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31 thoughts on “When People Say The Judicial System Is Built On Racial Bias, This Is What They’re Talking About

  1. Rizz Theft says:

    I never see a video always some dumb add on repeat

  2. Rizz Theft says:

    I never see a video always some dumb add on repeat

  3. “I am conscious of the thinker behind my thinking and when I contemplate… will enter into the temple of my thoughts to worship” -RLF.

  4. Some time justice is not just but it's just, white America got a taste of it when the Juice got loose….if it don't fit you must acquit..

  5. Wayne Rainey says:

    Please fix the video links in your site. They have not worked for some time.

  6. The reason for this is because a selection of people are asked to show up and 20% of the minorities requested do not show up. There is also a large contingent of minorities that are excluded because they are felons. Lastly studies show that racial profiling is prevalent mainly in the minority communities, and studies prove that minorities will say a person is innocent because of their skin color rather than looking at the evidence. If you want equality than act equal. Quite skewing half-truths to sway the uneducated and start posting all the facts. Race baiting us race baiting regardless of who is the perpetrator.

  7. So there are not enough qualified minorities to serve on a jury, and racism is over. We have reached the promise land…thanks for explaining that to us.

  8. Linda Gaines says:

    Richard…where does those so call facts come from. If blacks have felons it is because that was exactly the plan. Give them a felon, justified or not and they can't vote. That is so old.

  9. Dude, seriously, get a clue. White people won't say a person is innocent OR guilty based solely on their skin color? That's as ignorant as always bringing up black on black crime. As if white on white crime isn't just as bad worse. Hint: IT'S WORSE! Just not publicized as much as black on black crime because guess what? The WHITE OWNED MEDIA is doing all the reporting. The same reason all of history has been skewed. You must look at who's doing the reporting and the recording of historical deeds.

  10. Give that lady a klondike bar. Go to the head of the class.

  11. I was a cop for ten years. Hard to find a black guy in my jurisdiction over 18 and under 40 who wasn't a Felon. Automatic disqualifier.

  12. Richard Felton you are a dumb fuck!

  13. Why do you suppose that is? And exactly how hard did you look? Because you couldn't find one does it mean there are none? SMDH, people open their yaps and just let the ignorance flow in these threads.

  14. mr Washington this site don't you to see the videos if it's about race.

  15. Andre Young says:

    Many kops are felons, however, they are grandfathered in, or their records simply waived. Who is supposedly fooling whom? What we need is entirely different policing paradigm. We/Blacks recruit, and hire our own as policemen, to police our/neighborhoods.

  16. Same thing here when I try to watch a video some advertising add comes up! An I'm only dealing with Black Businesses when ever I can……

  17. Minorities will say someone is innocent just because of their skin color? How many innocent black men have been wrongfully convicted because of their skin color? How many white men get away with murder because the jury is all white? This is not race baiting. Thsee are facts of life in AmeriKKKa

  18. Not all convicted felons are excluded from voting folks. Some of yall need to study the fact's instead of assuming that all convicted felons can't vote. This lie has been run around the block a million times. Do the real research folks, and stop listening to the bullshit. This nonsense has a lot of black folks thinking that they can't vote, and so they don't. Blacks and Whites need to be educated on this.

  19. Lint DZ says:

    Man Linda, you went to Sherman High. I didn't know that Sherman had the internet yet LoL. You know what's sad, knowing that you're from Sherman makes your comment much less surprising.

  20. Roy Coleman says:

    It depends on the state you live in. In some states you have to petition government to get your rights restored. In others they are automatically restored after a set number of years has passed. Keith, if felons don't lose their rights they would be voting behind bars.

  21. Like I said, people need to study the facts Roy.A lot of black men think they can't vote, but they can!

  22. this nation hahahahahah, cops are a fucking joke with there racist thoughts like this idiot cop for 10 years talking bout he couldn't not one black person without a felony, does that mean every black man is a felon, I'm 33 and I ain't never been locked up, brought to trial, or convicted of anything, I work, I've served this god so awful country hate mongers called us, so really its you white folks, you hate us but want to be us, you scared of the realization that is country was built off hate by foreigners.


  24. This seems very misleading. I a young black male served in a jury just this past year, along with 2 other blacks, one of them was a woman. We were not the only blacks that could have been chosen. Many of them wanted to be excused, coming up with bogus excuses as most of my black people do in our community.

  25. I only speak of the blacks that I know and befriend, many are not even registered voters.

  26. Almost doesn't matter. In states where the GOP controls the electoral process any democratic voter who has had a traffic ticket has had their votes thrown out on the basis of being a felon. This happened, is documented in Florida and Ohio in both elections Bush Jr won. But nobody cared.

  27. This site is a racial motive site , spreads lies and twisted true , half truths to keep racism alive and boiling without real evidence nor witnesses to their claims , what they keep calling a lynching is actual hangings carried out after a fair trail and the person or persons were found guilty and order to die by a legal judge and it wasn't just black Americans it was all Americans that were found guilty and that was the way justice was served then . I researched a lot of them and it was a legal hanging the persons were guilty of rapes, murder, horse thrift etc . So no innocent people were killed they were criminals . Tell the truth and quiet race baiting with lies and faciales

  28. I have never been called for jury duty and I have been a registered voter for 8 years now. I know some folks that get called repeatedly and they aren't Black nor a minority. The whole system is corrupt. Frankly, I don't want any involvement with the sorcery of the judicial system and its band of demons. It's all about to collapse anyway.

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