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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Disrespect of Obama Clearly Shows Who Has the Power in the Relationship

Netanyahu obama israelThe historic presidency of Barack Obama is about to experience another first today.

Obama’s presidency has seen innumerable firsts during his six years in office. But we’re not talking the kind of firsts that will get recorded on plaques. No, these are firsts that many observers in the Black community feel are inextricably connected to his status as the first Black president.

From a Congressman screaming “You lie” during the president’s speech to a joint session of Congress in 2009 to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wagging a scolding finger in his face on the tarmac in Phoenix in 2012, the president has been on the receiving end of gestures that his predecessors never had to endure.

The speech that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to make today to a joint session of Congress, a speech orchestrated by House Speaker John Boehner, directly against the president’s wishes, will quickly rise to the top of the list of nasty insults.

The symbolism of Netanyahu marching into Congress to deliver a rebuke to Obama’s foreign policy stance on Iran is so deep, so profound, that presidential scholars and historians will be mining this day for years, writing book-length analyses of what it means to a presidency to have the opposition party align itself with a leader of a foreign land over the sitting U.S. president.

But perhaps the relationship between the U.S. and Israel is so special in the mind of Boehner that he doesn’t even see Netanyahu as the leader of a foreign land. After all, the U.S. provides so many billions to Israel every year in grants, loans, cash disbursals—directly from the U.S. government and also in the form of tax-deductible donations to Israel from private U.S. citizens—that in the minds of many Israel is more of a beneficiary of American largesse than most of the communities of color that are actually filled with U.S. citizens.

At least the president will have the visible support of many members of his party—Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and more than 50 Democratic lawmakers plan to skip Netanyahu’s speech. Those who vote with their feet should be noted—they are likely the ones who don’t feel beholden to the powerful Israeli lobby and its campaign dollars.

The White House even helped along the boycott by House Democrats by inviting them to a trade meeting at the White House on Tuesday at a time that would make it hard for them to attend the speech.

There have been times when the president has been at the receiving end of insults that he has pretended weren’t insults at all , but this time he’s not playing that game. He refused to meet with Netanyahu during his visit. And during an interview yesterday with Reuters, he said the equivalent of the Netanyahu speech would be if Democrats in Congress had invited the French president to speak after he opposed President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

“I guarantee you that some of the same commentators who are cheerleading now would have suggested that it was the wrong thing to do,” he said.

The Black community watches all of this unfold with a knowing shaking of the head. To a community that has stockpiled generations of slights, large and small, parsing the etymology of the racial insult has become a long-honed art form. Of course, there is danger in seeing something that’s not always there, but we see far more danger in not seeing it when it’s sitting there wrapped in a big red bow.

“This is not a personal issue,” Obama said. “I think that it is important for every country in its relationship with the United States to recognize that the U.S. has a process of making policy.”

In other words, there are ways of properly voicing foreign policy disagreements—and this ain’t it. Even if Boehner was being incredibly disrespectful in extending the invitation, the prime minister, who is facing a close election in two weeks to keep his job, should have respected the American president enough to decline. Choose another American forum to publicly disagree with Obama’s decision to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear policy.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, as only he can, described the nature of the insult so that anyone could understand it.

“He’s the president,” Farrakhan said right before Netanyahu landed in the U.S.. “Here’s a man coming in your house. You’re the head of the house. And somebody in the house invites you in the house and you sneak in the back door and don’t even greet the head of the house and ask his permission. Is that an insult? Is that the way they think of our brother president? ‘We’re gonna do whatever we want to do, cause you ain’t nothing but a ni**er in the White House.’ Don’t tell me they don’t think like that.”

Netanyahu, in his speech before an estimated 16,000 supporters of Israel at the Aipac conference, said the whole thing was nothing more than a “family” fight that would ultimately be overcome. He expressed his gratitude to Obama for his support of Israel over the years.

“My speech is not intended to show any disrespect to President Obama or the esteemed office that he holds,” Netanyahu told the crowd, which greeted him with standing ovations. “I have great respect for both.”

