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10 American States With the Most Lynchings of Black People From 1882–1968

History of lynching in America


A total of 347 recorded lynchings took place in Alabama during this time, with 299 of the victims being Black and fewer than 50 being white. Multiple Alabama counties had some of the highest rates of lynchings in the U.S., according to information compiled by the Montgomery-based Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Jefferson County ranked as the ninth-highest rate of lynchings for counties in the South, with nearly 30 recorded lynchings over the course of about 70 years. Dallas County was ranked at No. 10 with 25 lynchings in the same time span. “This was not ‘frontier justice’ carried out by a few marginalized vigilantes or extremists,” the EJI report notes. “Instead, many African Americans who were never accused of any crime were tortured and murdered in front of picnicking spectators (including elected officials and prominent citizens) for bumping into a white person, or wearing their military uniforms after World War I, or not using the appropriate title when addressing a white person.”


Black people lynched


A total of 284 lynchings were recorded in Arkansas. While fewer than 60 were white victims, 226 were Black people. It is possible, however, that the Tuskegee Institute numbers don’t include all the reported lynchings from what some have deemed “America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching.” According to a report from the Equal Justice Initiative, 237 Black lives were taken during a massive attack on Black sharecroppers and laborers. When Black sharecroppers came together in an attempt to become unionized, white landowners and the elite saw this as a serious threat to their own financial growth and prosperity. Since roughly 75 percent of the population was Black, fear quickly began sweeping through the white elite communities. “The posse believed that a black conspiracy to murder white planters had just been begun and that they must do whatever it took to put down the alleged uprising,” an article from The Daily Beast about the EJI report explained. “The result was the killing of 237 African Americans.” The report also indicates that none of the white murderers was ever charged, tried or remotely held accountable for this mass killing.

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46 thoughts on “10 American States With the Most Lynchings of Black People From 1882–1968

  1. damn, the south really showed its a$$.

  2. I was born in '68 so some of those "people" who did the murders should still be alive if the FBI can go after the panthers then they can go after these lynch mobs.

  3. John Bonner says:

    Only an animal can do this to another human-being.

  4. Ruben Smith says:

    And most of these cowards claim to be Christians.

  5. Ruben Smith says:

    And most of these cowards claim to be Christians.

  6. I deal with kenfuckians everyday, to my black power group, get your weapons together, you cant be afraid to die, these christians are not gone, they just disguise theirselves differently now but they have the same mouth peice.

  7. I deal with kenfuckians everyday, to my black power group, get your weapons together, you cant be afraid to die, these christians are not gone, they just disguise theirselves differently now but they have the same mouth peice.

  8. One has to keep in mind that these are *recorded* lynchings.

    I would dare suggest for every recorded lynching/murder that was on record, there are at least two unrecorded.

    I wonder how many people were lynched and then had their land or possessions stolen? Black people in the South during that time genuinely had NO protection under the law. That should never be forgotten.

  9. Smh….there have been a few lynchings in AK, MS and TN as recently as 2013. All black guys dating white girls. Wisen up…to each their own just know that everyone isn't going to welcome that. #EmmettTill


  11. Excellent point. No one involved, if alive should be free. They should go after anyone involved.

  12. What good are weapons going to do when a vast majority of us are ignorant to our past, let alone what may happen again.

  13. They all claim to be Christians.

  14. Although this news is very disheartening, the death of Mr. Claude Neal was in Marianna, Florida, not Kentucky.

  15. Gene Green says:

    Somebody share this with cj pearson in Georgia. Maybe it will open his eyes to America that he loves so dearly.

  16. After reading all that, it's safe to say that the u.s. is the birth place of terrorism, and that Europeans are the most insecure people on the planet.

  17. These horrible, horrible photographs remind me of the Holocaust. They are very disturbing and remind me of the fact that these types of atrocities are committed by average, regular people. You see the parallels with followers of ISIS today. We must always be vigilant of the banality of evil and how it can infest and infect everyday people.

  18. What's interesting is that America would love nothing more than to bury these facts & photos. Yet they will build museums for the Holocaust and splash ISIS video all over the news for the world to see. Damn that! America needs to OWN up to it's ugly side and stop hiding history. You can't omit what was truth, but glamorize what false truths you want people to know. Please read, research, ask questions about YOUR history. If we can celebrate the rachetness of today, we should have no problem discovering our history.

