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5 thoughts on “Sammy Davis Jr. Was a Phenomenally Famous Entertainer, but He Still Was Treated Like a Second-Class Citizen in Jim Crow America

  1. Somebody told me Frank Sanatra punched him in the eye, that is why he was cross eye in one eye, and he still bowed down to the little group, Dean martin, Sanatra, and one or two others.

  2. Charles Seay says:

    He was in an accident as child that caused his injury.

  3. Charles Seay Not the same information I got. He did hang with them, and the attitude of Sinatra, I can believe it. I much rather he had an injury, rather than a racist punching him in the eye. None issue to me, just saying, since the article said what it said.

  4. Jim Taylor says:

    Nzingha Shabaka No, it was definitely from an injury when he was young and Sinatra loved him….wherever you are getting your information, it's wrong….ask Altovise and stop spreading this racist gossip. Sammy never bowed down to anyone….he didn't need to as everyone in the business respected and loved him. I was there in Vegas working with Connie Stevens and spent quite a lot of time with him, as they were good friends. I never heard anything like that coming from his own mouth. FOX ALWAYS LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING….

  5. It was definitely a childhood injury. Sinatra was definitely not a racist. There were places where the other Rat Pack members wouldn't stay because Davis could not stay with them. Sinatra also paid for Joe Louis's funeral. As far as Davis is concerned — truly one of the greatest pure entertainers to ever walk this earth!

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