not in jeopardy, now or in the future.

    What's that old saying, "Money can make you act funny."

  72. Bob Johnson says:

    Jose A. Gomez : I don't "hate" on anyone, but who exactly is twisting this black sheriff's arm in Milwaukee to appear on Fox News with this drivel?

    I think he volunteered his services to show those who pay his salary where his loyalties lie, that is, with the money and not his people.

    "Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction? This is the third of Sir Issac Newton's laws of physics."

    It's not just a law of physics, but metaphysics as well, a law that governs our thoughts and our actions.

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