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Lincoln University Students Undeterred By Racial Slur Painted on School Sign

B-OG29LCIAA_Atn-800x430Students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, the oldest historically Black college in the country, say they are not discouraged over a vandal spray-painting a racial epithet on a sign at an entrance to the college.

Public safety officers discovered that someone defaced the sign, making it read: “Lincoln N*gger University.”

Junior Kwame Miller said, “Students here are outraged but not discouraged. Because this happened during midterm week and Black History Month, we are encouraged by this event to advance the legacy like those before us.”

Photos of the graffiti were posted on social media, but said the offensive word had been removed.

University officials said that they would work with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute whoever was responsible for the crime.

The spray-painted graffiti was discovered around 1:50 a.m. on Thursday morning at the northwest entrance of the campus.

“This incident is a sober reminder that our forebearers persevered in the face of hatred and intimidation, yet achieved and maintained standards for excellence which Lincoln University has become known,” acting university president Valerie I. Harrison told students in a statement.

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