8 Major American Banks That Got Caught Discriminating Against Black People


New York bank sued for racial discrimination

Evans Bank

Evans Bank may not be as large as the other banks on the list, but it still has something in common with the nation’s largest financial institutions — it has been slammed with accusations of racial discrimination. The New York attorney general announced in November 2014 that the bank would be sued for discriminatory practices. The bank quickly “denied dozens of claims” that it “used discriminatory practices against African-Americans living on Buffalo’s East Side going back at least five years,” New York’s WGRZ reported. The lawsuit claimed that the bank even had an “explicit policy saying that the bank’s practice is to limit loans to those communities.”


US Bank

U.S. Bank

In November 2014, the National Fair Housing Alliance teamed up with the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center to expose racially biased practices by U.S. Bank. In a public statement, the National Fair Housing Alliance stated, “U.S. Bank fails to perform basic maintenance and marketing tasks for its bank-owned foreclosures in African American and Latino neighborhoods to the same standard as in White neighborhoods, a practice that violates the federal Fair Housing Act.” Several news stations, including Fox 32 Denver, visited some of the U.S. Bank foreclosed homes in predominantly Black neighborhoods and discovered that the abandoned homes had not been cared for nor were there any homes being advertised for sale.

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