What this really means is that Netanyahu is so secure in his country’s dominance of American politics, he fears no threat of any kind of retaliation or retribution. Politics is and always will be a power game. By stomping into the Capitol Building and giving the equivalent of a middle finger to Obama, Netanyahu is clearly demonstrating who has the power in the relationship.

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42 thoughts on “Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Disrespect of Obama Clearly Shows Who Has the Power in the Relationship

  1. Colin Mayers says:

    These stupid Republicans have no respect for President Obama.

  2. Simon Peak says:

    These writers have said it all, nothing more to add!

  3. Appearances (perception) are powerful, although we do not "really" know what is going on behind closed doors. This is not a good look on its face though.

  4. Dmax Lomax says:

    Obama will brush that off his shoulder and rise to another level just as he has done in the past. The man is too cool, calm and collected for these cats, lol.

  5. Jah Born says:

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  6. Trina Perry says:

    The Republican House of Representatives are disgraceful traitors. They should ALL be impeached, at the very least.

  7. I LOVE IT!!!! I wish he would have SLAPPED THE FOCK out of obummers SORRY COWARDLY ASS!!!!

  8. That my TRUE Americans is a TRUE LEADER!! I stand by ISREAL!!

  9. told my cousin the exact same thing this morning. his haters keep trying to get him to act out but it's not going to happen. he's the epitome of suave.

  10. told my cousin the exact same thing this morning. his haters keep trying to get him to act out but it's not going to happen. he's the epitome of suave.

  11. says the inbred coward sitting behind his computer in his mothers nasty ass, dark, dank basement.

  12. says the inbred coward sitting behind his computer in his mothers nasty ass, dark, dank basement.

  13. now Sharon you must be one of these give me free stuff bummers.

  14. Dwayne Langley Standing by leaders of foreign nations before your own. Quite the patriots.

  15. Who invited the red neck from Texas to the conversation? What exactly did your people pay for again? You stole your land stole people to work the land you red neck mf have been getting a free ride your whole life…. Dwayne I'm proud to be a dumb ass red neck from Texas!!!

  16. Ebiye Ogoun says:

    While this piece is somewhat insightful, the writer failed to acknowledge that President Obama was the first person to invite a foreign leader in the person of Premenstrual Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom to come and lobby Congress so that Congress wouldn't bring sanctions against Iran. I do believe that we as a people, are supposed to hear from an opposing view point considering that there are two sides to every story. It is one thing to take what the president is saying and run with it but I believe that what we heard yesterday was not an insult. I have been hearing about this so called Israel lobby group. Is it supposed to be a negative thing? What is wrong with a country or an institution having a lobbying group? If there was a lobbying group for Africa, I would be very happy. The question I have for you is, why haven't African Americans instituted an African lobbying group that would be a main stay in America rather than being concerned about the the Jewish state?

  17. Regina Rand says:

    @Dmax. That's what many say…They try and try. The disrespect is fear. Obama is not the one showing his a*+. They are coming unhinged. Boehner betrayed and disrespected America. Obama has shown time after time, he doesn't have to respond,reply,debate, explain,defend,justify …A GOT D#MN THING!

  18. Willa M Reid says:

    These Republicans disrespect President Obama with all they have, but you know that it's gonna all come back to haunt them one day soon!!

    I have always thought that the GOP has been much more concerted in their attacks on the Presidency than have the democrats been against the more amorphous leadership of the GOP. However, now is the opportunity for the Democratic party to make a case against the Republican Party. Whether the Democratic party is sufficiently well led to make capital of this in the upcoming presidential elections is uncertain. Quite frankly, this current blatant disrespect, and the GOP deficient strategy of blocking everything that the President does or proposes puts them in a bad light in the eyes of the majority of the national electorate.
    Elections are always decided at the margin, (which is the mathematical difference between the size of the two electorates.) As with the profitability of a business endeavor, the margin can be quite slim, consequently quite volatile and often quite transitory and sensitive to current events. I always expected that there would be a historically predictable voter backlash against the election of a black President Obama.
    Actually, I expected that the voter backlash would have come 2 years earlier, at the presidential elections, but the momentum was still there from the first election, and again that is also predictable, depending on the depth of the crisis that brought the regime into power. This, economic, crisis was huge, harking back almost to The Depression Era, though not quite.
    However, the country was still in deep economic trouble, so the electorate was still too concerned that the economic policies of the previous regime might be to blame, to re-elect them.
    Perhaps luckily for the Democratic party this backlash has occurred at the mid-term elections, because now ALL the blame for everything that goes wrong can be placed squarely on the heads of the Conservative Republicans who control both houses of Congress. The complacency of the party in power, and consequently their electorate, has something to do with the mid-term elections as well.

