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12 thoughts on “This Teacher Tried to Educate Her Students on African History — What Happens as a Result Is Mind-Boggling

  1. Ashley Lynn says:

    You allowed children the ability to learn the truth. Those hateful acts just shows how important that knowledge is. Please keep enlightening the youth

  2. Folks are so afraid of the truth. Keep doing what you're doing. I love it. Peace.

  3. Don Andrews says:

    Some one please get this to the tacher in Royal Palm Beach, Fl. that was removed from his class.

  4. Morine Kuboh says:

    When you know your history, it changes your way of thinking and that's why they don't want it to be told.Just as it is said in the Bible ''You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free''.

  5. Whenever I hear blacks talk about the black empires they act like these empires were a force of good when really they did the same things that blacks accuse the Europeans of doing. The empires were also not nearly as successful as European empires.

  6. Cedric Smith says:

    Shut ya nut ass the fuck up this is a black site white boy dont you got a elementary school to shoot up or a liitle boy to molest

  7. the question is: what are white people so afraid of? learn your history and learn their history. when you do that, you will know who is the real barbarian, war monger, thief and uncivilized liar. there will be no question of who is inferior. then, you will be free.

  8. successful at what justin?

  9. Brenda Nero says:

    TRUTH. And, yet, Truth continues to rise because TRUTH IS GOD and you cannot protect your children from The Creator. The Universe will have balance.

  10. I want to separate from them. integration was a mistake. We were not created to live amongst them. We are here with them as punishment for our sins and I do not want to be here when they are punished for theirs.

  11. I hear you and I'm with you but being granted our own ability to govern ourselves and granted the land we deserve in these times are unlikely considering the magnitude of brainwashed corrupted minds amongst ourselves to initiate such a move effectively. The transitional aspect alone will be a debacle…as much as I would love to, it will never happen..we are outnumbered.

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