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3 thoughts on “Is This the Only Way for Michael Brown’s Family to Get Justice?

  1. Michael Brown's family wants justice for a thug. This family made this thug and left him for the streets and grandmother. Trash breed trash.

  2. Andre Young says:

    Quiet as its kept, it is a good thing; the Feds investigated the Mike Brown case, that is not always the way it works. That is to say, it is not often the Feds step in on killings of Black persons. However, these alluded to killings by White policemen of Black men has gotten the attention of the whole world; so, the Feds have no choice. At least now, the Brown family has all of the defendants identified, and evidence on the table. Now, all the Plaintiffs, Brown Family, has to do is pick and choose, whom they want to grill, and go for the gusto.

  3. Andre Young says:

    Thug, or not; Michael Brown was their "thug." Thugism does not carry the death penalty. If it does, then point out the custom, law, or statute, whereby we can all use it to justify killing folk we label.

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