  20. Dmax Lomax says:

    They don't respect themselves, so how can you blame them. The true beast is starting to show his hand more and more these days. It will get worse before it gets better. When the weak start showing their hand, it usually means that they are losing. Obama is basically saying, if you are so tough and really want to do this, then go ahead. Which is what is angering this slime minister so much. He knows he is weak and tryn to round up the troops. Similar to the characteristics of slave owners in america. You can always put lipstick on a pig, but it will always be a pig, smh.

  21. Why don't u do it COWARDLY ASS!!!!!!!

  22. Then please move

  23. All blame this lack of decorum on Speaker. He should have informed the elected President Obama of the USA and the free world that he was inviting his buddy to speak because he (the Speaker) is an underling to the black President. You don't like black but at least respect his status as President placed in the White by an overwhelming vote by the people of that great nation the United States of America. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not to blame for speaking his mind on American soil.

  24. Ebiye, what you fail to understand, is that President Obama invited David Cameron to speak. He is the president. Boehner is just a piece of shit politician that circumvented the office of the president and disrespected all of America by inviting that piece of sh**&^ to speak before congress.

  25. This is pure garbage. Obama has disrespected US citizens in too many ways to list here. He has repeatedly disrespected our foreign allies, ie. Great Britain, Israel. The only ones he doesn't disrespect are murderous, thuggish Muslim haters of America.

  26. You are probably familiar with several of the conditions of Blackness in America that appear to create fear in some people, among them "Driving-While-Black", "Shopping-While-Black" and even the pedestrian "Walking-While-Black" which is akin to some of the laws that existed in the Apartheid, but I digress. Here's the latest of the XXX-While-Black phenomenon: Presiding-While-Black.
    In the aftermath of Tuesday's political pantomime of Netenyahu's speech that was, undoubtedly a blatant political 'bitch slap' to a sitting president, It made me recall another caustic tactic that is typically played out in toxic relationships. "Fighting-by-Proxy"–This is when you get a third party to do your dirty work against whomever is your opponent. It doesn't matter whether the third party coming in to your pas de deux is aware of what's going on or not. The third party is there because you allowed him/her to be there and most importantly that party is there solely for your manipulation.
    Pretty shady dealings, but this is the the diplomacy depicted by journalist Isaac Goldberg — "The nicest way of doing the nastiest things" This is precisely what the GOP disgracefully accomplished on Tuesday with a speech by a representative of a foreign government that grossly attempted to thwart the President's foreign policy and made a mocker of the State of the Union speech. The affront brings consideration of as to the legality of all and whether it was treason. In 1799 The Logan Act became law and was amended in 1994:
    "Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects."
    — Cornel University Law School.
    It would seem that Logan Act is something that gets touted in the even of prosecuting whistleblowers, but I wonder if Mr. Boehnner is familiar with this? Does Tuesday's egregious act makes the actions of Edward Snowden any milder? Both actions betray the U.S. government. One by a lone actor, the other by a bi-cameral majority.

