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12 thoughts on “It’s Quite Unfortunate That Some of Our African Leaders Can Be ‘Whitewashed’ Into Thinking Colonialism Benefited the Continent in Some Way

  1. his way of thinking is what has the former colonizer feel he is entitled to reparations for his perceived "loss" that accompanyed african independence. We owe them jack. they owe us and they need to pay.

  2. There is only 400,000,000 Whites world wide. They are a shrinking minority. 7 Billion people of color. What's wrong with this picture? Who rules who?

  3. And 5 plus billion fools of color, who will kill to protect white man's interest…

  4. This is what happens when uninformed people are made to speak as if for the whole race. We must have our official voices that will speak for us after being well-informed. Someone there to take to the same media Or a similar one to refute what he has said and his wrong way of seeing things which definitely does not reflect the opinion of the average African/black

  5. It is unfortunate to hear opinions like this. NOTHING positive came out of colonialism. Colonialism is like a grown person 'adopting' an innocent infant, raping and abusing her then later in life say they have raised her. Even though the adult might have provided left overs that helped the poor child grow, that adult deserves no credit. The language and education he is talking about are the aftermath of an abusive encounter with the colonizers. They are not from the conscious selection by Africans for what they found to be good. I think the single African leader that embodies the horrific impact of colonialism is the late great Patrice Lumumba. After understanding what was happening, he adamantly stood and spoke against the Leopold's brutal thievery and they killed him. Any other leader they did not mistreat was because they had brainwashed. They are still robbing the continent to this day. Nothing good came out of colonialism. In Angola, the over two decades war was a result of the west resistance reality. MPLA had won the in 1975 at the aide of Che Guevara and Castro. Savimbi's UNITA was defeated and they gave Savimbi and his cronies arms to rebel against the new government because they said it was 'communist'. Look at what came from that. Millions of people killed and economy permanently destabilized. In Lumumba's Democratic Republic of Congo, they covertly helped Mabuto take over in a Coup and he turned around and robbed the people of everything. That is not help, that is oppression that can and should never be excused, Mr. Tolani. Biafra in Nigeria and this is just a tip of the iceberg because this is not the time or the place, but I cannot see or think of an part of the continent where colonizers deserve a pass. The US, what are they doing to Liberia?

  6. Not anymore. White people gotta go over there and get their head cut off. Yet, they still love lynching people. As you have done so shall it be done to you.

  7. our people our purpose African inspiration= African ingenuity= African invention. To build strong nations and economies we have to build up our already strong people. as a human resource as strong workforce for our own paper chase by prioritizing free education and an equitable living wage. remember it was our people dat was the undeniable workforce dat built world economies in America Europe the Caribbean and Africa. its a sick joke that the world bank has paid us something We also have to seek yes first the kingdom of God and His righteousness," and know that Jesus said the kingdom of God is with you." invest in God's people. its all about the almighty God not almighty dollar: not being led by the blinded by the trappings of consumerisms. We also have to heal wounds of centuries of discourse as we remember it was our own people who trampled our freedom to foreigners.

  8. Kieran Rowe says:

    What he is saying is true even white people have been colonised think of ancient Rome it was a very one sided deal sighned at bayonet and musket point but good things did come out of it as well

  9. I have started to notice that a lot of this international org such as WHO, UN, IMF seem to always take side of the west there are an extension of colonialsm.

  10. Sango Kainde says:

    Traitors exist in Africa and Africa diaspora and they can be readily identified by Freemasons and those who belong to European Greek based Fraternities. So are wanna bes and making such comments so please those in these European secret societies seeking to manipulate the minds of Africans with willing subjugation. These Freemasons and Black fraternity members are promoting homosexuality, love of European culture, disunity, social derogation of Africans worldwide all for love of money, power and fame. In other words, they desire a piece of the Whiteman’s pie and many are getting it and so they are the ones saying colonialism benefited Africa. These people are members of the European shadow governments. They are attempting to social engineer obedience and love for their masters in other Africans. They are usually recognized by their professional status, they refuse to learn any African languages, they never observe any African traditions, they never join any African tribes, associations or respect the Monarch traditional governments. They land in Africa with the only desire to represent their masters interest in continuing domination over Africa. Some are Africans born on the continent as well and leaders of nations. They take the money of the people and put it in European accounts and live lavish lifestyles when they retire or go to Europe, all while their people starve and go underdeveloped. Laws have been passed in some countries calling for Africans to denounce their membership in Freemason lodges and for the lodges to be closed in the country. This is should be done all over Black Africa and Arab. They operate in secret alliance to European civilization, they are in direct conflict of interest with African civilization’s rise and betterment. Run them out, offer them a chance to repent, but we must eradicate treachery after identifying its root.

  11. Mahadi Dawid says:

    The African monarchy leaders are killing the content in everything also they are serving them the colonialised Africans twice than the white cz they are dividing the profit into two

  12. Mahadi Dawid says:

    The African monarchy leaders are killing the content in everything also they are serving them the colonialised Africans twice than the white cz they are dividing the profit into two

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