  19. Tasha Smith says:

    These murdering Lynch mobs di d not consider black people human. That's how they justified their actions.

  20. We've just barely gotten this countries first Black President and I'm sure J Edgar Hoover is turning over in his grave and now you propose that one of America's most notorious racist agency go "cold case file" and hunt down some of Edgar's old lynching, I meant to say drinking, buddies!?! Come-on Man, It sounds good on paper but that crap ain't never gonna happen unless it happens on "criminal minds", and even then it won't be until season # 79 or 99.


  22. Tim Pryor says:

    These stats do not in any way reflect the ethnic cleansing that went on in many parts of the South and Middle South in the early part of the 20th Century…incidents like the Tulsa riots, in which hundreds of prosperous black families were thrown out of their homes and exiled from their communities.

  23. Mary Love says:

    Lagos Nigeria? Really…..these images are REAL to this day in Black America. No people have forgotten their suffering at the hands of an oppressor to say they have is foolish. No race of people have had their COMPLETE IDENTITIES wiped away but Black Americans…funny part is, IF, it wasn't for the Long Hard Fight of the Black American…an African man would never be able to LEGALLY come to America and some still are not welcomed (Haitians).

    My heart grows solemnly sad when I read comments of these sorts that COMPLETELY JUSTIFIES the images /actions of the topic at hand and clearly makes the ANCESTORS of these people…our people…your people…out to be the BAD GUY…and give these MURDERER's a completely clean slate.

    Yeh Thanks Nigeria…Black Americans still love you…but am happy to know how you really feel about us! #oneblood Still…..

  24. Over 99 million blacks died during slavery..

  25. There was another one in North Carolina. The murdered teenager was going with an older white woman. Then there was one in the mid west where a kid who was dating a white girl was shot by her parents, both cops.

  26. Medusa Brown says:

    Fuck hell! I know we are in it! There is weeping and nashing of teeth right here on Earth! That's why I know I could never parish after I leave this body! I know I will not got to that hell that those people have said exist because it does not exist! Fuck Hell! Ain't no Hell where I'm goin!

  27. all red states that have not changed much over the last 150 years. but they will all claim to be good christians and certainly not racists. I think god will have a special place for these people. and they all probably think they are going to heaven.

  28. they still don't have much protection. trayvon martin was guilty of walking home with skittles. these racists are still getting away with murder in the south. and everywhere else too.

  29. Caleb Watson says:

    One has got to remember the USA constitution was not written for black people.
    And black folks have no voting rights.

  30. Dereq Murray says:

    Alright fine, I understand, that we weren't considered human beings, but since we were so animal or alien like why would they rape and lay with our women…says alot more about them.

  31. I Believe and hope those who murdered, those who watched happily, and their families who profited have to face God and try to explain their actions.

  32. Susan Snow says:

    John Bonner, I think really a much lower life form than any animal and totally evil…

  33. Indea Finley says:

    An unarmed man is subject to slavery at any given moment!

  34. Southern pride..disgusting.

  35. Did you know that one of the worst lynchings ever recarded was in downtown Maysville. The body was set on fire while the young man was still alive. He was druged through the streets while the mob cut off his fingers and toes. His name was Coleman and he was 17 years old.

  36. It still goes on today. How many missing Black people are really "just missing?"

  37. I feel sick with loads of hatred for America when I watch these heineous crimes against humanity

  38. Nia Glasco says:

    I wonder if there's been any where black women dating white men and the black woman was hung. 🙁

  39. Nia Glasco says:

    Good job bringing the damn holocaust in this even though this about slavery.

  40. Greg Dukes says:


  41. they look like Hitler

  42. Lee Haven says:

    there has not been a time in american history when blacks were not under assault…

  43. Ella Koby says:

    yesterday people took punishment in their hand for committing crimes against humanity, today criminals are "heroes" and praised by CNN and liberals, Even Obama were wishing if he has a son he would be like a thug, and it’s no matter if he is a killer, robber or rapist, matter only color of the skin

  44. that's what jesus said in the bible "I didn't came in peace, but with a sword"

  45. Anonymous says:

    Good work boys.

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