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6 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson Presents an Interesting Argument For Why He Thinks Being Gay Is A Choice

  1. F*** this dude… Marriage was around centuries before religion came into play, let alone Christianity. So you can't claim marriage as being "yours" or "ours" based on something you believe some god said. And I'm so tired of straight people, who know nothing of my life, trying to tell me that I sat down one day and decided it was in my best interest to be gay; to have to fight for equality, my choice to be shunned by my family and community, to be bullied in high school for being "different," for always having to justify myself as a human being… Who the hell would CHOOSE to be gay?

  2. Ben Carson is so out of touch, it's astoundng.

  3. Ben Carson is pandering to right wing evangelical Christians. he has long ago sold his soul to the right wing nuts of Fox news. He is the resident good N***** as opposed to Obama.

  4. There is nothing "interesting" about Ben Carson's conflating situational sex with sexual orientation. Whether people in prison discover and practice same sex behavior exclusively, or engage in both heterosexual and homosexual behavior upon release is unimportant. There should be nothing to deny those people or people who feel they are born other than heterosexual equal protection under the law. If people choose to be gay, so what? America is a civil society and as such, the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" should not be denied any law abiding citizen.

  5. Matthew Li says:

    I dunno man, I think it is interesting.
    i've never heard this opinion before.

  6. I'm sorry did this dude say something wrong? I'm 33 years old and I have never heard of this dude before. This dude is spot on!! This dude answered the question ( it's a state issue.. Let the people decide.. It's America!!). I'm very impressed with this dude.. He only said what was needed.. America is a democracy!! ( on paper.. Lol) California proved that it's not when a supreme court overturned a vote from the people. Now I must address the spin doctors!! Being homosexual is a choice!! There is no homosexual chromosome.. Being a man of color is not a choice (melanin decided for me). Being a man of color and engaging in homosexuality is not the same!! I have never heard of a case that a woman locks her car door because a homosexual walks by.? If you choose to be homosexual fine!!.. Your choose.. But don't expect people to celebrate it (marriage is a celebration of two people coming together to MAKE and CONTRIBUTE to society). The reason I capped make is very simple.. You have to make something to continue society. Again for the spin doctor!! (man and women relationship have a higher percentage to make babies then same sex relationship). I can go on, but let's leave it here. (You know people hate to hear truth)

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