  27. First of all let me say this, I love President Obama for keeping a level
    head, but its time for him to start snapping
    on these assholes!!!! I am sick of the disrespect
    when BUSH was in office, no one interrupted
    any of his speeches!!!! Pointing fingers in his
    face, I think you can only take so much..
    Being a politician I know you have to watch
    what you say, but Obama its time to show the
    hell out!!! This his last term, show them who
    boss… They think you soft… Let them know
    what it is…

  28. I would love to and for you liberal dumbasses obummer is NOT MY LEADER!! I fought for this country and I would LOVE to slap his stupid ass along with his CHICKENS&;" supporters now go cry me a river DEMODUMBASSES

  29. No we need the idiot democraps out of this Country and Office!!

  30. Gary Blake says:

    Sheraine Venetis is there any law that says this boner could be shot for treason?

  31. Gary Blake , unfortunately, I think they have outlawed firing squads in the U.S. But we could put him on a plane and airdrop him into the middle of Afghanistan and they will do the job for us.

  32. Jay Thomas says:

    His name is….PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Please stop calling him "Obama."

  33. Abiy AB K says:

    Ignorant always will be ignorant, if you were in military at least you will learn to respect your commanding officer and the president is the highest it could get. I actually feel sorry for you because your inclination of hate for others comes from self hate. If I were you I will hang myself because living coward life hidden behind a keyboard is like living in hell. You have so much hate but can't do nothing about it but crying like a bitch behind your computer screen.

  34. I'm a citizen here by birth, but my home is in heaven, thus I will always be on Israel side plain and simple.

    If my President sees fit to abandon Israel, then he is only my leader due to technicalities.

    I will support and respect him as my Leader and believe his
    Position should be respected up to the point to where he turns against Israel and thus God himself.

    This is regardless of who leads, and for me is colorblind.

  35. Chaz Martin says:

    Post a couple of TRUE examples or STFU. Don't bother with liesand BS made up Hanity/Brietbart nonsense.

  36. Yet, neither Farrakhan nor the Atlanta Black Star nor Atlanta Journal, or the National Negro Publishers Association, or even the Congressional Black Caucus has the gonads, or guts, to call for the introduction of a Congressional Resolution to place a moratorium on all funding to be received by Israel because of the apparent intentional determination on the part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recklessly interfere with an American President's foreign policy negotiations based upon nothing substantive, nor cogent reasons supported by any factual revelation in possession of either the CIA or Israel's own intelligence agency, Mossad. This was nothing more than political grandstanding, providing no substantive evidence, suspiciously promulgating self interests prior to a foreign election detrimental to the national interests of the United States. Responsible blacks create reasonable doubt and suspicion regarding their own actions or lack thereof, sparring with shadows, while avoiding to antagonize probable Jewish masters within the United States. So, yes, the Ashkenazim of Israel know that all you blacks are impotent regardless of who you may be as long as you reside on this, their heavily controlled, U.S. plantation or else you would at least demand to ask the formal question as to why US citizens must continue to financially underwrite a nation who their prime minister alleges can go it alone and doesn't need anyone to go with them.

  37. He don't deserve to be call President!! As a matter of fact he dont even deserve a capital letter. He's proven it's just obama

  38. Dalibama could learn a few things from Netanyahu. He's too worried about being disrespected, even though he has disrespected this country. Obama is a lawless wreck who needs to admit he is over his head and go sit is dumb ass down in a corner somewhere. Ben Carson, and Condilizza Rice! That's the black leaders we need in office.

  39. I have lost ALL respect for the Republican party, I've never seen a group of people act so childish, the really showed there behinds off over the course of Obama's term. I think we ALL know why but I'm not going to go there. Even Clinton didn't get it this hard #smh. After seeing there actions I think it will take along time before I can trust or even listen to any of there speeches for any campaign

  40. Jo Patterson says:

    This article is a perfect example of ignorance gone wild. The President (any president not just this traitor) only has the legal right to negotiate with the enemy if he has the CONSENT OF THE SENATE … and the resulting treaty must also be approved by 2/3rds of the Senate. Obama does not have the consent of the senate for this treaty he is negotiating for, therefore the negotiations are treasonable. Inviting in the Israeli President is merely a reminder that it is the Senate that has the legal authority NOT the president. By not informing the readers of this fact, the writer has done a dis-service to his readers, as they do not understand the true context of exactly how wrong and treasonous the behavior of the President really is.

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