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9 thoughts on “An Eye Opening Look at the Negative Impact the Civil Rights Movement Had on Black Business

  1. Ramal Davis says:

    The so called civil rights movement was the worst thing to ever happen to blacks in America. Before it we owned everything from movie theaters to grocery stores and now because of a bunch of cowardly coons with an inferiority complex, future generations have to beg their enemies for the necessities of life. Fortunately there is a small but albeit growing movement towards black empowerment and black nationalism, that will erase this travesty and bring to justice the cowards of the civil rights generation that brought it about. The future of the black community will be one of empowerment lead by a culture of honor and bravery.

  2. Done it once. We can do it again! This time we in it for the long haul. We ain't tired or lazy. The work isn't finish.

  3. Brother Davis- 1,000,000 likes for that statement!

  4. Kiki Reeves says:

    That's proposterous! The intodruction of drugs in our community contributed to the decay of the black business and family structure. Whoever would agree that the civil rights movement was not necessary obviously did not live through the struggle!

  5. There was nothing wrong with fighting for civil and equal rights. The problem occurred with what we did with them. This can only be understood by understanding what the mental effects of slavery did to us. Most groups would have taken those new opportunities and strengthened their community. We did the opposite. We strengthened every community but our own. Once we understand what damage of the psychological effects of slavery has done to us, we can begin to start supporting one another again.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  6. Timothy Cobb says:

    Great Statement Brotha Davis! I Realize That We As An People Was In Trouble When I Had To Depend On The "White Power Structure" 4 My Livelihood While We Were Still SLAVES Here In amerikkka After I Got Out Of The Military!

  7. Timothy Cobb says:

    Great Statement-10 Stars!

  8. desegregation (aka integration) was the real cause of the loss of strength in the black community (the illusion of inclusion) the civil rights movement became intertwined (not by accident) with integration. Sadly a lot of black civil rights activist (MLK and those closest to him where among the most vocal and televised) where preaching integration into and dependence on a system of white supremacy.

    Brother Malcolm knew that the white supremacist would never truly share power especially when they come form a tradition where power is taken (via violence, bloodshed and domination) not given. I admire MLK (especially in hes later days when he began to see the truth) and the other civil rights activist (both the leaders and those who's names did not go down in histiory) who laid down there lives for us (nothing can nor should attempt take away from that), but the dream those among them had of inclusion was (and still is) a foolish dream and will always be known as "the illusion of inclusion".

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