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16 thoughts on “Watch Jesse Williams’ Response When Asked If Beyonce and Jay Z Are Doing Enough Social Activism

  1. This is a remarkably bright brother. He has the makings of our Harry Belafonte, but I think when we look back on history, we will be just fine with him being the first Jason Williams.

    He understands opportunity, social responsiblility, and how to use a platform to benefit the collective. He actaully did what Jay said in the renegade: He passed through the fork in the road…and went straight.

    Interviwers have to be ready…you just are NOT going to catch this dude slipping, judging from his portfolio of past interviews.

    He's on my radar and I look to work with him sooner than later. He "get's it!"

  2. Beauty and Brains……….This brother is amazing. Use your platform to speak out, speak up, and get results!

  3. Tina Jackson says:

    I concur… well said!

  4. Andre Parker says:

    Question, if I put 500 black males and females thru college , but never mention it to the media, is it not the same or more important then someone getting on social media talking about the bettering the black community?

  5. It's fucked up that this site is so desperate for money that not only do they give us 30 second ads but I had to watch the ad three times before I decided to stop the video. So I really don't have a comment on the article. I really wish I did because I know that Jessie has great thoughts on race in America.

  6. Everyone has to pay bills brotha. You should try AdBlocker no ads for me…

    God Bless.

  7. Holly Jones says:

    I think maybe Jesse is referring to putting it out there. Not necessarily publicizing what they do, but that people should get involved. I mean Beyoncé is one of the most influential people in this generation, so I think if she put something out there then people will listen or read about these injustices going on. I agree with Jesse.

  8. Andre Parker says:

    Holly Jones actions speak louder then words. we can talk all we want about injustice , but if we aren't acting on what we feel , If we aren't educating our own, actually using group economics, it means little. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS.

  9. Mindless question. Why not ask him for his favorite colour.

  10. Well said bro Fentriss

  11. Jacki Davis says:

    I think the reason that the question was even asked is BC of Jay Z's response to charity work in the past and Jay Z said his precense was charity. He has been outspoken about his stand on charity

  12. Genica Allen says:

    Yes, I use AdBlocker, no ads for me either.

  13. Yvette Daye says:

    He's admirable.

  14. George King says:

    Jacki Davis he's been outspoken but the things he's atually done prove that he believes that actually doing stuff is more important than just showing up.

  15. Shawn Blake says:

    Don't use ad blockers, let them get their money. It takes money to keep the site going.

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